01/01/2014 – Happy New Year!

For the last six months I have had a mild confusion over the date, often already writing 2014 at the end of cheques, whilst marking books or on the board at school!  Ever since we started booking bits for our wedding (date: 09/08/2014) my head has registered 2014 as the year we are in.  Hopefully I don’t now return to writing 2013 on everything I do!

Last night we saw the New Year in at a house party in Birmingham with some of Dan’s friends.  More to follow tomorrow once I’ve gotten a look at the pictures.  We had a great night – I much prefer house parties with friends to rubbish nights out in clubs with expensive drinks.

Today has been a day for sorting wedding finances (we have finally booked a band!) and spending a little time together before Dan returns to work tomorrow.

I have decided to sign up to both Jantastic and Janathon this month.


For those that don’t know, Janathon is all about exercising every day (mainly running) and blogging about it.  (I usually exercise most days anyway, although my blogging has been a little intermittent just lately and I could do with a kick back into gear again.)

Jantastic is run by the guys of Marathon Talk and actually runs over three months.  The first month requires you to set goals for the number of runs you plan on completing each week, the second month you decide how long your longest run each week will be.  Then, during March, you run or race over a certain distance and estimate what time you will finish in.  You can also set up groups for Jantastic, and my running club have set up one which I have joined.  If you fancy joining a blogging group, Maria has set up Team Run Blog Bake.

So, here I am on Day 1 of Janathon and 2014 and I decided to check out how my foot felt running on road again.  Since returning to running after my recent injury I have only run on trail, or on routes with very limited road work and whilst I much prefer this type of running, London marathon is less than 15 weeks away now and to my knowledge there are no muddy trails in sight for this race!

I decided to take it nice and steady, using my first mile as a warmup and reassessing my foot as I went along.  Luckily my foot felt the best it has done yet though.  I stuck to 4.72 miles, one of my favourite road routes I often run and purposefully did not check my watch along the way.

First road run backI even unknowlingly at the time managed one of Maria’s ‘Royal Flush Negative Splits’, with each mile getting faster than the last.

The first two miles were tough.  I knew my body was fit enough, I knew my lungs could handle it…I had to remind my head that it could put up with the running though!

After mile two it began to get increasingly easier and I was holding myself back at the end – having to talk myself out of going round the course again!

I had headed out in my glasses – something I don’t often do.  I know many people prefer to wear glasses over contacts, but the heavy rainstormWet glasses I ran through reminded me of just why I tend to stick to contacts!  I could barely see by the end of the first mile.  It wasn’t long before it was hailing though and if I had been wearing contacts then it would have whipped them right out of my eyes.  I’m too much of a wimp to ever have laser eye surgery but there would be some very big benefits to it!

Whilst chatting to some other runners last night at the party I mentioned that I had run on Christmas morning and they were horrified that I had used some of my precious Christmas Day time going out for a run!  I love running and heading out first thing on the cold morning – wishing dog walkers and other runners a Merry Christmas was the perfect start to my Christmas Day.  Running on New Year’s Day (and Eve!) also happened.  And, advance warning: I also plan on running on Valentine’s Day, my wedding day and my birthday!

Is anyone else signed up for Jantastic/Janathon?…

8 thoughts on “01/01/2014 – Happy New Year!

  1. It’s really strange that other runners couldn’t understand why you’d run on special days…bizarre, even. There were loads of runners out on Xmas day where I am – if anything I’d say it’s more normal for people who actually enjoy running to run on Xmas day than it is for them not to. The only reason I can see why people might be horrified about it is if they dislike running, it’s a chore and they make themselves do it, etc.

    Glad your first run back on the roads went well :)
    Jess recently posted…I’ve Got a Touch of the Treadmill BluesMy Profile

    1. I think they’re more run-because-they-feel-they-should runners rather than doing it for the love of it. It took a while for me to get my head round too. Christmas time is made for running…all that time off! Runs fill it best!
      There were a few near to Dan’s family home, but no where near as many as I would have expected by us. I love that Parkrun put loads of events on this Christmas. Such a shame there weren’t any near Wolves. :(
      Mary recently posted…It’s all about the veg!My Profile

  2. I would love a run on Christmas day, but it takes ages to dry my hair after and we had to get to my parents for brunch, so I ran on Christmas Eve instead.
    I can’t touch my eyes so could never have contacts- I have a tennis visor I wear when it rains and that tends to keep the worst of the rain off, although I can’t if it is windy.
    Hooray for Jantastic! Hoping to get started on Monday :)
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…2013 Travelling Tales and Race recapsMy Profile

    1. Yeah, at Dusk ’til Dawn I made sure to have a cap on pulled down low over my eyes to keep the worst of the weather out. I can cope with my own contacts, but if someone else were to try and touch my eyes I would freak out. Confession: I have passed out or had to lay on the floor every single time I have visited the opticians! I just hate the feeling of someone coming near my eyes and not being able to do anything about it.
      Mary recently posted…It’s all about the veg!My Profile

  3. Ahh I’m sorry but we’re competitors – I signed up to Jantastic in our running club team! We’re Hedge End Running Club if you wanted to know! Last year I was in Maria’s team but this year I have to be true to my club haha.
    Glad to hear about your foot! :) Good news. I am trying not to panic about marathon training. I haven’t started yet as I’m not back into running properly yet – argh!
    I would most certainly have run Christmas day if I could have done, I did a spin class on New year’s day morning (would have Parkrun’ed if I could have done…) and I ran on my wedding day and on holiday. It’s part of who I am. If it’s a chore and you don’t want to do it I can understand people not doing it, but for me (and I’m guessing you too!) it’s who we are and it’s normal.
    Anna @AnnaTheApple recently posted…Whoops, I disappeared for a bit…My Profile

    1. We have already said we’re going to spend Christmas Day at home in 2014 (too much hassle with all of the driving this year!) so I hope Northampton put on a Parkrun next Christmas again as I missed out too with Wolves not running one on the 25th.
      I’m glad you clarified that we’re the normal ones! 😛 I got the impression that the people I was talking to ran because they felt it was something you should do, rather than something they did because they enjoyed. This was rather sad. Why doesn’t everyone love running?!
      I ended up staying loyal to my club too and am now part of Team Wellingborough! Excited for it all to kick off now!
      You’ll be fine for your marathon – you had a strong fitness base to begin with and your physio sounds like a super hero! I’m sending positive vibes to help along the way! :)
      Mary recently posted…It’s all about the veg!My Profile

  4. Good for you miss! All I did is wrap up and walk in the rain…
    I find running in glasses almost impossible (mainly as they slip around) so from the moment I get up I’m in my contacts but like you say in the rain they are hopeless also…and I’m just so shortsighted I can hardly get around a room let alone a run!
    I don’t think your insane for running Xmas morning – I ran 10miles on Boxing Day..I would have attended Xmas Day Park run but just didn’t have the time as we had to be at the family super early :(

    1. Walking in that rain is still pretty hardcore I say. Beats sitting on the couch!
      I really wanted to make a Christmas day parkrun too. Our local one was running, and the one by my parent’s house, but we travelled up to my boyfriend’s family on Christmas eve and the Wolverhampton Parkrun wasn’t happening. :(

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