Remembering why I run

This morning I headed with my parents to Kings Lynn so that my Dad could get measured up for his wedding suit. The rest of the guys in the bridal party were measured up about a month ago now so we were just waiting on him for the full set! Turns out he has very long legs and a little body… Awkward! I had planned on taking some photos but the whole process barely took more than five minutes. I asked the lady to bring the suit up on her screen so that both Mum and Dad could see what the boys will be dressed in on the day. They were very impressed!
We stopped in a bakery to pick up some baguettes for lunch and sat out in the sun to eat them. Another lovely day again today!


Egg and cress was where it was at for me today!
When I arrived back in Northants after a quick tidy (Dan would be rubbish at living on his own!) I decided to head out for a run despite today being down as a non run day. Three miles, easy pace, trail.
Loved it. Was exactly what I was craving this afternoon in the lovely weather. My watch almost blew it for me though when I glanced down and it appeared to be logging my running at a 12:55mm pace. Pretty sure I could almost walk at that speed if I tried really hard! After a double take it appeared to have lost signal for a brief few seconds and then readjusted to a 10:20mm pace. Much happier with that reading! As I hadn’t originally planned to head out on a run I had no expectations in my head and ran on how I felt. I’ve been pretty stressed over my runs just lately and it was nice to feel like I was really enjoying my running again. Sometimes I think that’s exactly what is needed!
I also tried on my two new running tops from marshaling at the Go Beyond duathlon yesterday…


I loved the pattern on the red 10k top although it wasn’t a technical tee it will be nice and cosy for sleeping in or chilling out in after a race.


Although the colours on the tech top are smart and nice and cool for the Summer I wasn’t too sure on the polo shirt style neckline. However, when I put it on it was so comfy I ended up heading out for my run in it and am already a fan!
I don’t think I ever need to purchase tops to run in again… now if only some races gave shorts out to finishers… That’s what I need more of ready for the Summer!

12 thoughts on “Remembering why I run

  1. You really suit both of those tops :) I definitely wish races gave out shorts! I don’t really run in t-shirts, so shorts and a crop top or singlet would be my top choices for race freebies.

    I’ve had that problem with Garmins too – I never really look at it for moving pace, only for when it bleeps to indicate mile splits. Sometimes it’ll tell me I’m doing a 5:xx/mile and two strides later it’s changed to a 9:xx/mile, so I tend to ignore it. Shame it doesn’t stay on the 5:xx/mile, eh 😉

    Jess recently posted…Race Recap ~ Run Northumberland Half Marathon ~ 1:37:26My Profile

    1. Thank-you! :) They are going to feature regularly on my runs and during my weights sessions! Our club has just released a crop top for runners to wear in races rather than the vest. Can’t imagine me ever wearing it though! Just wish I didn’t heat up so quickly when running.
      My Garmin has normally been pretty reliable with moving pace so it really threw me off the other day! I agree, would definitely be nice to see it stick at the quicker speed!!!

    1. Think they’re quite similar to the Thames Trot one you would have gotten?
      I don’t think I would have ever slowed down if I saw it showing I was super fast. I would just have tried to hold on for as long as possible! 😛

  2. Great to hear you had a carefree enjoyable run, without worrying about pace or anything. I long for that day!!!!
    The shirts look cool. Love freebies! I tend to sleep or do ‘easy’ workouts in cotton race t-shirts as they’re not good enough for running. It annoys me when I get a free technical t-shirt though and it never fits because small is always a male small. Lucky for Ben!!
    Anna @AnnaTheApple recently posted…Walking not runningMy Profile

    1. So glad you ended up having that the other day too!
      I always think race organisers never order enough small size tops. You have to get to a race super early to try and get a top that roughly fits!

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