Salty sweaters unite!

I’ve received bucket-loads more advice since other runners heard about how white from salt my t-shirt was by mile 18 during Sunday’s race!  Telling people about it isn’t a favourite pastime of mine and I learnt a while ago now that if I want to remain friends with some of the non-runners I spend time with, all running talk is best avoided full stop.  Never mind the dirty, disgusting or yucky stories!

I’ve always found during the Summer months that after a run my arms have been covered with a thin film of white salt on their surface by the end, but I just assumed this happened to all runners.

I was more concerned though at the Conti Lightning Run in May when my arms were pretty much white by the end and my shorts had a clear salt line on them after 10.5 hours of running.

Salt loss - ContiI thought it was a one off…I hadn’t fueled correctly for the distance I was running so was certain I would do a better job at the Shires and Spires race this past weekend, taking a wide selection of goodies for my bag and knowing I had to eat more to balance out the amount of water I was taking on board.

However, same problem!  Despite eating Jelly Babies, pork pies, sausage rolls, salty and sour cream pretzels, along with some homemade peanut butter and banana oat balls my red t-shirt began showing patches of white by mile 18 on the course.

After the race Dan found me this link > > Salt in their sweat …“Research is increasingly showing that salty sweaters are at greater risk for muscle cramps and dehydration.”  <<  Oh yep, I can vouch that we salty sweaters can have some awful muscle cramping experiences after my horrific experience on Sunday night!  The article talks about the differences in sodium loss in different athletes and how important it is to add more salty foods, or to salt more foods in your diet as a salty sweater runner.

A guy from club also sent me the link to H2Pro as he had sat in on a lecture they had put on in Milton Keynes last year and has used their products since.  I think it’s rather interesting that they produce different products to help with rehydration dependent upon how much salt the individual loses.  Their website has a link for a quick questionnaire where you can check which product would be best for you based on your answers to questions about previous races.

H2Pro resultsI’m planning on ordering some of the H2Pro Hydrate 1000 to see if it makes a difference to my running and will be crossing my fingers that it helps to replace some of the salt that I’m losing when I run long distance!

On Sunday I alternated one sip of nuun tablet water with three sips of plain water towards the end of my race, but thinking back I probably should have stuck with the nuun water, in order to ensure my water intake was not too high.

Hydrating with an ice lolly mid race was something I plan on repeating though!

Ice lolly refuelling

Are you a ‘salty sweater’?!

12 thoughts on “Salty sweaters unite!

  1. Fellow salty sweater right here. My shorts and top always look like the picture in this post, even during races in reasonably cool conditions. I have no idea why I sweat so much and lose so much salt, and it is worrying because I had some bad spells with passing/blacking out after running (and once during a run!) in the summer of 2012. I only drank water at that point, but since then I’ve been using High Zeros and only drinking concentrated forms of those tablets dissolved in a minimal amount of water. Touch-wood, the problem has gone away. I had a Camelbak full of the Zero solution when I ran Shires and Spires last year, and no way would I have finished the race without it.

    I really hope the H2Pro Hydrate 1000 works for you!

    Jess recently posted…ConfessionsMy Profile

    1. I don’t think I was at the stage of blacking out after the run on Sunday, but I definitely didn’t feel very well. That must have been incredibly scary when it happened.
      I’ve mainly been running with water this year. Last year I ran with Lucozade quite a lot but I find it too sweet now, so need to get some electrolyte tablets back in my system on runs.

  2. At least you’re getting some advice and answers! Sounds like there’s things you can do to help things to avoid a re-occurrence of the cramps and dehydration.
    I’m not a salty sweater really, in fact I don’t really sweat that much unless it’s a hard run or it’s really hot. I’m not sure what that says about me! But I also find I don’t need a lot of liquid on runs, only when it’s warm.
    Ben however sweats at the mere mention of running, and sweats a lot bless him. But I don’t think he’s a salty sweater – just an excessive sweater! It’s weird how different we all are from each other.

    1. It’s really interesting how different people are! I think I’m more similar to Ben in regards to the amount…By the end of mile 1 I always have a red face and sweat pouring from my arms!

    1. I don’t think it’s made my eyebrows yet! But it definitely gets in my eyes and makes them sting. Horrible!
      I’m really enjoying coconut water when we go out at the moment as lots of coffee shops have started stocking it recently. I might start taking some on more often.

  3. I’ve never had a massive problem with losing salt during a run, I always use Viridian’s sports electrolyte mix in my water for longer runs or after high intensity workouts and that really helps. My first marathon I didn’t use it and had the worst headache afterwards I’ve ever had in my life since using it though I have had no problems. Hope you find something that helps!
    Lauren (@PoweredbyPB) recently posted…Healthy Ageing with simplyhealthMy Profile

    1. I think I need to get some electrolytes back in my system! It amazes me how many long distance runners run with just water (myself included) and cope fine (not myself included!)

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