An unintentional long run

This post is going to be quick and photo less I’m afraid. Just to keep within Janathon rules!
Wednesday nights I head out on a trail run after work for about six miles with a regular group of six or seven others.
Tonight, there was a bit of a mix up. We always meet in the bowls car park. The meet place for tonight was listed as The Embankment. We have met there in the past but usually during the Summer time as this time of year it’s often too flooded by the river. That was the case tonight and I couldn’t pull into the car park as the attendant had locked the gates to prevent cars getting stranded there. I was about ten minutes early and couldn’t see anyone around so decided to drive to the outskirts of town where we usually meet. No sign off anyone there. Now two minutes before meet time and I floored it to the Tesco carpark which is quite close to The Embankment. As I pulled into a space I could see four or five headtorches on the other side of the road then heading off in the direction of the park. The road was unusually busy and it took me several minutes to cross over both sections, by which point I’d lost sight of the headtorches. I sprinted (sub 8mm!) towards the park but as I turned the corner I could still see no headtorches in front and was pretty sure they hadn’t gotten too far away from me.
As I jogged slowly back towards Tesco I passed the steps down to the river edge. I’ve run this route a few times although again, mainly in Summer. It goes right through from Northampton to Peterborough although I’ve only ever ran from Northampton to Wellingborough before. I ran alongside the river for about half a mile in the hope that they might have headed that way before admitting defeat and realising that running alone on a dirt track alongside a deep river at night probably wasn’t one of my brightest ideas and heading back towards town.
I did scream as a swan spread it’s wings next to me at one point. Nobody came to my rescue… This confirmed my decision to turn back!
There was nothing for it but to head out through town to get a few miles in on my own. I decided on five in total, including the mile and a half I’d already covered by this point.
I’ve been heading out on runs in Wellingborough at least twice a week, every week for the past two and a half years but not often been able to decide my own route so decided to alamgamate a combination of my favourite runs tonight.
Epic fail!
After another four miles I didn’t have a clue where I was and had crossed parks, bridges, roads and footpaths that were all vaguely familiar to me. I saw a couple out walking their dog up ahead so jogged up to ask them for directions back to Tesco. It turned out to be a lady from the running club and when I asked for directions she pointed me towards their local Tesco…I was so far away from the Tesco I’d started out at that until I clarified it hadn’t even crossed her mind that I meant the one at The Embankment! When she did realise I meant that one she told me that I was at least 4-5 miles away! Luckily the directions to head back weren’t too difficult to follow and 45 mins later I was shivering in my car with the heating on full and ordering Dan to put a pizza in the oven for tea! I’d told him I’d be home before 8 but it was actually gone 9 by the time I got back!

Is it just me that gets lost on runs? Or does that make me more adventurous?!
10.9 miles on a school night! I’ll take it!