A decorated wedding

Firstly, last night I slobbed out in my pyjamas from the minute I arrived home from work at 6pm.

PJ slob nightSometimes, after a day of teaching year 10, you just want to feel cozy and slob out on the sofa.  Good job I got a cheeky three mile run in before work this morning.  My watch was all over the place again though.  At one point it told me I was running 4minute miles.  Um-OK.  NOT very likely!  I took the run pretty easy and just picked it up for 3/4 mile in the middle and added a tough hill at the end before my cool down.  Working on feel I would say I was probably running at 8:30mm pace for the quicker section of the run.  When I returned I was debating whether or not I was too hot for porridge, but I’d left it out on the worktop from the night before and I couldn’t resist making another batch for breakfast.  This time topped with strawberries.

Porridge with strawberriesIt’s pretty filling actually and has actually stopped me from picking at my lunch early the past couple of days.  The joys of eating lunch whilst working…

Lunch at my desk…lots of tin foil!  Coursework deadlines for my year 11s are next Friday, before we break up for Easter, so at the moment all my breaks are spent remarking their work trying to help them achieve the best marks possible.  It will be a relief once their coursework is out of the way.

For lunch I had a red pepper version of my meal from yesterday.  Because the mixture had been in the pepper since yesterday afternoon and then left in the fridge it was a little soggy on the bottom – probably best just to make one pepper up at a time in future.  Anna hit the nail on the head yesterday when she spotted that my peppers didn’t contain any protein.  I must admit I did feel a little hungry yesterday afternoon and could have done with some cheese added to the mixture.

Dinner was another slow cooker meal waiting for me when I arrived home.  I’m really getting the hang of this slow cooker malarkey now!  Similar to the other night – half a jar of tomato pasta sauce, half a pack of Philadelphia and four rashers of bacon (serving both Dan and I) and then I added a few spoonfuls of sweetcorn to the mix along with half a flatbread.

Cheesey bacon sauceI am aware that this picture makes my dinner look rather like cat vomit but you have to trust me when I say it was tasty!

When I headed back to Norfolk last weekend I met up with my friend Zoe, who is also getting married this year, in October.  She was showing me some of the decorations she had made ready for the day and brought out this pot of what I thought were real flowers to begin with…

Zoe wedding decorations

They are actually flowers that she has made herself out of card.  They are really, really good!

Zoe wedding decorations

I’m trying to persuade her to go to a few craft fairs and sell her work but she’s been having none of it!  She’s also been working on some flower style pompom balls to hang in her reception.  They are now slowly taking over her living room…!

Zoe wedding decorations

To be honest, I’ve not really thought much about decorations for our wedding yet.  My school breaks up five weeks before my wedding so I plan on honing in on my creative skills once the stress of work is out of the way for the Summer.  Zoe has got me thinking what sort of things I could come up with though.  Any suggestions?

I have finally gotten round to finishing addressing invitations for our wedding this week.  It seemed to go on forever!  A couple of people have asked me what the invitations look like inside so I’ve taken a few pictures…

All wedding invitations

(Our colours are obviously yellow and brown!)


The front of the invitation has an embossed white emblem of horseshoes on the left hand side.  I used to work as a riding instructor for several years, and we are leaving in a horse and carriage so this is something we thought fitted for the day.  (Of course, horseshoes are also supposed to be a symbol of luck.)  I only discovered embossing about a year ago but have become addicted ever since (although not as addicted as Lily, whose wedding is tomorrow!)

Embossed horseshoes

Once the ribbon has been untied, you can lift the top flap of the invitation up to reveal four separate cards underneath.

inside the invitation

inside the invitation

The four cards are:
* The official invitation (details of wedding website on the back)
* The RSVP
* The directions (hand-drawn (on the computer) map on the back)
* Menu choices (If partners are invited, another copy on the back)

Despite the invitations taking much longer than I initially thought they would (probably 20 hours in total at a rough guess!) I’m happy with how they turned out.  I would much rather have a personal touch (and obviously we saved a lot of money on making them ourselves as well.  We paid £24 for 500 sheets of card and this will last us for all the Thank-you cards, Favour cards, Seating plan, Name places and Order of Service sheets as well.  The ribbon came to £11 and I paid £5.90 for 100 yellow envelopes.  Job done!  (Finally!)

