Three days until my hendo!

I was told that my bridesmaids had met over the Bank Holiday weekend to finalise the plans for my hen do this coming weekend.  I’m hoping to get away from work early this Friday to make the trip to Peterborough, where one of my bridesmaids, Vicki will be driving me to Norfolk for the rest of the weekend and I can’t wait!  :)

This morning I received my invite in the post…

Hen do invitation

I’ve been eagerly waiting for the post this week, hoping for more responses to our wedding (STILL need to post the rest of the invites out…I’ll get that done today!) and for my hen do invite so I know what to pack for the weekend.

Today, I received it…Front…

Hen do invitation

…and back…

Hen do invitation

That picture is from when I first got engaged and had all of my bridesmaids over for a catchup.  Hollie, my Maid of Honour brought round some fun weddingy bits, like this hen do veil.

I don’t know anything that they have planned for the weekend at all other than the guest list.  There will be both Mums, my sister-in-law-to-be, my four bridesmaids, a running friend, a school friend, a work friend and Me!  Only one of my hens can no longer make it as she is 32 weeks pregnant with twins and lives four hours away.Hen do invitation Hen do invitation

“Here is a clue, just for you, the hens are ready, I hope you are too.  Make sure to bring your beret and comfortable shoes, especially for your rendezvous!”

Please bring:
* Toiletries
* PJs
* Comfortable clothes
* Fancy clothes
* Sensible shoes and not so sensible shoes
* Swimsuit and towel
* Camera
* Some warm clothes just in case

I still don’t know much more about it from the invite to be honest!  Not sure what the clue from the picture is meant to be?!

My school in Northampton is a late finisher at 4pm, and I usually stay until 6pm on a Friday with a coursework catchup/exam revision session but this week I’ll be out the door at 4 on the dot!  I’ll still never make it to Norfolk by 5, I’ll barely make it to Peterborough by that time, so I’ll have to skip a post-work shower and instead get up early before school to load the car and do my hair and makeup first thing.  Eep!  So excited!

What do you think my hendo could be?!


24 thoughts on “Three days until my hendo!

  1. Your friends are amazing – that card is brilliant! How cool that you have no idea. Hopefully you’ll have a brilliant time. Whatever you do I’m sure will be fun because you’ll be with all your good friends :)

    1. My Maid of Honour seems to have gone all out. She’s had stuff booked up for a good six months now and has been dropping hints for weeks! Can’t wait to see what they’ve got planned!

  2. I love this! Bless them – they’ve put loads of thought into it :-) My sister gave me a similar (ish) list of things to bring (minus the swim suit), and I had great fun trying to work out where we were going.
    Steph recently posted…Sibling PrideMy Profile

  3. Ummm trampolining lessons? Painball?
    It’s so nice that they have put so much effort into arranging your hen-do :-) How many bridesmaids are you having?
    I had to organise my own hen-do as no-one else was interested!
    Have a great time whatever you end up doing :-)

    1. I did briefly think paintball…I think I’m holding a paintbrush/gun in that picture and there’s lots of different colours on the image…hmmmm…
      I’ve got four bridesmaids in total. Three friends back from high school and a friend I met at uni.
      Such a shame you had to organise your own hen do. But at least that way you can make sure you do everything you want to do.

    1. Thanks! So glad she handmade the invitations. Much more personal and one of the first things I’m going to place in my wedding album! 😀

  4. Honestly…I don’t know what a hendo is! I can assume from the description and invite that it’s like a bridal shower, or party, and meant to be some kind of surprise. I’ll check back for the update. I am also engaged so maybe I should know about this kind of thing? Ha! Have fun! ;D
    Traci recently posted…Experience NatureMy Profile

    1. I think you call them bachelorette parties? We don’t really have bridal showers in the UK, but I understand that you get gifts before the wedding at them?…A hen do (or stag do for the guys) is where the bride to be gets together with the female members of each family, and her girl friends (or groom with male members) for a day/weekend of activities without her husband-to-be. It’s meant to represent one last weekend of freedom before signing your life away!
      Definitely fill your bridesmaids in on this tradition! All of the hen dos I’ve been on the past have been so much fun!

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