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Here is a little sneak peak at my wedding dress…

Wedding Dress Back…well, only the back!

But you can see that the top of my back and my arms will be on show on the day and that they’re not particularly toned at the moment!  It would be nice if they weren’t too ‘flappy’ on August 9th…

I have been toying with the idea of CrossFit for a while now.  Several bloggers swear by CrossFit to tone up.  I’ve already said that I’m not hugely worried about losing weight before my wedding, unlike a lot of others.  But I would like to tone up my back and arms before the day.  I have always been weak in the top half of my body and even when I was little was never been able to go along the monkey bars in the playground.  As I got older, I couldn’t complete a pullup despite the least fit of my friends being able to attempt something resembling the move.  In the end I gave up and stuck to cardio exercise.

Last week I sent out a tweet asking if people thought CrossFit was worth the money.  I couldn’t believe that it was £58 per month for the cheapest membership (3 sessions per week) in my town.  That’s not too far off our food shopping bill!  My local CrossFit place has now also set up a pay-as-you-go session which is only £10 a time but I doubt I would get results from one session a week, and that would still be much more than a gym membership!  I think there’s a strong chance I will sign up but a little closer to the Summer, when the nights are light again.

I had a quick scan on youtube for CrossFit videos, as well as reviews on P90X3 vs Body Beast, and there are are a few out there.  I thought this video was quite good at showing the results…

My problem is, if I intend on trying CrossFit from the comfort of my home at some point (for free!) that I will worry that I am not performing the exercises properly and will end up injured, or doing no good.

Have you ever tried CrossFit?  How often did you go?  Did you do any workouts at home?  Any youtube videos to recommend?

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  1. Ooh, you tease! Your wedding dress has a gorgeous back though – at least I know that much 😉

    Honestly, Crossfit is the one type of exercise that I am not drawn to at all. Perhaps it’s down to their anti-vegan reputation, but I’m also not keen on a lot of the gymnastic elements and Olympic lifting…so much potential for injury, and I’m not sure it’s the best type of lifting to complement running. I might be biased, but I thought high-rep classes such as Body Pump were more beneficial, and I’ve seen people get amazing results when it comes to getting muscle definition on their shoulders and back. I was a bit horrified at the idea of doing Crossfit at home – the nature of the lifts and the amount of weight you need to lift to Rx a workout means that if anything went wrong you’d be in very serious trouble. Form is everything with lifting weights – I wouldn’t even be comfortable doing Pump at home unless I was a certified coach. Membership to a gym that does Pump might be cheaper too? Hehe, now I sound like a rep for Les Mills. I promise they haven’t been paying me anything (though I’m open to offers :P)

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    1. Thank-you! Now I need some gorgeous back muscles to show it off!
      Thanks for being so honest about my Crossfit plans. I have looked at my local gym before at doing Body Pump sessions but they either fall whilst I am at work, or on evenings that I run with club unfortunately. It might be worth looking to see what is available at my school’s local gym though instead.

  2. I would tend to agree with Jess- doing stuff like that at home is asking to get injured. I only do pump but the instructor always checks form because it is so easy even when copying her not to get it quite right. Why not do the press up challenge or something?
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…Jantastic 2014 week 1My Profile

    1. That was my main concern – injury. I was doing several upper body exercises anyway since I last got injured but I’m on a mission to try and do the 30 day press-up challenge with real press-ups rather than girly ones at the moment.

  3. Wow that is quite expensive. I’m currently seeing a personal trainer and he’s very into crossfit and so a lot of the things we do are crossfit-like. At my gym there’s a whole climbing frame style workout area and we do lots of stuff on that. I definitely feel the difference in my back and arms – and importantly for me, my posture. It’s forcing me to stand more upright and pull my shoulders back. But it is all cost again. But I think that trying to do it on your own at home might be hard – my personal trainer constantly picks up on me when I don’t perform a move properly and I feel ‘safe’ doing heavy weights. I’m assuming crossfit would be similar to that – you’d have people spotting you and training you…which is always a good thing!
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    1. I might save up some money and put it aside for some personal training closer to the Summer. I’d really like to have a go at some lifting, but like you say, it’s important to have someone spotting me and to feel safe completing the exercises.

  4. crossfit is sooooo expensive!!! i had a friend that got into it… and she is like obsessed now and we don’t talk. sad, true story! but i doubt you would do anything like that. She also is doing the paleo diet (its the crossfit thing to do) and im convinced not eating cards has caused her to be anti-social. WHO DOESNT WANT TO EAT CARBS!??!

    I WANNA SEE THE REST OF THAT DRESS!!! love this preview… so pretty. you will be stunning. When is the big day again??? We are both getting into full-bridal mode it seems 😉 Twins.
    Lillian recently posted…Embossing like a BOSSMy Profile

    1. Haha! I am already running obsessed…pretty sure nothing will overtake that! And have no fear, I will never give up carbs…I love my bread too much! How would I socialise at pizza night if I couldn’t eat carbs?!
      I’m getting married on the 9th August. So, not as close as your wedding, but still, less than seven months away now! There’s still so much to do!!!

    1. Yeah, Meals and Miles was where I first got the idea to be honest, and the more and more I read, and expanded my blogging reading list the more and more I wanted to give it a go…if only it didn’t cost quite so much!

  5. As you know I love Crossfit! There are some workouts that you could do at home: those that involve squats, press ups, running sprints etc., however you really wouldn’t be able to do the weighted ones at home. My gym offers free taster sessions, maybe ask your local Crossfit place if they offer this too. And with your running as well I doubt you’d be bale to fit in more than 3 sessions a week! :)
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    1. Yeah, I think I’d quite like to try a taster session. I have had a look around and there are some in February which I’m hoping to give a go. I’ve started incorporating squats and press ups into my daily routine but running is still going to come first!

  6. Hi Mary, our lives cross again! I’m getting married in May and the back of my dress is pretty similar! I’ve been worried about tan lines as being darker skinned I attract the suns rays a bit more which means I can end up with a racer back tan from running outside in March.
    I would be very cautious about cross fit at home, and some people have even said that because of the numbers in the class, you don’t always get the full attention to check your technique. I’ve been doing Insanity at home- I did want to loose a bit of belly paunch too. I started at the start of January and in 3 weeks I’m 0.7kg away from my target weight, my posterior chain (glutes/hamstrings/calfs) is noticeably stronger, which translates into my running, and I’m certainly getting more definition in my shoulders and back.
    However, there is still the risk of no feed back if ur doing it wrong, although there are cues, but I think the risk is lower because it’s all body weight. I wonder whether spending a little extra on a personal trainer y could see maybe 3 times over a period of 6 weeks might be money better spent?
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    1. I’m worried about tan lines as well. I mentioned it to the dress lady in the shop where I bought my dress from and she simply said I’d have to wear strapless tops all summer until the wedding. That’s impossible when I’ve already got so many races booked in and I refuse to give up running!
      Well done on your work at Insanity and for losing some extra weight. We do have it at home so I might give it a go once London marathon is out of the way. I feel like I need to wrap myself up in a bubble so that I don’t get injured until then. A personal trainer is a good call for the few months before the wedding too. :-)

      1. Re: tan lines, I found a long sleeve, lightweight and UV protect top from Nike- I’ll be running in that until my wedding day! Tan seems much stronger from running than just laying around, I think coz of sweat. I’ll tweet u a picture later of what I was like last summer!
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