The end of Easter

So today Dan has headed back to work and tomorrow it’ll be my turn.

To be fair, this holiday has felt like it’s lasted quite a long while, but I’m still not ready to go back!  I had the first week off on my own but Dan had last week off as well.  Is it just me, or is it much harder to get anything done when your boyfriend/husband has time off too?!  I feel like I’m behind on housework, schoolwork, blogging, marking, running and everything else I normally fit into each day!

Yesterday I got up early and met with two others from running club to run the Stanwick 10k course before the race began.  None of us were entered for the race itself (a sell out every year!) and I’d never run the race, despite it being within walking distance of my house.  I did go down and spectate last year though and cheer the club runners on.

Karen and Laura are much quicker runners than me, with 10k PBs of Sub 50minutes (mine stands at 58:35).  I was rather worried about slowing them down but they assured me that they were just after a casual social chatty run…Well it might have been casual and chatty for them!  Running Sub 9:30mm pace was easy to begin with, but then we hit several hills that took quite a lot out of me!  I’d started off chatty but it soon turned to grunts in response to questions!

Stanwick 10kWe got round though, and the guys running the chip system who had been setting up the start/finish line as we began cheekily told us that we were too slow and had taken over an hour!

After this Laura and Karen picked up some bacon rolls, we all grabbed a drink from the pub and set up by the finishing corner to see our club runners start/finish the race.

We had quite a turnout!

stanwick 10k runnersAnd just as many local runners from our club turned up to support which was great.

The juniors ran a speedy 2k, with W&DAC taking second place.  I love watching the kids race.  They move so quickly and are so enthusiastic.  I watched the boy who came second come running up to his coach (stood near me) after the race and excitedly give him a race breakdown and inform him that he had taken second place.  One poor girl was crying with her arm across her front, clearly with a stitch.  Our supporters made so much noise and encouraged her through the final 100m to finish where she beamed as she received her medal.

The club took first place for the 10k race as well.  Stuart took third place two years ago, second place last year and this year was finally his year, where he finished first in 33:32.  How is it even possible to run that fast?!  He had a 100m lead on the guy in second at halfway and had taken more than a minute’s lead by the finish!

After I’d seen the last runner in I headed home to enjoy some more of my Chokablok Easter egg from Dan and make myself a quick Jacket potato with cheese and beans.

After the football (Dan was very happy with the Wolves result!)  we rushed off to catch an afternoon showing of The Amazing Spiderman 2.  It was OK.  Quite cheesy in places and I think I prefer the first take on the Spiderman story with Kirsten Dunst and Tobey Maguire.  Dan and I both agreed on a 5/10 rating.

I feel like I’ve been all out of routine over the past few weeks so it was odd to see Dan ironing shirts after dinner last night.  Although I’ve obviously still been running, my meals have been different due to Dan being home and feeding both of us for two meals daily.  I’m looking forward to getting a bit more variety back in my diet again.

Did you find it tough heading back to work and normality this week?



14 thoughts on “The end of Easter

  1. Ahh that’s cool you ran the race before the race!
    I daren’t even open our Chokablok egg yet because I know exactly what will happen…”I’ll just have another bit…oh that needs evening up now…oh that bit fell off” it’s going to be bad, but very very good.
    I found it tough to come back to work today…it’s so hard when you have time off. You just get so used to it. But I only had Friday and Monday so I cant imagine how hard it’ll be for you!

    1. Yeah, we got to go through the start and finish line and everything! Just no medal for that race. 😛
      I was exactly the same with my egg. It HAS to be evened up on each side!
      Work wasn’t quite as long of a day as I was expecting, and the kids are on an off-timetable day tomorrow so I feel like I’m being worked back into it gradually thankfully!

  2. I’m glad you’ve had a great Easter, but I can imagine how tough it must be going back to school, as it were! It was bad enough having the time off as a kid – as an adult getting back to a regular routine is even worse. Good that you’ll be able to get back to the way you’d prefer to eat though :)

    I absolutely agree about Spiderman – I’m not a fan of the new one at all, and I really don’t understand why on Earth it needed another ‘re-imagining’ so soon after the last trilogy (which was so well cast and all-round entertaining, aside from a few, um, interesting moments in the third one).

    Jess recently posted…Green Smoothie Challenge ~ Week 2My Profile

    1. Most teachers call it work but I have always still called it school and I think I’m in that mindset still!
      Glad it’s not just me with Spiderman. It felt like the first trilogy had only just finished before we were introduced to a new Peter Parker.

  3. Sounds like you really enjoyed your Easter holidays. It’s always hard going back to work after a long break. I hope the kids are kind to you.

  4. I’ve actually got this week off (first week since Christmas! Woo!), which is nice, but not so nice at the same time. My sister is a teacher, and like you, had the last couple of weeks off, so I didn’t get to spend much time with her (boo), but I am already feeling a bit out of kilter with the lack of routine.

    Hope the first week back isn’t too bad and you catch up on yourself!
    Steph recently posted…I’m a good little bleederMy Profile

    1. I struggle with the lack of routine – I look forward to the break but I must admit, towards the end I always find myself looking forward to getting back to reality! Hope your sister enjoyed her holiday as well. Although we do get a lot of weeks off for holiday, sometimes it is frustrating that we cannot prescribe when we want to take off! Hope you get to catch up with her soon and enjoy your week off this week. :)

  5. I always look forward to Saturdays when Andy goes to football because I know I will get loads done (work, housework etc) whereas when he is around I just get behind with these things!
    Love it that you ran the course before the race, what a good idea, although it looks a tough one with those hills!
    Going back to work on Tuesday was tough, and worse because most of my teacher friends had INSET days, which psychologically seems more like easing back in (even when in reality they are tough days too)- ah well just over 4 weeks until half term!
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…Beautiful Lakes (no scrambling please)My Profile

    1. I’m glad I know the course now ready for next year, and as it’s only just up the road I plan on practising it several times before the day!
      I can never believe how short this half term is…it literally slides away. One of those four weeks is only a four day week as well. :)

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