A supermarket swap

This morning I headed out to Lidl for my food shop.  A little while back I posted about how I was looking for ways to save money in the lead up to our wedding and house move.  Like most people, probably one of the largest and more manageable ways for us to save money is by adjusting our fortnightly food shopping spend.

This morning I purchased the following;

350g closed cup mushrooms
6 wholemeal pitta breads
375g British chicken diced breast
2x packs of two Bernard Matthews Southern Fried Turkey Steaks
1kg British carrots
2x 200g white chocolate
2x 200g milk chocolate
fresh mixed peppers pack
600g easy peeler clementines
1 courgette
340g honey
Hellman’s mayonnaise

Lidl shop

My total bill came to £16.87.  A quick tot up ensured that it was marginally cheaper than it would have been had I bought the same items from Tesco, which I am sure will add up over time.  Marginally, as in less than £1 cheaper.  I was hoping for a little more difference but hey, any difference is obviously a bonus.  The fruit and veg is much nicer quality at Lidl and I’m looking forward to a few days of roasted vegetables this week.

Roasted veg with pitta bread and goats cheese


Roasted veg is literally my go to lunch.  I would have it every day of the week if I didn’t think other people would get bored of it!  Dan’s not a veggie eater in the slightest, so when I have my lunches without him, I take the opportunity to throw as many veggies in as possible!

Unfortunately I dropped and smashed my mayo jar on the way to the car (should have brought some bags to carry things in!)  Dan will have to go without mayo on his tea tonight!  I think you have to take your own bags with you at Lidl?  I know my Dad normally takes a box with him to pack his buys in.  It’s something I need to get better at remembering anyway.  I always keep spare carrier bags in my car but never remember to take them in with me when I’m shopping.  Fail!

I also love shopping in different places so that I can check out all the cool foods in town!  Waitrose is one of my favourite places to do this.  It’s so much more expensive than I would normally pay for my shopping in store but I like to nip in there from time to time to see what new and fun things I can find.

I’ve managed to stick to my meal planning over the past couple of months.  This saves a tremendous amount of money and I find we have a lot less wastage in the fridge.  Monday – Friday I’m into a meal planning routine, but the weekends always go to pot!

The remainder of this week’s meals on the agenda are;

Tuesday: Breakfast=toast and peanut butter.  Lunch=Roasted carrots, peppers, mushrooms, courgette with tomato pasta sauce and goats cheese served with a wholemeal pitta (above).  Tea=Butternut squash risotto.
Wednesday: Breakfast=Send A Cow recipe (Egyptian loaf of bread).  Lunch=Leftover butternut squash risotto and roasted veg.  Tea=Potato gratin with cooked bacon and peas.
Thursday: Breakfast=Muffin with jam.  Lunch=Roasted veg with goats cheese.  Tea=Vegetable and cheese omelette with spicy homemade wedges.
Friday: Breakfast=Yoghurt with fruit.  Lunch=Sweet potato with egg.  Tea=Honey coated chicken with rice, peppers and peas.

I shall keep my tangerines and almond packs with me by my desk for when I feel a snack attack coming on!

Where do you shop?  Why?

Do you meal plan?…If so, do you plan meals for the weekends as well or just leave it to chance?!

10 thoughts on “A supermarket swap

  1. Yeah at Lidl you need to take your own bags (Aldi too). I do love Lidl. I shopped there loads at uni as it was just five mins walk away from where we lived. They have the best golden delicious apples :)
    I try and plan meals for the week but always have back ups in the freezer or eggs for when things don’t pan out.
    At the moment we shop at Sainsburys. We used to do Tesco delivery but the one near us were appalling at delivering on time so we switched. Sainsburys is a lot more expensive but we get Nectar points which help.

    1. I’ll have to check out the apples! :)
      Yeah, points on our Tesco card were one of the main reasons we stayed with them for so long. We’ve done a lot with our Tesco points over the past couple of years and have actually taken weekends away several times for free purely using the points we’ve collected.

  2. We pop to Aldi quite a bit- they do have carrier bags for sale, but I bring my own. I have a cool fold up canvas bag which has it’s own mini bag – so I keep it in my bag at all times.
    I don’t do a weekly shop there though as I don’t like everything they do- plus I love online shopping so Ocado is the way for me.
    It’s funny because people often say how cheap Tescos is, but when we shopped there it was more expensive than Sainsbury’s – I suppose it depends on what you buy.
    We always plan our meals though, although sometimes Andy will know what he is having and I will pencil in a “freezer surprise” which tends to be whatever I forgot to label in there. And if that fails, beans on toast!
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…Ashridge Trail Half- all the superlativesMy Profile

    1. I haven’t tried Ocado, but we have had several vouchers through recently for money off our first shop. Might be worth getting an order when we get back from our honeymoon to save the hassle of having to head out to the supermarket.
      I love that you have a freezer surprise as part of your meal plan in the week!

    1. Yes, I did feel rushed at the checkout. I think that was partly why my mayo ended up getting dropped and smashed on the way to the car, as I hadn’t had much of a chance to balance everything out on my arms in a comfortable way.

  3. Glad that the meal planning is going well! I tend to be a lot more flexible at the weekend with my planning and usually end up changing the plan a bit in the middle of the week but it does help to reduce waste. Shame Lidl wasn’t a bit cheaper, is there an Aldi near you? I’ve always found that to be a little better with their super 6 savings on fruit and veg. I get all my ingredients for my community projects from there to show how cheap things can be!
    lauraagarwilson (keepinghealthygettingstylish) recently posted…Recipe: Blueberry, feta, buckwheat salad with orange dressing (for vascular health)My Profile

    1. There’s an Aldi just a little bit further out than Lidl. I will give it a go over the next couple of weeks. I’ve heard lots about their fruit and veg savings, and fruit and veg tends to be the items that push the cost of the bill up, so any money they can save me, the better!

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