Who shuts loos at 4pm?!

A few weeks ago we discovered that Dan still had two holiday days left to take from work so he booked off Tuesday and Wednesday after the Bank Holiday with the thinking that we can get some wedding bits organised this week. We made a good start yesterday!

On Sunday there was the Festival of Country Life held at Lamport Hall (the venue for next week’s Shires and Spires 35m event) and so we decided to spend the day out together. Something we haven’t done properly in a very long while.  We’re making the most of the extra long weekend, as it’s the last for a while where we’re not booked up with other events going on.

The rest of the weekend was awful weather, but we lucked out on Sunday with sunny skies and no rain.  There was loads to see – lots of animals, old machinery and demonstrations going on.

IMG_20140525_141406488 IMG_20140525_140813612_HDR IMG_20140525_140821426We stopped to grab some lunch before watching the demos in the main arena.

One of the best bits about days out has got to be all of the food choice!  Dan was desperate for a currywurst.


And when he saw the selection of nuts and seeds on offer he couldn’t resist the honey coated cashews.  A long time favourite!IMG_20140525_123013809IMG_20140525_133056713

I went for a cheese, basil and tomato pasty (they were huge!)

IMG_20140525_123905423_HDR IMG_20140525_125904472Followed by a selection of homemade fudge.  (Yum!)

We took our lunch over to the main arena where we watched the ‘One dog and his ducks’ demonstration.

IMG_20140525_131140358_HDRFollowed by most of the Birds of prey section.  Both kept me entertained for the hour.  I’ve always loved watched the sheepdogs work since we were little and used to holiday in Derbyshire on a working farm.  The dogs were herding seven white ducks and one black one in and out of cones and through tunnels and into small pens.  The black duck kept letting himself out and would not co-operate!

I’d roughly penciled in a long run for when I returned from the show so after a quick snuggle with Bella on the bed I headed out.

Bella snuggles on the bedThere was no plan.  I’ve given up making plans for runs at the moment.  They never go to plan!  I just hoped it would turn into a longish run and that I would start out slow enough that I could keep running throughout.

The first couple of miles I felt great.  10:30-11mm pace so reasonably slow compared to what I am capable of, but very easy and comfortable and my legs no longer felt heavy for the first time in weeks.  Mile 3 beeped on my Garmin – still going – excellent!  Then I realised that fudge probably hadn’t been the best pre-long-run nutrition.  My stomach started feeling a little funny and I changed direction heading towards the toilets at Stanwick Lakes, less than half a mile away.  I arrived at 4:04pm.  The toilets were locked.  I was now more than 3 miles away from home.  What does a runner do?!

There was nothing for it but to find a secluded area of woodland along the path and leap in as quickly as possible so as not to get seen!  In my eagerness to get in and out without being seen I yanked my shorts down as quick as possible, forgetting that my iPod had been resting in the back pocket of my shorts but connected to the headphones in my ears.  After the sudden stretch of wires the voices on my podcast started to sound all squeaky and I hope that the damage is either a ) not permanent or b) only to my headphones as they are much more replaceable than the iPod itself!

I thought it was probably best to cut the run short and so I headed back for home, instead deciding to put myself through my paces as I came back along the road – three short bursts of speed until I reached quicker than 7:30mm pace before returning to 10mm speed and jogging my way back.

Do you know where all the public loos are on your runs?!

Ever had to make an emergency stop?!





7 thoughts on “Who shuts loos at 4pm?!

  1. Oh god what a nightmare! I’ve often had to pee in bushes before races if there’s not been any toilets or portaloos, but I’ve never had to do it on a run (touch wood). Also never had a gingerbead moment as of yet! There was a moment when I thought I might but I got home and then the feeling disappeared which is always odd. Ben always seems to have a dodgy tummy feeling when he runs in the morning (bless him) but never had a ‘moment’.
    Honey cashew nuts… oh god I’d be unstoppable. Cashew nuts alone are just dangerous around me but the honeyed ones, oh god…so good. Looks like a really good day out – love random days like that where you go somewhere a bit more unique.

    1. I’ve been lucky enough not to have to pee outdoors during or before a race yet, but I’m sure the day will come! Our vests are bright green so I’d stand out whatever bush I tried to hide behind!
      The honey cashew nuts were amazing, although I only had a few as Dan had munched them all within half an hour!

  2. Love the alpaca! Their faces always seem so expressive. Time out just before your wedding is such a good idea – Matt and I really appreciated some time together before our wedding.

    I definitely feel for you with getting caught short! I had to quickly dive into some local toilets on the way home. I can’t work out what was causing it, as it was happening nearly every time I ran. Hope your iPod earphones survived (or that you get some funky new ones!).
    Steph recently posted…I am off to the #SWBlogSocial in JuneMy Profile

    1. I think the alpaca faces are always so comical!
      I like the idea of having some time together before the wedding. Dan now has the Thursday and Friday off from work and will be in Norfolk getting ready with me then. It might be quite nice to disappear to the beach together for a day out on the Thursday to chill and relax before it all gets manic!

  3. Oh poor you- that does seem early to shut them!
    There are two lots of toilets on my longer route, one in a Tesco and one lot in the park. Before my cyst was diagnosed I had a lot of trouble thinking I needed toilet stops on runs, but normally I just run and wait until I get home. I could honestly not go in a bush- when I was at a festival once the toilets were all set on fire, and my friends went in the bushes, but I just could not, so had to wait until we got home the next afternoon (after getting involved in a car crash on the way home too)- not the sensible thing but there is no way I could ever do that. Did you hear the MT discussion on that the other week?
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…Hill repeats!My Profile

    1. Yes I did hear the MT discussion the other week. So funny – I gave my parents the time my comment was read out so that they could check the podcast to hear only it ended up being a couple of minutes out when they listened to it using IE rather than Chrome so my Mum wanted to know why I was getting them to listen to a conversation about poo!
      Not sure I could wait a full day when I needed the loo. Poor you getting involved in a car crash on the way home as well. Hope everyone was OK.

  4. OMG!!

    One can survive without lot of things, but without water and washrooms… NO WAY!!

    But seriously that is quite surprising that portaloos were shut around 4: pm…. Must be something have gone wrong.

    I am very conscious about such matter, I am a father of two kids.. and they are just 2 years old (twins), I have recently bought portable toilet for them and for me online.

    They are in learning process and being an adult we need to teach them right mannerism…

    That’s why I always carry portaloos with me, whenever I live for outdoors.

    Well, i just wish that you never have to face such situation again….

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