Go Beyond Mud & Mayhem 10k marshaling experience

First off, there wasn’t a while lot of mud-it was actually super sunny out there today!


Even at 8am when I first arrived this morning I was wearing just a marshal jacket over a tank top and I was boiling in this combo all day. Couldn’t imagine what it felt like to run in it! It was very much the hottest day of 2014 out there today!
Most of the setup was done last night but starting off on the registration desk I needed to be there and set up this morning ready for an 8:30am start. I was working on the 10k entries along with another runner from our club. Until about an hour before the races began hardly anyone came to pick up entries for the 10k, they were all in the duathlon. Then we got crazy busy!
I managed to get away just in time to film each start though. As well as a duathlon and 10k trail event, there was also a CaniX 10k and there were dogs everywhere out on the field! Here is their starting video… https://youtu.be/-X6HbnVYrgw Noisy for a 10k!
It amazed me how the dogs were so well behaved and stayed in front of the runners. Some people even had two dogs attached to their race belts. Braver than me! I would trip over my Parent’s dog within seconds!


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My next job was to hand out water as runners made it over the finish line. I had a 5 minute lull in activity whilst we waited for the duathletes to return from their first run leg. They were completing a 5k run, 18k bike then a 5k second run leg. I managed to cheer a few through the transition chute.




Seeing the runners over the line is definitely one of my favourite marshal jobs. I always feel so happy and proud for them. So many times today I wished I’d brought my trainers so I could get a few sneaky miles in after my shift was over. The trails were beautiful and it was such a lovely day.


I treated myself to my first real whippy ice cream of the year when we’d packed up after the last runner. I hadn’t realised how hungry I’d gotten and wolfed it down. Excuse the messy hair, the wind started to pick up towards the start of the afternoon.
I used the trip to Thetford as an excuse to stop at my Parent’s for the evening as it meant I was already half way back to theirs.
I quickly stopped in on my friend Zoe, who wanted me to try on my bridesmaid dress to see what size I required for her wedding in October. When I wasn’t sure I would be back before she wanted to order I asked her to get me a size 14 and then that way if it was too big we could always get it taken in. It’s my boobs that always let me down and make me go up a size on my top half! Well, it was a good job I did make it to Zo’s to try on the dress she’d already bought for her sister. The 12 zipped up very easily and the whole thing was very loose on me. I wouldn’t feel confident enough to order a 10 but I doubt I was far off and will most likely need the 12 taking in.

Back to Mum’s and I was very ready for a healthy salmon salad tea. I love salads at Mum’s. The items are always so fresh-usually straight from her garden (although obviously not the salmon!)
Whenever I have salad at home I’m always so conscious I need to eat up the salad within the next few meals as I’m the only one in the house eating it.

Have you entered any CaniX events before?
Favourite marshaling role?

6 thoughts on “Go Beyond Mud & Mayhem 10k marshaling experience

  1. I would not be entering a race with dogs in it as I am not much of a dog fan.
    I like being at the finish line to cheer people on, but for parkrun there is a marshal post where you see people on the way out and then on the way back in again and that is a really good place to be as you see people at the start all enthusiastic, and then you can give them a boost when they are tired and nearly finished.
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…Sprinting with SweatshopMy Profile

    1. The dog race had a different start time. The duathletes set off at 11:00, 11:05 for the 10kers without dogs and 11:15 for all dog runners, so I doubt you would have been worried by dogs on the course. I’m not sure I could have run alongside any of those either – they were everywhere on the day!

  2. Be brave and go for the size 10! I know it’s just a number but you’ll feel so amazing & who doesn’t want that added boost of confidence?
    Back to running – Good for you Marshaling I keep meaning to offer to help out at the Npton Parkrun as I think i’d get a lot out of cheering people along the way :)

    1. Haha! Thanks. :)
      I keep meaning to marshal at Northampton Park run too but it’s a 30 minute drive for us to marshal for 30 minutes or so. There’s talk about getting one in Wellingborough this year too, in which case I’ll marshal there quite often.

  3. Sounds like a lovely day of good weather! I haven’t ever marshalled at a ‘proper’ race but I always love doing it at Parkrun. I don’t mind dogs being in races as long as they’re well trained. We were at one race and this dog just wouldn’t stop barking and jumping. It clearly was not used to races.
    Though less nutritious I always buy an iceberg lettuce (and a Romaine) as this tends to stay fresher for longer, rather than bagged lettuce. I can make it last almost all week. If I don’t have fresh salad in my fridge I get nervous 😉

    1. Parkrun is proper! 😛
      Are icebergs less nutritious? when I buy lettuce that’s what I tend to go for, although I’ve realised I can’t pre prepare salads for a week as the lettuce goes bad within days when cut. :(

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