Family gardening and panic buying fence panels

The last few days have gone by in a blur as I’ve tried my best to catch up with blogs, housework, actual work and life in general!

I’m happy to say that my legs have held up fantastically since the marathon on Sunday and I ran an easy 4miles on Tuesday night, a slightly tougher 5 miles Wednesday evening and then made it back to running club last night for 6.6 miles of tempo work.  I’m going to take a rest day today but I’m looking forward to capitalising on some speed for the shorter Summer race series over the coming weeks.  I’ve still got a post in the works about my afterthoughts of London Marathon – hopefully coming this weekend.

On Wednesday my parents and brother (Mark) drove up to help Dan and I get our house ‘sale ready’ and we had a full on day of hard graft to get things into tip top shape.  Dan and I have already purchased our new house, and the estate agent is coming over in the next week to take photos of our current house to add to the market.  In an ideal world we will sell our house just as our new house is ready to move in to so that we do not have to live on a building site whilst work is being done!

My Dad and brother started early on using the electric saw to make all of our wood, wood burner sized to fit into the wood shed.  I’ve been gradually working my way through it with a hand saw since we moved in but it’s so much quicker using electric!

Electric saw wood

Dan launched himself out of the top floor windows to clean the gutter and windowsills before getting stuck into painting the walls inside.

Dan cleaning the gutterI painted the porch door which had ended up being one of those jobs we had never gotten round to after moving in three years ago.  Finally I have a respectable door when people come round!

Porch doorThen Mum and I got to work in the garden itself – deweeding, clearing rubbish and chopping back hedges. (Find out how to make soil fertile). Mark and Dan joined us later on as well.

Mark in the gardenDan in the gardenWe were all ready for some ham salad rolls and cake at lunchtime!

Me munching a roll

Mark having lunch

Pixie parents at lunchI think my parents look like pixies here.  Dad always puts on a silly face when he knows a photo is being taken of him!

Dad and I chopped and bagged up all of the old hedge I’ve been clipping back over the past few months.  I’d left it all in a pile under the washing line but it needed to get taken down to the dump out of the way.  There were so many woodlice under the pile though!  I didn’t mind the woodlice, but when the spiders came out I found another job!


Here’s our completed garden after nine hours hard graft…!

Finished gardenMuch better than when we started…almost makes me wish we weren’t leaving now.  :(  The freshly painted inside looks so much better too.  House = complete!  Although when it was really windy earlier in the year we had two fence panels down in at the back of the garden.  We tried to get new ones everywhere, but all stores seemed to be out of stock.  We ended up going to and having them come out and repair our fence. Apparently there’s a mad rush on getting gardens tidied up at the moment.  Some people are paying as much as £80 a panel where stock is in!  (They’re normally about £20.)

Have you ever panic bought items before?
Been out in the garden/park much in the lovely weather we’ve been having?

14 thoughts on “Family gardening and panic buying fence panels

    1. That’s the thing – it’s so hard to get out between showers over Winter, and with no flowers out and no desire to sit out on the wet grass it’s easily put off in the Winter!

    1. Thanks Anna. It’s definitely satisfying seeing an improvement. I’m glad I took before and after photos too!
      I didn’t really push it at the marathon last week, knowing that I had the Conti run coming up in a few weeks time. I haven’t regretted not ‘racing’ the marathon but I am frustrated, wanting to race another marathon right away to see where I could come! I took a few weeks off after marathons #1 and #2 and struggled to get back into my pace and motivation I had had before the race – this time round I wanted to do everything possible to avoid bonking out after the race. I’m pretty sure I was hobbling for a week after my first half marathon, and stairs were impossible. I purposefully got to work early so no-one would get stuck behind me on the staircase!

  1. Wow! Your garden looks great! I have to admit, the whole tidying up to leave thing is something I am dreading when we move out of our little flat. It wasn’t in the greatest condition when we moved it.

    Ham rolls have never been so well deserved! :-)
    Steph recently posted…I’m a good little bleederMy Profile

    1. Thank you. Yes, prepare for weeks of hard work before you move. I’m looking forward to moving in to a new place together, but that will also take a lot of tidying and hard work!

  2. Wow you recover well that is so impressive! I was still struggling to walk a few days after! Although you have done a few (and longer ultras too) so you must be getting used to it.
    Well done on the garden work- I have been at the allotment a lot recently and wish I had taken before and after photos!
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…Veggie restaurant in SorrentoMy Profile

    1. I took a full week off after my first marathon but I think this was partly what contributed to my struggle to return to full fitness after the race. I have an ultra in two weeks time so needed to get back on the wagon pretty quickly again.
      I love looking at before and after photographs and seeing how much something has progressed. Helps to remember why it’s worth it! :)

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