A new medal for my collection

Just a quick check-in to say that I ran 70k (43.5miles) at the Conti Lightning run yesterday.  I was aiming for one more lap – 80k (around the 50 mile mark) and was on target until the last lap, where I had an awful lap with very little energy.  Right up until 60k I still felt incredibly strong and with four hours to go I felt I could easily make my target.  I struggled to eat on the run, and although I managed to get gels and Jelly Babies down me, everything else got stuck to the roof of my mouth and I ended up spitting it out.  When you’ve been out running for 8 hours it appears you don’t have any saliva to get food down!

Conti Lightning Run medal 2014



The course was incredibly hilly, with many of us walking much of the first 2k which contained a steep uphill climb into the woods and lots of running on steeply sideways slanted paths.  Most of the the next 5-6k was runnable during the first couple of laps, although any slope was a hill after 40k!  There were several rabbit holes and tree roots sticking up as well as quite rutted ground where tractors had been over it, and it had then hardened.  The course was ever so pretty though and the woods filled with bluebells.

Pretty course - Conti


The last 2k was relatively all downhill, so we would spend most of the later laps thinking “This is going to have to be it.  I’m done now…really feeling it.”  Before zooming down a very steep downhill at sub 10mm pace, running through the campsite to cheers of other runners, hearing your name read out on the loudspeaker to then power through the line onto the next lap…Getting less than 1k before getting brought back to a walk as we hit the steep hill again!

I’ve just jumped on the scales to discover that I lost 3/4 stone during the run…not ideal!  I still feel a little weak and am trying to force down some flapjack now.  I need to experiment with my food for next time.  After I passed through the start line at 60k I began to lose a lot of salt.  These are my shorts at the end…Check out that salt line!

Salt loss - Conti

Our club took five solo runners (50k Laura, 60k Stodge, 70k Me, 80k Kev and 100k Colin!) and a ladies team of five (110k) as well as our amazing feeder Gillian (Colin’s wife) who was there on the side by the lap line with gels, Vaseline, Jelly Babies, water, Lucozade, beer and anything else we could think of needing on the run!  Here’s a pic of us with all of our medals…

Medal wearing - Conti Lightning Run WDAC runnersI shall get a proper post up tomorrow as I’m now off to enjoy the Bank holiday sun by spectating at Milton Keynes marathon.  Good luck to everyone running it!



23 thoughts on “A new medal for my collection

  1. Wow! Well done on an incredible achievement :)

    That is a huge amount of weight to lose as well – I think the most I ever lost was 7lbs during the 2012 Edinburgh Marathon. I was drinking plenty, but it was 28 degrees and I was soaked through with sweat before the 10 mile point.

    Enjoy your well-earned sun today and have fun as a spectator!

    Jess recently posted…False IdolsMy Profile

    1. Thank you! Despite not hitting the distance I intitally planned to get to and feeling so weak at the end, I loved the race and was so happy to have gotten to 70k! I could not believe how much I had sweated though – I drank frequently throughout the race as well but still must have lost so much. Anything over a couple of pounds I guess is pretty serious and I need to look at lowering this for the next race.
      Spectating at Milton Keynes was lots of fun and managed to spot lots of people in the crowds. Glad I wasn’t running again this year though as it was incredibly hot again for the second year running.

  2. Wow well done! That is amazing!
    Those salt marks are crazy too- I went to Turkey when I was younger and they were having a heatwave- our clothes looked like that after each day! I sweat out a lot of salt so make sure I have those nuun tabs to rehydrate- goodness knows how much I would lose running nearly 2 marathons!!!!
    Hope you enjoyed watching the marathon today.
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…Pretty dresses and a few reviewsMy Profile

    1. Thank you! I did get some nuun tablets for when I ran over in Africa and I think I need to practice including them in my water on longer training runs ready now for the next race. I’d never seen salt quite like that before. My face was covered in it by the end as well!

        1. I sweat loads when I get hot and I do still have a sample pack in my cupboard of running goodies. Hoping for a long run this weekend and if so, going to try some pitta breads with mashed potato and cheese, and mix some nuun tablets in with my drink. I’ve never ordered anything from Wiggle, but I’ve heard lots of good things.

    1. No problems. Glad I could provide some support! :) Using Milton Keynes as a recovery walk the next day was a good plan. Much more fun than getting stuck on the couch watching TV!

    1. Get an entry in for next year then! 😛 Really enjoyed the race, you’d love it!
      I made the mistake of checking out the medal stand at the VLM expo. I’ve now added more races to my bucket list purely for their beautiful medals!

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