One year as a fiancée

One year ago today Dan asked me if I would marry him.  (Spoiler: I said yes!)  You can read about how he proposed here.

We are now 75 days away from becoming a married couple!  Scary times!

In honour of the day I made us a tasty breakfast of waffles…

Bacon and berry waffles

His ‘n’ hers breakfasts.  Dan’s were topped with bacon, mine with berries.  Strawberries, blackberries, blueberries and some grapes.

Berry waffles

…and it was gooooood!

After breakfast and a quick house tidy the rest of the morning was spent making lists for the wedding.  I feel like we have a million and one lists going on at the moment.  A guest responses list, meal choices list, to do list, payments list, photography set list, running order list…

Today it was the running order list we worked on…
* 6:30am – Bride run (crossing my fingers the hairdresser lets me!)
* 7:30am – Breakfast for all staying at my parents (My Mum, Dad, brother, Me, Mother-In-Law, Father-In-Law and Nan-In-Law…does that title even exist?!)
* 9:00am – Put out car parking signs to church and venue.  (Possibly me and my brother?  It’ll be too crowded at the house in the morning and I’ll need some space!)
* 10am – Hairdresser arrives.  Mother-In-Law to be styled first, then bridesmaids and me last.
* 11:30am – Makeup person arrives.  Mother-In-Law, Maid of Honour then Me.
* 12pm – Ushers arrive at church.  (Hopefully!)
* 12:30pm – Caterer arrives at venue (again, hopefully!)
* 12:45pm – Bridesmaids and Mum to the church.
* 12:55pm – Bride and Father to the church (It is literally only two roads away so will only take a matter of minutes.  I’m very excited about arriving in a horse and carriage.  Although this is the bit my Dad is dreading the most…he has seen too many videos on You’ve Been Framed!)
* 1pm – Wedding ceremony begins.
* 1:35pm – Place half of my bouquet on my Nan’s grave.
* 1:40pm – Posed photos with family members outside the church.
* 2pm – Bride and Groom leave in horse and carriage.  (Will be nice to finally talk to Dan!)
* 3pm – Bride and Groom arrive at the venue (It’s only four miles from the church but we’re hoping for some photos on route if it’s a nice day.)
* 3:25pm – Meet and Greet line with Bride, Groom and both sets of parents.  Ushers direct guests to seats.
* 3:30pm – Meal begins.
* 5pm – Father of the Bride speech.  (I have no idea how long the speeches will take, so I’ve allotted them all 5 minutes.  I’m pretty sure my Dad’s will be over in one minute flat!)
* 5:05pm – Groom speech.
* 5:07pm – Distribute presents to bridesmaids and mothers.
* 5:10pm – Maid of Honour speech.
* 5:15pm – Best Man speech.
* 6pm – Band arriving to set up.
* 6pm – Bride and Groom photos.  (We’ve planned to have some photos taken on the rustic playpark alongside the venue.
* 6pm – Ushers to move some chairs through from marquee to hall and parents to pick up evening food.
* 6:30pm – Band starts.
* 7pm – Ensure starlight ceiling is working in the marquee.  (Not sure if this comes on automatically?)
* 7:20pm – First dance.
* 8pm – Cutting the cake.
* 8:30pm – Evening buffet laid out in front room.
* 10:30pm – Last dance for the Bride and Groom.
* 10:40pm – Bride and Groom leave.

It’s gonna be a busy day!

Have I missed anything out?!