A housewarming gift

When I told my future Maid of Honour, Hollie that I was getting married she put together a lovely parcel for me filled with wedding magazines, planners, coloured felt tips, post-it notes, wedding doodle books, chocolates and business cards from local wedding companies.

When she moved into her first owned house a couple of weeks ago I knew that I wanted to put together a pack for her too, having gradually collected items since she first told me she was going to be moving.

The first item I picked up was this spoon which I found on a stall at the NEC craft show back at the start of November.Housewarming spoon

I decided that most of the presents should be practical, and as Hollie is a non-drinker and had killed all plants she was given when she moved into her flat a few years back there would be no alcohol and that no plants would make it into the pack!

Housewarming gift


In the bathroom basket I packed the following:

* A Good Homes magazine
* Paint tester cards
* Scissors
* Loo roll (always vital!)
* A first aid pack
* Spare change
* Sellotape
* Washing up sponges
* Teabags* 3 bags of chocolate stars (for Hollie, her husband and little boy)
* Clothes pegs
* A lightbulb
* Colouring book for her little boy to keep him amused whilst they’re painting
* Rubber gloves
* Air freshner
* A pot of safety pins/paper clips
* Sugar
* Party poppers
* Wooden moving spoon

…and then tied a ribbon on the side!

Housewarming gift

It seemed to go down well even if it wasn’t the most exciting of gifts like the gift baskets in Ottawa that we saw recently!

On a completely different note, Dan and I headed to our friend Vicki’s house with several of our other friends last weekend for a ‘Christmas brunch’.  This has become tradition over the past few years and is basically an excuse to eat a lot of cheese and crackers and wear Christmas jumpers…

Christmas brunch

Check out the beautiful cake they had for the event!

brunchCakeIf only I liked Christmas Cake!  Although whoever got the section with Santa on would have gone into a sugar-coma from all that icing!