A new Parkrun PB but not for me

Today was my tenth Parkrun.  So I’m well on my way to getting that 50 Parkrun t-shirt I saw so many people run past me wearing today!

I’ve now run one, two, three, four, five, six at Northampton.  One, two, three (today’s run) at Peterborough and one in Sheringham.  I’d quite like to try some other courses though and there are plenty to choose from near us, including Bedford, Huntingdon and more recently Corby.

Last week I paced Dan to a sub 30 minute 5k (29:08) and when my friend Vick excitedly texted me later that day to let me know she’s now lost a total of two stone I suggested Dan and I headed over to Peterborough Parkrun today and I help pace her to a quicker time.

I’ve said it a million times before, but Parkrun is great, even for non-runners!  The three Parkruns I’ve run with Vicki have been the three instances she has run since school.  Anyone can run them, and they’re free!

Parkrun startline

(Listening to the pre-race briefing)

I checked back at Vicki’s previous times 40:24 and 41:12 and decided to try and keep her at a sub 13mm pace from the very beginning.  I gave Dan strict instructions to try his best to stick to a 9:10mm pace from the beginning of the race, rather than set off too hard, which is something he often finds himself doing – and then lags later on in the race.

Dan Peterborough ParkrunLooks like he was still doing well by the time he got to the bridge a mile in!

He went on to finish in 29:21 – just slightly slower than the PB he set last week at the Northampton run.  He said that he was confused by the 30 minute pacer being ahead of him despite his watch showing what he thought was correct pacing.  He pushed too soon and lost it towards the finish.  Still proud of him for getting a sub 30 all on his own this time.

Fab picture of Dan…not so great of me…ready for this?…

Awful Peterborough Parkrun pictureHorrific!  I have no idea what my cheesy grin is all about, or why my eyes are half shut.  Twelve neck rolls as well!  Pah!  Good job I can laugh at myself (whilst silently hoping that I do not pull this face in any of my wedding pictures later this year!)

Vick had a great first mile-completing it in 12:12mm.  A little faster than initially intended, although she didn’t appear to be struggling with her breathing at all.

Vicki Peterborough Parkrun pictureWe bought her those running tights and the water bottle as part of her 30th birthday present the other week.

I’m getting better at the whole talking to myself thing whilst running with Vick.  Most of the time she can get out a couple of word answers, but it’s down to me to get the talking in whilst on route.

At Peterborough the course is a little loop, followed by two larger loops so other than the start and the finishing funnel you cover the rest of the route twice.  Both times I’ve run with Vicki before she’s surprised me with her super kick finish, which I’ve gotten her to do from about 100m out.  This time on the first lap I pointed a tree out for her to kick from next time we passed.  It was about 150m from the finish.

Look like I’m going to sneeze in this one as I headed back over the bridge.  Clearly wasn’t my day for pictures!

Parkrun gonna sneeze

One of the great things about the Peterborough Parkrun courses is that they have pacers.  Today the pacers were for 30mins, 35mins and 40mins.  The lady pacing 40minutes passed us about 1.5 miles into the run although was never far infront of us.  I had a feeling so was a little quicker than planned so wasn’t too concerned and as we came onto the last 0.3 mile alongside the lake she began jogging backwards on the spot to ensure she did not finish too early.  She turned to see Vicki and I and started motivating Vicki for a Sub 40 finish.  When I said that that was her aim, she got on one side of Vick, and I stayed the other and we pushed Vicki a little harder over the next quarter of a mile.  She mentioned to Vick to push it to the finish and dropped back as Vick took off.  She was before the tree, and before the 200m to the finish sign.  Somehow she had enough in her to get to the finish still, although she dropped back a little on her pace and I came back alongside her again.  I don’t know where she finds it from, but she even managed to get a 7:55mm pace in on her quest to get over the line!

Vicki Parkrun pace

Lovely and consistent…and then check out that finish!  :)

Official finishing time: 39:23
Finish position:
Gender position:

Another great thing about the Peterborough Parkrun is that they always have a  photographer each week.  All the photos in this post came from Metamorpheus Ltd Sports.

14 thoughts on “A new Parkrun PB but not for me

  1. Congrats to all three of you – PBs or not, it looks like a great time was had by all. And don’t worry about the race photos – I always have at least six chins in mine 😛

    It’s amazing that you get photographs every week as well – a definite thumbs-up to your local Parkrun for that!

    Jess recently posted…Falling DownMy Profile

    1. Thanks! Can’t believe how horrific my pics were! Should have prepared myself…I knew the photographer would be on the bridge! Haha!
      Yes, despite the photos not being the most flattering it is great that they are available online each week. And quickly too. They’re normally already up by the time I’ve driven home!

  2. Nice work all round! Sometimes there are photographers at my local parkrun but I always look awful in every single photo so never look at them!
    You are well on your way to 50 too! I am thinking it will take me a few more years but it is something great to work towards, with no short cuts either, so it is well deserved once you finally get it.
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…Speeding up againMy Profile

    1. Glad I’m not the only one then! 😛
      Yes, I think it’ll be a few more years for me yet as well, although by pacing Dan and Vicki I can fit Parkrun into a weekend that I’m racing on the Sunday so hopefully I’ll get there a little quicker than I first thought.

  3. Awesome run and fab times for all of you. I love the photography too. I think it’s nice to capture running moments like this, nice work!

    1. Nice to capture moments of me looking like that?! Lol! I know what you mean though. I love photos generally and being able to look back on what I’ve done.

    1. Thank-you! Parkrun is great. So addictive and fun for everyone. I’m really enjoying taking the pressure off and pacing people round at the moment.

  4. Well done to you guys! I love that you spread the Parkrun love. We’ve got a few people to come to Parkrun but they dwindled a bit when it came to running in the winter (these non-runners are so fickle 😉
    It’s cool that that Parkrun has pacers, I find it so motivating. You can kind of switch off and just run when you’re following one.
    Anna @AnnaTheApple recently posted…Bath, Bristol, a run and lots of foodMy Profile

    1. I don’t understand the lack of running love in the Winter. Much prefer it to getting sweaty in the Summer! Yeah, it is good that there are Pacers. They post on Facebook in the week asking what times people want for pacers. I’m hoping over the Summer I’ll get closer to my old speeds again and will be able to request a 26min pacer-I’m totally a switch off and run runner if I’ve got someone to follow!

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