One year as a fiancée

One year ago today Dan asked me if I would marry him.  (Spoiler: I said yes!)  You can read about how he proposed here.

We are now 75 days away from becoming a married couple!  Scary times!

In honour of the day I made us a tasty breakfast of waffles…

Bacon and berry waffles

His ‘n’ hers breakfasts.  Dan’s were topped with bacon, mine with berries.  Strawberries, blackberries, blueberries and some grapes.

Berry waffles

…and it was gooooood!

After breakfast and a quick house tidy the rest of the morning was spent making lists for the wedding.  I feel like we have a million and one lists going on at the moment.  A guest responses list, meal choices list, to do list, payments list, photography set list, running order list…

Today it was the running order list we worked on…
* 6:30am – Bride run (crossing my fingers the hairdresser lets me!)
* 7:30am – Breakfast for all staying at my parents (My Mum, Dad, brother, Me, Mother-In-Law, Father-In-Law and Nan-In-Law…does that title even exist?!)
* 9:00am – Put out car parking signs to church and venue.  (Possibly me and my brother?  It’ll be too crowded at the house in the morning and I’ll need some space!)
* 10am – Hairdresser arrives.  Mother-In-Law to be styled first, then bridesmaids and me last.
* 11:30am – Makeup person arrives.  Mother-In-Law, Maid of Honour then Me.
* 12pm – Ushers arrive at church.  (Hopefully!)
* 12:30pm – Caterer arrives at venue (again, hopefully!)
* 12:45pm – Bridesmaids and Mum to the church.
* 12:55pm – Bride and Father to the church (It is literally only two roads away so will only take a matter of minutes.  I’m very excited about arriving in a horse and carriage.  Although this is the bit my Dad is dreading the most…he has seen too many videos on You’ve Been Framed!)
* 1pm – Wedding ceremony begins.
* 1:35pm – Place half of my bouquet on my Nan’s grave.
* 1:40pm – Posed photos with family members outside the church.
* 2pm – Bride and Groom leave in horse and carriage.  (Will be nice to finally talk to Dan!)
* 3pm – Bride and Groom arrive at the venue (It’s only four miles from the church but we’re hoping for some photos on route if it’s a nice day.)
* 3:25pm – Meet and Greet line with Bride, Groom and both sets of parents.  Ushers direct guests to seats.
* 3:30pm – Meal begins.
* 5pm – Father of the Bride speech.  (I have no idea how long the speeches will take, so I’ve allotted them all 5 minutes.  I’m pretty sure my Dad’s will be over in one minute flat!)
* 5:05pm – Groom speech.
* 5:07pm – Distribute presents to bridesmaids and mothers.
* 5:10pm – Maid of Honour speech.
* 5:15pm – Best Man speech.
* 6pm – Band arriving to set up.
* 6pm – Bride and Groom photos.  (We’ve planned to have some photos taken on the rustic playpark alongside the venue.
* 6pm – Ushers to move some chairs through from marquee to hall and parents to pick up evening food.
* 6:30pm – Band starts.
* 7pm – Ensure starlight ceiling is working in the marquee.  (Not sure if this comes on automatically?)
* 7:20pm – First dance.
* 8pm – Cutting the cake.
* 8:30pm – Evening buffet laid out in front room.
* 10:30pm – Last dance for the Bride and Groom.
* 10:40pm – Bride and Groom leave.

It’s gonna be a busy day!

Have I missed anything out?!

16 thoughts on “One year as a fiancée

  1. Wow if you manage to stick to those timings I’ll be fully impressed. Prepare for some contingency time here and there for when things don’t go quit to plan (for example, I got conceal on my veil and had to spend some time scrubbing it off – nightmare). Also what we didn’t realise is how long photos take! Rallying people up is a bit of a nightmare.
    I was worried about the morning run on my wedding day but I spoke to my hair dresser and she got me to wash my hair and leave it wet before I saw her so she could blow dry it and style it. But then I probably had a bit less of a gap between showering/breakfast and hairdresser appointment than you…so who knows! But it all sounds very nicely planned – you are well organised!
    Anna @AnnaTheApple recently posted…The highs and lows of married runnersMy Profile

    1. Oh I’m certain we won’t end up sticking to it! I’m awful at sticking to meeting times for friends. Fine for work or anything like that, but rubbish when it comes to me-time! Fingers crossed I don’t get anything on my dress. I’m the sort of person that wouldn’t think twice about putting nail varnish on after having gotten fully dressed and then ending up spilling it all over me!
      That’s worth mentioning to my hairdresser. Thanks for the tip – I just know a morning run will calm me before the day, especially with so many people around ours the morning of the wedding!

  2. Wow that’s tiring me just reading it, what a busy day! I expect in the moment you’ll be so high on adrenaline you’ll be having such a great time you won’t notice what time it is. How exciting it’s not far now :)
    Emma @ Stripes and Snapshots recently posted…CurrentlyMy Profile

    1. As soon as it got under 100 days it started to feel real, and knowing it’s only two months to go is rather scary!!! Can’t wait though!

  3. Ah I just read your engagement story- that’s lovely :-)
    Wow your day is very highly organised! We just went with the flow and had some rough ideas of timings, but the day flies past and we didn’t end up sticking exactly to planned times.
    Do you have guest arriving for the evening only, or is everyone there for the full day?
    Lucy recently posted…Update on Triathlon TrainingMy Profile

    1. Yep, he was a little romantic! Bless him. :)
      I know we’ll end up not sticking exactly to timings, but I figure if we imprint them now we’ll follow as closely as we can to the schedule!
      We have some guests coming just for the evening, although I’m not entirely sure on numbers yet as a) not all invitations have gone out yet b) we’re sending out a group evening invitation for both of our work places and c) we’ve had no responses back from those that we have sent out!

  4. Aww! We got married in Italy with just a party of 8 so it was a lot less busy than this, but of course you have all your family and friends there which is lovely. In terms of missing anything out, make sure you have 10 minutes together somewhere quite to chill for a few minutes, it all goes over so fast and I think a lot of couples find they hardly get 5 minutes to talk to each other properly!

    1. How lovely to get married abroad. Very intimate and exciting!
      Totally agree about having some time together on the day. We’re looking forward to our horse and carriage ride, as it will give us nearly an hour together in the middle of the day to reflect on what has happened so far.

    1. Haha! Not sure I’d want to start drinking BEFORE I put my dress on. Who knows what could happen?!
      I have a feeling it will go too quickly. We have so much to fit in in just over 9 hours. I can’t wait for the day though!

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