I’ve always been one to work through my lunchbreaks.  Does anyone else do the same?
Any suggestions for wedding decorations?  Ever tried embossing?

14 thoughts on “A decorated wedding

  1. I also got straight in my pyjamas when I got home from work last night, I’ve been so tired this week!
    Your invitations look nice, we also made our own to save money (and we are both designers, so why pay someone else?)
    Your wedding date, is the same date as me and my husband first started ‘going out’ 12 years ago!
    Lucy recently posted…Weekly Re-Cap 21My Profile

    1. I think it’s the time of year it is. The weather is all over the place and March/April seems to be the busiest time of year for most jobs one way or another. Glad I wasn’t the only one all cozy at 6pm!
      9th August is clearly a romantic date! :)

  2. ohohohohoh TOMORROW!!!!! I am SO excited for you when you get to this point…. and it looks like you ar doing things pretty early so you’ll be like me and can actually enjoy the week and days leading up and be stress free :)

    I LOVE your invites! And although it may have taken a bit longer than expected, they look amazing and you are happy with them and that is all that matters. Your food pictures always make me want to jump on a plane and visit and have you cook for me. I’ll be sure to let you know if i end up in England for the honeymoon!

    Wedding decoration– I made my own name cards to tell people where to sit and they turned out great. I also made all the centerpiece with recycled wine bottles- I am sure you have this figured out though! One thing that I am excited about is I made art deco door hangers (You may have seen it on instagram) for our rooms when we are getting ready the day of in the hotel. And then I made a ‘just maried’ one to hang after the wedding. I like the little personal touches!
    Lillian recently posted…Timeline of LoveMy Profile

    1. Hope you’ve had a FABULOUS day!!! I’m so excited for you right now! :)
      Yes, I’m trying to get everything done as early as possible so that I’m calm the week before the wedding and enjoy it all!
      Haha! Most of my food has been rush job comfort food! I’ve started to pick up a few new recipes lately though…I’m working on it. But yes, come to England for your honeymoon and you can be my testing guinea pig!
      I loved your deco door hangers when I spotted them on instagram. I’m going to have to try and recreate.
      I agree, it’s all about the little personal touches and you have done so many for your wedding I’m sure it’s going to be such a BEAUTIFUL, lovely day…Mrs Speedy!

  3. Wow you’re so creative. I just lack all creative ability. The invitations look so lovely. Just make sure you save one to remember it.
    The flowers as well – wow! She should definitely go to wedding fares. They look amazing.
    I blog on my lunch breaks. It’s one of my favourite parts of the day, munching on lunch and reading blogs. But if I’m busy I will work while I eat – grudgingly!
    It’s funny because I remember doing coursework back in the day and how stressful it was with deadlines etc. I never thought about the poor teachers who had to mark and re-mark the work. I’d always get impatient when I didn’t get my results back as well. You’re educating me on what it’s like from the other side!
    Anna @AnnaTheApple recently posted…Being part of a teamMy Profile

    1. I try…
      Sometimes it works…
      Sometimes it doesn’t!

      I am still working on persuading Zoë to set up a side business with her flowers but she’s pretty insistent they’re not good enough. I’ll let her know you thought they were too!
      I try and catch up on a few of my favourite blogs at breaktime but usually am working through lunch. Your comment made me laugh – my students are at the impatient stage now and will make one teeny tiny improvement before sending it back to be remarked rather than overhaul it and make my life easier! I’m working on them!

    1. I’m glad we’ve been to several weddings over the past few years so we already had an idea of what we wanted and didn’t want. Also very glad that Pinterest is around now! That definitely helps to spark my creativity!

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