Life without the internet

Yesterday we had no internet at school. Every Friday for the past month the internet has gone down at some point in the day, which has been frustrating as I teach web design to three classes on a Friday afternoon and it’s a subject that’s quite hard to teach without access to the internet!
After hours and hours on the phone to BT over the past few weeks with them telling me I had software issues at the school they finally agreed to come out and have admitted fault for the issue. Good job too otherwise I’m sure I would have personally been asked to foot the £225 callout charge! Unfortunately it has meant that we are without internet whilst they try and resolve the problem.
With only six teachers working on a Thursday I am sure all but one have rushed to find me to ensure they get the internet working again in time for their lessons. It’s crazy how much teaching has changed.  When I was towards the end of high school the internet had just come around and there were three computers in the school library with internet access that were permanently booked up for use.  When I tell the kids I teach this now they ask me if there were TVs around when I was little.  Erm, thanks…I’m not quite that old!
Breakfast yesterday morning was the same as the day before… Oats and three strawberries.  I’m just loving this combo!

Porridge with strawberries

Lunch was a rush job and I threw together a quick salad of leaves, cherry tomatoes and cheese with a few extra strawberries to munch on before they go off. I also added a Danio yogurt for a mid afternoon snack to keep me going through to running club.

Strawberry salad



I spent my lunch hour updating the coursework spreadsheet for my year 11s.

Coursework marks

These colours never make me think of traffic lights.  They always remind me of peppers and I regretted not chopping one up as part of my lunch!

Even though in the morning I was super organised and managed to make lunch, put tea in the slow cooker and organise my running stuff ready for club I somehow realised when I arrived in Wellingborough yesterday evening that I’d left my kit bag back at home in the porch.  :(  I’d even been organised enough to put my Garmin on instead of my regular day watch so that I didn’t have the worry of losing my watch when I switched later on.



After a long day at work (you can see the bags under my eyes in that photo and that was in the morning!) all I really wanted to do was go for a run and was gutted I forgot my kit, so quickly charged my iPod when I got in and headed out for an unplanned progression run over a hilly route.  I really enjoyed it and my legs remembered they can pick up the pace when they’re asked to!

Progression run


At the moment my favourite shorts of all time (Ronhill) are on sale at SportPursuit.  I lived in these all Summer long so felt I could justify picking up another pair and one in purple at just £12.90 a pair.  Hopefully they’ll arrive before the heat hits again and I won’t have to rush through my washing pile quite so quickly each week.

In love with the slow cooker lately and I’d quickly thrown together a bacon casserole in the morning for our dinner which didn’t take long to pull out and serve up when I returned from my run.

Bacon casserole


Because our school is hosting a craft fair tomorrow morning I had been asked to do some savoury baking for the school’s own stall so ended up staying up until 11pm baking sausage rolls.  They turned out quite well though so I’m happy.  Just got to remember to take them with me now!

Sausage rolls


Today is Dan and my seven year dating anniversary so we shall be heading out for dinner tonight after work.  It’ll be nice to see some of each other.  It seems like we’re both always busy just lately.

This is us seven years ago today when we first met…

Dan and I first kiss


…and so that you can see our faces, this is what they looked like seven years ago!

Dan and I 2007

Do you have pictures of the first day you met your other half?  Or was it back when taking photos wasn’t such a big thing?!
When you’re married, do you still celebrate your dating anniversary?

8 thoughts on “Life without the internet

  1. What a nightmare about the internet. Companies can be so rubbish can’t they? But glad you got it sorted and didn’t have to pay. I remember being at school and we never used the internet – not before college anyway. How crazy is that?? In fact we barely used computers. Our IT lessons consisted of learning how to use Microsoft Word…seriously.
    Happy anniversary! I remember all the dates for Ben and me from when we first started dating, to when we got engaged, to our wedding day (obviously). It’s nice to remember these things. I do have a few photos of us back then but it’s not too bad as it was uni so not too bad (well, its all relative!!) You guys look very sweet together.
    Anna @AnnaTheApple recently posted…Being part of a teamMy Profile

    1. I’m pretty sure we didn’t even learn how to use Microsoft Word at school! I had a computer at home and taught myself most bits and then my Dad decided to get connected to the internet when I was about 13/14 and I learnt a lot more then, but the computers were so different to now!
      We had several photos of us from uni towards the end – although in most of them we seem to be wearing random fancy dress outfits! That was the thing about going out at uni! Quite a lot of couples I know met at uni actually. Seems to (strangely!) be the time we all started growing up!

  2. Happy anniversary! I didn’t even use a computer at secondary school, I learnt how to use computers when I went to uni! Makes me sound very old! (we did have ICT lessons for one year, but I joined half way through the year and got told off when I asked how to print something as the teacher thought I was taking the mick- so that rather put me off and so I hand wrote all my course work). I didn’t get email until uni! How times change!
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…Cleaning out the freezerMy Profile

    1. I’m pretty sure we had to hand write coursework for GCSE as well now you’ve said that! I’m glad they don’t have to now, although it would probably mean much less marking for me!

    1. I’m so glad that we took several pictures when we first got together. And that I’ve kept a blog for our wedding planning. It’s so nice to be able to look back and see what we did.

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