Social Media – love it or hate it?

I’ve been intermittently absent from social media over the past couple of days and to be honest it has been a relief at times.  Social media is a fantastic tool for catching up with people who might not live so close, sharing photographs or news events, chatting to others with a similar interest and interesting potential customers for a business.  But at times, it can also become a big pain in the arse.

For A Healthier Moo, I use Twitter (@ahealthiermoo), Instagram (ahealthiermoo) and Pinterest (moo101uk) and then I also have a personal Facebook account, and run several Facebook and Twitter accounts for local businesses including the school I work at.

About six weeks ago I changed my phone contract to EE, as I was assured I would receive a much better coverage of the UK – able to use internet and check emails on the move when I am about the country.  I have received fantastic coverage with EE, but that has been a problem in itself!  Lately I’ve gotten into the bad habit of reading things as they pop up onto my phone – Facebook alerts, comments, etc but holding off replying/acting upon them until I am at the computer.  Completely forgetting how quickly they mount up!

Emails are the worst.  I had over 180 new in one email account today after not checking them since Wednesday – probably only half of which were of the junk variety.  I’m pretty sure online life could take over if I let it!  I do think it’s very important to live life offline as well as online.  Hence the switch off over the past couple of days.

Thursday morning I woke to discover that our boiler had given up and there was no hot water for a shower!

Boiler issues

A mad dash followed as I loaded the car with my things and headed to my parents’ house for a shower.  A two hour drive away.  (I had planned on heading back for a few days anyway!)

On the Friday I agreed to help Mum look for a dress for our wedding.  She had her heart set on heading over to the shopping centre at Spalding, so after a quick early morning 10k (nothing starts the day off better than collecting an extra 9 zones on Fetchpoint) I drove her and Dad over to Spalding on a dress hunt.  Stopping at the auction in Snettisham on the way at Dad’s request.  He’s addicted…Seriously.

No dress, but a Subway sandwich for lunch.  Winner!

When we returned home we were going to pop over and visit my uncle, but my Dad was experiencing a lot of pain in his shoulder.  He went in to hospital for an operation to have the tendon repaired in his arm about three weeks ago and recovery had been going well up until this point.  The pain was really intense though, and I ended up driving him up to North Walsham emergency centre to be seen, stopping briefly to call ahead on the way.  As it was the out of hours service, they dosed him up on some more drugs and told him to head into his regular doctor’s surgery on Monday after the weekend.  His drugs cabinet is getting rather cramped with everything he has to take!

Whilst I was back I also popped over to the local Church Warden’s house in my parent’s village who has offered to lend Dan and I quite a lot of items for the wedding.  Her daughter (two years younger than me at school) had a wedding in April and they still have a shed full of bits that they used for the day.  So we have been supplied with outdoor lights and tealight holders along with some car park signs and barriers to place in the church field.

The Church Warden had written a piece for the local paper recently which Mum had saved me a copy of.

Church paper article

Dad very proudly showed me how the flowers my parents have been growing for the wedding day have progressed.  They’ve really begun to take off now and there’s a bright mass of marigolds along the back of their house beginning to take over the old walkway!

Flowers for the wedding Flowers for the wedding


I’m back home again now, and although it’s been nice to have a break, it’s nice to return to a bit of normality again, and I’ve been on Pinterest for the past 15 minutes searching for meal planning inspiration for next week!

Social media – love it or hate it?!
Any tips to keep on top of it all?!

16 thoughts on “Social Media – love it or hate it?

