Jantastic Day 20

Sub 10mmI headed out on a three mile run this afternoon.  The three miles became 4.7 miles and it actually felt good the whole way.  I still felt slightly breathless, like it was a bit of an effort to keep my breathing regular but at the same time knew that getting round the almost five miles wouldn’t be an issue with my lungs.  I pushed it a little harder in the middle of the run and my breathing was no more strained.

I was pleased to see that some of my miles are now starting to slip back into the Sub 10mm.  I was regularly running 5 miles around the 9:15mm mark six months ago and I don’t like to think that what little speed I did have disappeared completely!

Tonight I attended the County Athletics Association meeting with our club team captain.  Meetings are much longer than our club committee meetings.  We were inside for just over two hours!  They have asked me to produce a website for them so I was invited to talk about my vision for the site.  I was last on the agenda and was feeling rather sleepy by the time it came round to my turn to talk and make sense for 15 minutes.  Luckily I don’t think I talked too much gibberish and they were all still smiling by the end!

Someone else that was invited to the meeting was Steve Adams, a member at our club and also founder and Race Director of Go Beyond – the people that run the Shires and Spires 35mile race.  Last year, Go Beyond held the first Northampton half marathon and this year the County would like it to be included as part of their Road Running League so Steve was asked to introduce those present to the idea behind Go Beyond and talk about how it first came about.  It evolved mainly from Steve’s desire to fundraise for poor education opportunities in Africa which is something he felt strongly about.

I’m going to have a bit of a baking day tomorrow inbetween marking and planning for the rest of the term events.  I want to regularly get in the habit of doing some baking on a Tuesday which can then become my work lunches for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  So preferably something that will keep nice and fresh and tasty in the fridge for two or three days.  I have a couple of recipes I’m eyeing up already but any other suggestions for meals I should consider?