I could drive to A&E in my sleep

…I probably could right now!

A&EBack in September Dan broke a bone in his leg playing football and we spent several weeks of travelling to and from Kettering hospital for various follow up appointments.  Then in November it was my turn and I was sent to A&E with a suspected broken foot after dropping out of St. Neots half marathon.  At the start of December I then headed back yet again with my niece who we worried had meningitis and yesterday I ended up taking my friend Jenny who had gotten herself kicked by her horse at the yard and mangled her hand.

Jenny's hand

He’d done a pretty good job of it – catching her ring finger and buckling it right back.  Her wedding ring had sliced open a section of her hand and the whole thing was swollen and badly bruised.  Every time I’d been up to Kettering hospital before we’d been seen relatively quickly but we were there for nearly four hours yesterday in the end meaning I didn’t have a very productive Monday!Jenny in hospital

Dan actually arrived home from work before me so offered to make dinner for us and produced a satisfying meal of a caramelised onion burger, with a tomato then new potatoes and water chestnuts on the side.  A burger was just what I fancied last night after sitting around at the hospital for several hours.

Caramelised onion burger

My turn for a pet related injury this morning when I tried to get Bella in her cage for the vets.Bella to the vets

Not as serious as Jenny’s of course, but she still managed to cut me pretty deeply as she continually splayed her legs out at all angles to avoid being put into the cage!  She made both arms and my neck bleed, and also caught my leg through my jeans.  Yet, when I get her to the vets she’s as shy as anything and will happily leap in and out of the cage…  Battle over for another year!

Any tips for getting a cat to the vets?!  Today I tried surprising her, putting treats onto her blanket, holding her legs together…Nothing was working and I hate hearing her cry.  :(

12 thoughts on “I could drive to A&E in my sleep

    1. Oh no! Reading your comment just now made me realise I meant to put the left over burger in with my salad for lunch today. This makes me sad. :(

    1. I know, Bella has a proper sulk on afterwards and even though she’ll still sit near me, she’ll refuse to touch me and faces the other way!

  1. I have to say the thought of you trying to surprise your cat really made me giggle – I could sort of imagine you trying to keep up on her with a giant butterfly net or something 😉 Glad all ok now though.

    Ouch to your friends hand that looks so painful – having been on the end of a horse kick or two over the years I feel her pain, hopefully it will heal quickly and she’s had some good pain killers.

    1. A butterfly net might be the way forward next time! I hid the cage in the kitchen and played with her in the lounge before pouncing on her and trying to drop her in without claws and paws going everywhere…and failed!
      I don’t think I’ve ever been kicked before, although trampled, bitten and trod on many times!

    1. Cheers for the tip! As soon as my cat sees it she freaks out and squirms though. Both back and front legs are clasping everywhere to try and get away. In the end I put her in upside down because her claws were the wrong way round to help pull her out then. Very frustrating for the both of us though!

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