Miss Moore’s Biography by a ten year old

This morning I headed in to school to check on some computer equipment that was arriving over the weekend.  The person I was supposed to be meeting to discuss the equipment with did not turn up so instead I took the time to check out the copy of “Miss Moore’s Biography” that had appeared on the Prep 3 classroom wall.Miss Moore's Biography

Before Easter, each of the year 5 students at school had to chose a teacher to interview with 20 questions of their choice.  I turned up to my interview with photograph in hand not sure what questions were going to get fired my way.  The student that chose to interview me didn’t get it quite 100% correct but his version of my biography was very sweet, so I’ve decided to share it on the blog.  (I’ve altered some of the spellings and the comments in red are my thoughts.)


Miss Mary Moore was born 31st October 1948 in a little town called Fakenham.  Miss Moore went to Fakenham High School, she never really had school dinners she always had a packed lunch.  <<Nineteen-fourty-eight?!?!

After High School Miss Moore took an interest in running, but she became a riding instructor instead.  She later on realised she was earning peanuts and decided to go to University for teachers training and is now an ICT teacher at ************************** and is earning much more than when she was a riding instructor.  <<I’m certain I didn’t word it quite like this, and I think I’m actually earning less?!…I definitely didn’t get into running straight after high school.

Now Miss Moore enjoys going to the cinema with her friends, knitting, but most of all running, she doesn’t run as a job, she does it as a hobby.  She loves knitting for her nephews and goes to the cinema for fun.

Today Miss Moore happily lives with her boyfriend and cat, unlike when she used to live on her own and work on a children’s programme called PlayDays, she quit not because she was not earning lots of money, it was because she didn’t like it.  <<This makes me sound so depressed!  And I never worked on Playdays…I was in an episode once as they came to my workplace (he had asked me for a random fact)…Does anyone remember Playdays and The Why Bird stop?

Miss Moore’s parents visit every once in a while, she visits them back as well as visiting her brother and nephews which is when she gives them her knitting garments.  Today she enjoys life exactly the way it is and doesn’t wish for another thing.

The reason I chose Miss Moore is because I knew she would be easy to talk to, fun and she and I both share an interest in technology. <<Bless him!  Love that he thought I was easy to talk to and fun!  :)


Miss Moore's BiographyChildren literally say the funniest things sometimes.  I have always vowed to start a log of the random questions and comments I’ve had since working as a teacher and I will definitely keep a log with my own children!

Share a time you’ve had a child misinterpret what you’ve said…


12 thoughts on “Miss Moore’s Biography by a ten year old

  1. Aww how sweet! Children are so innocent and refreshing in the way they view the world.
    I don’t have very much experience with kids if I’m honest (or I actively avoid them…)
    Very cool to have been interviewed! What a great task for them to do.

    1. I actively avoid the babies. Much prefer toddlers, my nephew is now starting to get a little bit more interesting now that he has turned two, but I never touched him as a baby!

    1. Hehe! Why thank you. Must be all that time I spend outdoors running. And of course all the time I’m not worrying about my job that ‘pays peanuts’!

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