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So for the last fortnight I have been a bad teacher. I haven’t really planned my lessons, I don’t know how the day is going to go, I’ve literally just gone with the flow.
It’s mock exam season at the moment and so our ten year elevens have been sitting their exams, along with three of last year’s year elevens retaking theirs. Last Wednesday I turned up to school fully geared up to get my classes engaged in learning only to be told there was no one to moderate the English exam and could I sit in?… Fully unprepared to moderate I had nothing with me to do. I managed to find a pen in my pocket so doodled out some web designs and blog ideas on some of the extra time paper, but it was a very boring two hours! I moderated four exams last week and this morning I was in the hall again.
As a state school teacher there are lots of ways to entertain yourself in large exams… For example, the Pacman game as you walk up and down the aisles of students. I won’t go into game details but you can probably work out how it’s played! But to sit in complete silence in a hall on your own with ten kids you are limited as to your options.

I’ve always said that to be a good teacher you don’t have to have amazing subject knowledge. All you really need are two qualities… The ability to think on your feet, reacting well to changes in situation and to be organised. The two can contradict each other sometimes. I haven’t organised any formal lessons for my classes for the past two weeks as they have been so up on the air. I’ve even been taken out of younger classes to go and moderate. It’s very frustrating! Can’t wait to return to some sort of normality!

Day 15 of Janathon today. I still can’t quite believe that we’re halfway through the challenge and I have exercised every day of 2014, and also blogged about it!
Tonight was my regular Wednesday night trail run and the five of us managed to cover just under seven miles after work.
I started out severely lacking in energy and it took a little while for me to get into my groove tonight. I blame this entirely on my choice for lunch. I was after something quick and easy that I could take out onto the playground and ended up with a Cuppa soup. I didn’t expect it to be very filling as I used to have Cuppa soups a fair bit when I worked at the stables and was always starving afterwards. They always ended up as flavoured water. This packet was amazing though, – really thick and filling. It was the potato and leek flavour and nice and chunky.

However it wasn’t enough to run close to seven miles on tonight and I won’t be having it for lunch on a running night again!

The mud on the field tonight was that tacky kind of mud. The stuff that adds to the bottom of your trainers and leaves you several inches taller than you actually are. By mile three I actually felt as though if a molehill appeared infront of me I wouldn’t be able to lift my legs high enough to jump over it! My legs were so heavy. There weren’t so many puddles this week though so no repeats of last week’s Vicar of Dibley reenactment thankfully!
At mile four we crossed through a field with horses. I’ve always been a horsey person so this wasn’t too much of an issue for me but at this point the girls shot off up ahead for fear of being chased! At our practice Shires and Spires run in the Summer, Kev actually clambered through a bramble filled ditch and over a barbed wire fence to avoid a horse that had been spooked by us coming past. Luckily the owner was in shouting distance at the time and held the horse for the rest of us as we passed through, whilst it continued to rear up and squeal! It’s cows that I’m wary of after hearing about several charges and one severe trampling of a guy in our club.
Which animal makes you quicken your place when out for a run?…

6 thoughts on “Life as a moderator

  1. I would run faster from a horse, a cow (there is a field of cows we sometimes run through and they have massive horns)- dogs I hate the most because they are usually off leads and run up and jump. I normally stand still and then the owner will say something like “don’t worry, he’s friendly”- I don’t care thanks- I don’t want a dirty dog jumping up at me, and even so called friendly dogs attack people. End rant!
    I didn’t think teachers were meant to moderate? Or is that just with mock exams? At least if it is not your subject you don’t have them all to mark after!
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…Tea flowers!My Profile

    1. That’s one thing that really annoys me about dog walkers – the way they let their dogs jump up or dance in front of your feet, even if they are ‘friendly’.
      You can’t be ‘moderator’ of an exam as a teacher but can be a body in the room to make up supervising numbers, although not for your subject. As a mock exam it doesn’t really matter though. There will be outside moderators that come in for the real exams in the Summer.

  2. I would die if I had to run any distance on only a Cuppa Soup. I’ve never had them but they certainly don’t look remotely filling (they’re less than 200 calories aren’t they? That’s not enough for a regular lunch, let alone one before running)!

    Dogs make me speed up to avoid them…or I’ll suddenly veer off in one direction because all dogs hate me and they love to snap at my legs. Cows and horses would worry me too – I definitely have a healthy respect for them. The only animals I look forward to seeing are cats. I have the opposite effect on them as I do on dogs and they seem to like to follow me, sometimes purring :)

    Jess recently posted…Beautiful StrangerMy Profile

    1. They’re literally only just over 100 calories each. Not my brightest move this week! I think it’ll work best for me if our Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday teas are slightly smaller and I pull out enough meal to make a lunch the following days.
      I am definitely a cat person too. My Bella could literally entertain me all night and I’m thinking about her before I even get home from work… Does this make me a crazy cat lady?!?!

  3. I think probably a lion would make me run fast 😉 But that scares me that cows charge people!! I will watch out in future.
    I can’t believe you had a cuppa soup for lunch – that makes me sad. I love lunch and the thought of having just a cuppa soup would depress me. I don’t mean to know your choice!! I’d get food rage I think. I like my lunch to last quite a while as well so have multiple things to take time over.
    God I wouldn’t know what to do with myself for two hours…maybe do some Sudoku? Are you allowed to do that?
    Anna @AnnaTheApple recently posted…I’ve been cheatingMy Profile

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