A pre marathon meal

Last night I headed out with 41 other marathon runners from my running club to Vivo, in Burton Latimer for our annual pre-marathon meal.  (Or an excuse to go out and eat pizza and wine with friends and call it carb loading!)

Our club may not be the fastest club out there but I’m pretty sure it would come up in the top three for both support and social events!  Our club social secretary had gotten us a deal for £15 a head for a starter/main or main/dessert and wine on the table.  I went with a ham and mushroom pizza for my main and a mix of icecreams for dessert.  No pictures though I’m afraid.  My phone camera is rubbish!

Although I recognised most people there I sat next to people from Groups 1, 2 and 3, – runners I wouldn’t necessarily bump into on a training night – and it was nice to get the chance to chat to different people.  You learn so much that way!

Much of the talk was running and upcoming marathons.  This weekend is Manchester and Paris, the following; London and Rotterdam.  We’ve also got several runners in the Milton Keynes marathon, but the 13th April will be our busiest day on the results website.  I am guessing there are at least 20 of us running London that day!

From chatting to others I discovered that the image of the London marathon medal for this year was released yesterday so had a quick hunt online when I got home and discovered this.
London marathon medal 2014Love the detail on it!

Several of the quicker people in our club have run London 15+ times.  (Good for Age places).  After initially saying I would be happy to run the London marathon just once I’m already feeling the need to cross my fingers when my name goes into the ballot again for next year!

This year I was lucky enough to get a club place (each affiliated running club is granted a number of places dependent on the number of members.  This year our club was given four places).  I still had to pay for the entry but it was a guaranteed place in a race that for me would normally only really be accessible by pledging to raise £2000+ to charity, something I wasn’t able to take on with my busy schedule this year.

If you’re in a running club, is it as much a social club as it is running?!


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  1. I’m so anti-social I am a member of a running club of one 😉 It’s really nice that you do have such a supportive club though – the people I have met from it are lovely, and I can absolutely see why you are so attached to your club. Love the medal too – jealous since it’s much more stylish than the 2012 one!

    I did 2012 on Good For Age, but I’ve been trying to get in through the lottery system for the past couple of years (unsuccessfully). Good For Age goes from the Green start zone, but the trouble is that unless you’re a fast starter, there’s not much advantage as you get swamped by quick people from the Red zone when the two converge. So I was really hoping if I ever did get in again that I could go from the Blue zone, since they seem to follow a separate route for a bit longer before all three zones meet.

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    1. Oh on days I definitely feel like being anti-social as well. There are days I put my race-face on and do my best to storm off up ahead on a club run if I’ve had a rubbish day at work and don’t fancy talking to anyone.
      I think it is so hard to get a ballot place for London, and people often enter for a laugh with friends but don’t really want to be there which is frustrating.
      I never really thought before about how it was when the two zones converged. Although I was in a similar situation at Bristol half last year when the magazine asked me to start with the front pen so that I would be back sooner for interviews. I spent most of the start of the race on my own frantically pushing forward before getting surrounded by the slightly slower pens behind. I felt so out of place!
      I shall be running in the Blue zone for London. Someone from club was hoping to run with me but they have a charity place so starting in red and I think there are several miles different at the beginning of the race.

  2. I’m a member of Northbrook AC and love it! The thing that really appealed to me was how friendly they are. I’d been invited by a real life running buddy and arranged to go with a twitter buddy and while we there another club member recognised me from Twitter! So it was a real collision of real life and online social media! I love it though. It’s super friendly and although I’ve probably only been a member 4 or 5 weeks, I’ve noticed a real difference in my speed!
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    1. I think all running clubs seem to have their social calendars as full as their race ones!
      Love that you keep getting recognised! Running with the club is great, and I notice a huge difference if I don’t train with club for a little while. So glad you’re enjoying being a member. :)

  3. I love, love my running club. I love the running side (obviously) and the social side. Only last night we were out at the pub with them discussing what we’re going to be doing with the charity the club is involved in in terms of organising a running event.
    That is a lot of people running a marathon. I think your club is probably a lot bigger than ours. Ours probably has 150 or less members I think, and there are maybe 10 or so people running a spring marathon (Paris, Brighton, London, North Dorset). There’s still a great level of support though.
    I never like seeing the medal before I actually get it – I’m quite funny about it. I saw the Reading Half one before I ran the race and it really annoyed me. I hope I can remain in the dark about the Paris one. I think it’s because I like the surprise!
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    1. We were chatting whilst out at our meal and the plan for our next fundraising event is to hold a running quiz night. I’m not 100% sure what it entails yet, but I’m sure there’ll be forfeits and challenges throughout the night!
      Our club has just over 300 members now, probably 100 of who have joined in the last two years. I don’t think it matters how big the club is though – it’s all about the support you get at events.
      Hope you remained in the dark about the Paris medal. I don’t think I’ve seen it yet – must have a look now… :)

  4. I like knowing the colour of the medal ribbon so that I can paint my nails to match!
    But then I saw the Oslo rock and roll medal and then the race got cancelled so boo to that!
    I think my Sweatshop group is getting more social- a few times they have been out for chinese but I have been busy with parents evening or whatever, and they have mentioned all doing a parkrun in our yellow t-shirts which I think will be fun, but I think I would not have the time to commit to a “real” running club.
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    1. Love that idea! I hardly ever wear nail varnish anymore. Mainly because then I always forget to take it off and it becomes chipped and horrible. Such a shame the Oslo race was cancelled. :(
      That’s great that your group is becoming more social. It does make a difference and I always learn loads from people that I would never be able to keep up with on a run!

    1. Hopefully not too heavy that I won’t be able to hold my head up at the finish! It might be going out for dinner with me that night! Haha!

  5. My tri club are going out for dinner/drinks next Friday, I unfortunately can’t go with them though as I’m in New York (well I’m not that sad about it!) but hopefully another time I can join them. It’s so nice to be able to run together but also socialise and meet new people. Good luck for next Sunday- so exciting!
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    1. Yes, they’ll be more sad that they’re not heading to New York with you! We went for New Year 2013 and had an amazing time. I’d love to go again in a different season though to see everything we didn’t get a chance to in the Winter. Enjoy it all! :)

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