  1. Aw how lovely that you are having home grown flowers for your wedding :)
    I only have emails and facebook, and of course blogs. That is enough for me! I don’t think I could cope with twitter and instragram and things too. I find my bloglovin feed stressful when it shows me all the unread ones!
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…Greek yoghurt pancakesMy Profile

    1. Yes, my Mum offered to grow them. At the time, I think she was unsure whether she would be well enough to make the wedding and at least, that way she could be a part of the day. So lovely that I can see them progressing though!
      I do enjoy the motivation and encouragement Twitter brings, and Instagram is great for inspiration for dinner!
      My Bloglovin feed is forever a work in progress. It seems to be a losing battle at the moment though…you’d have a heart attack over how many unreads I have. :S Dan’s away this weekend and I’m looking forward to catching up with my favourite blogs on Saturday. 😀

  2. I agree, social media can take over your life! I struggle to stay on top of reading my Twitter/Facebook timelines, but I worry I might miss out on something if I don’t keep up! It can be nice to take a break from it all.
    Sounds like wedding planning is coming along nicely!

    1. I used to religiously read through everything on my Facebook feed, but now I know it’s a losing battle, and just read back for a couple of mins before checking groups. Twitter – I have a few accounts that I check for most recent posts, but other than that I just find that I fancy giving/receiving some motivation so work with whatever comes through whilst I’m online!

    1. Some switch off time is a must for anyone with social media! I’d like to think I have the balance right the majority of the time and live my life as well as share it.

  3. I find Facebook, Twitter and blogs enough! Don’t use Instagram and only use Pinterest for keeping recipes. Definitely need down time occasionally. It can get overwhelming.
    That’s so lovely about the newspaper article and also the flowers. Great way to save money. I had a family friend do our flowers that people wore and held so it wasn’t too bad, and the flowers in the church came with the cost of the church as did the reception.
    How exciting that it’s getting closer!

    1. Instagram has been great lately for giving me inspiration for different meals. I find I slip in and out of it though and it encourages me to take more pictures! Pinterest is another addiction of mine at the minute. Helped by the face I’ve got an upcoming wedding I guess!
      I always think it’s a much more personal touch when you can involve a family friend with the wedding details. I’ve heard a few people say the flowers came with their church. I don’t think the flowers in our church will last from the last wedding in April right through to our wedding in August though!

  4. Obviously I kind of love social media, but I manage it. I try and have set times when I go on FB, Twitter, Email etc because as you say, the constant alerts can drive you mad. Plus I’m pretty picky about what I follow / read so that I’m not trawling through a load of crap. I often go through Twitter and unfollow stuff that I don’t find useful or inspiring and I’ve switched off some people I know on FB (bit of a guilty pleasure!) so that I can manage it a bit better while still being friends with them and therefore not offending them if I unfriended them!

    1. “Obviously I kind of love social media” << This made me giggle. Me too! I think setting times like you have is definitely the best way to manage it all. I go through phases of unfollowing people and I always feel so much better after a clear out. That switch out feature on Facebook is great!

  5. I love the marigolds! They’re fab! :-)

    I like Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, but I can take or leave Facebook. I have a Facebook account for my blog and a charity I do some stuff with, and tend to use HootSuite to manage scheduled messages with the charity one. I try to manage mine in my lunch breaks at work and in the evenings, but I don’t get too many emails thankfully.
    Steph recently posted…Juneathon Day 2: Om nom nomMy Profile

    1. So pretty aren’t they?! Can’t wait for them all to come out.
      Scheduling messages is a massive life saver. I can often think of several things I want to post at once, and obviously they have much more impact when spread across the day.

  6. That is so lovely that you are having home grown flowers. I am loving hearing all about the lead up to your wedding :)

    I guess I have a love/hate relationship with social media. I love it for all the same reasons that you mentioned and also without it I wouldn’t be where I am today. My blog “growth” on social media has given me some amazing opportunities. BUT, it is easy to get sucked in to it and forget that there is a real world out there. I used to be on it pretty every waking hour, but I am taking more of a break from it recently. I guess it doesn’t help that I work as a freelance social media consultant – I kind of have to be on it a lot :)
    Dannii @ Hungry Healthy Happy recently posted…No Equipment Needed Stairs WorkoutMy Profile

    1. I think a love/hate relationship is the perfect way to describe it! It’s fantastic for so many things, especially for us bloggers. But at the same time such a pain to keep on top of and keeps us stuck inside when we should be outside enjoying time with friends and family.
      All about the balance I guess!

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