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The problem Dan and I have is that we met at Uni in Staffordshire.  He came from Wolverhampton, I came from Norfolk.  When Uni was over, the debate started…where should we live?  I didn’t want to be a four hour drive from my friends and family and neither did he.  In the end the decision we came to was that we would move halfway between the two…to Northamptonshire in the East Midlands, so that we were never more than 2 hours away from either hometown.

However, this has meant that we always spend our weekends driving.  Either back for events in Norfolk or to Wolves.  This week, Friday was spent with me catching up and visiting people in Norfolk and then on Saturday we both headed over to the West Midlands to visit friends and family there.

First stop was to my friend Amy in Birmingham who is 37 weeks pregnant with twins.  She was due to go into hospital on Thursday to deliver as to carry twins full term is classed as an unnecessary,  added complication so new Mums are taken in at 38 weeks for delivery.  (However, 20 hours or so after we left Amy’s, I received a text to say both babies had just arrived!  We had just missed them.)  Welcome to the world George and Ava!

Next stop was to see Dan’s Nan in Wolverhampton.  We always try and visit each time we’re back and this visit she had pulled out some old photos of Dan I had asked to borrow for the wedding.  I’m hoping to make a photo collage of loads of old photos of us both for a display in the venue.

After an hour or so spent there, we headed to Dan’s parent’s house, where his brother was helping his Dad set up a playhouse for the five Grandkids in the garden.

Children playhouseAfter we’d eaten a sandwich each and dropped off the bridesmaid dresses for Dan’s Mum to alter we headed over to Go Kidz Go for Dan’s friend Andy’s 30th birthday party.  Andy is going to be one of our witnesses at our wedding next month.  His girlfriend had arranged a surprise birthday party at the children’s centre which was booked out just for our use.  It was great fun, although so hot inside.  We were sweating buckets within minutes.

Dan and Me at Go Kidz Go


Some of the sections of the indoor centre were pretty scary for me as a 29 year old.  Never mind for five year olds!  This was the view from the top of the main slide.

The top of the slide at Go Kidz Go

It was pretty much a vertical drop!  I had images of me doing a face plant straight to the bottom.  Luckily that didn’t happen, but I did scream the whole way down!  Dan, of course, loved it.  We’ve decided we need to steal our nieces and nephew more often to take them to places like this!Dan at the top of the slide at Go Kidz Go

After an hour of rushing around we were all pretty zonked out in the ball pit throwing balls at each other.  The guy in charge brought out some balloons and instructed that we blow them up and place them underneath our tops.
Go Kidz Go

The idea of the game was to stay in the enclosure until you had your balloon popped by another player.  Once your balloon was popped you had to sit out.  For ages I hid underneath a large blue cushion with another girl until we got rumbled and attacked by a group of guys.

Dan's pregnant belly at Go Kidz Go

The games were good, but pretty exhausting so we had a break for slushies and cake.  It was a beautiful cake!30th birthday cake

My 30th is at the end of the year.  (Scary!)  I’ve left it up to Dan to organise as I’ve been so busy with planning for the wedding.
Have you ever had a surprise birthday party before?


12 thoughts on “Catching up with people

  1. That cake looks amazing! What flavour was it? That Go Kidz Go place sounds like Playzone which we have a few of near us. I love going there. Playing tag and man hunt in the play area, so much fun. You race around like mad things. And there’s a vertical slide as well like in your picture. I was really scared the first time, but afterwards was absolutely fine shooting down as many times as I could.
    Gosh it must be so hard to live still quite a distance from both sets of families. Obviously it’s the best you guys can do for both of you, but it still must be tough. I live a very quick 20 mins from my parents and 10 mins from Ben’s mum and I couldn’t imagine living any further really.

    1. It was vanilla sponge, but then had custard and jam inside. It was lovely. A little sickly, but lovely!
      There’s always something about going down a slide for the first time. After that it’s fine though!
      I would love to live 10/20mins from both sets of parents. I envy you. It is very frustrating living so far from everyone. My best friend is on a Move-Mary-back-to-Norfolk mission at the moment and keeps sending us pictures of houses back that way!

  2. That slide looks like so much fun 😀 I’d love a party like that, since I’m basically a big kid at heart. The cake is just beautiful too – like Anna I’m intrigued to see what the inside looks like!

    Jess recently posted…Jess AlmightyMy Profile

  3. I am loving that slide!
    I haven’t had a surprise birthday party before, but the trip to Rome for my 30th a couple of weeks ago was a total surprise.
    My husband and I had the same trouble with deciding on where to live, so we just picked somewhere totally different and went to Manchester.
    Dannii @ Hungry Healthy Happy recently posted…2 Ingredient Healthy CookiesMy Profile

  4. The little house looks amazing! Love all the little pots in the front of it too!
    I have not had a surprise party, but I don’t like that sort of thing and thankfully Andy knows that. A few years ago he took me to Disneyland Paris for my birthday weekend- I knew we were going away but I thought we were going to the Lake District, and only twigged when we got to Heathrow!
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…Mangoes on the move with Urban FruitMy Profile

    1. They decorated the house out really nicely – spent the whole day working on it!
      It must have been lovely to go to Disneyland Paris for your birthday. I went when I was at school but would love to go back again.

  5. What a fun place! HA I love it, I would have totally been all over the kid zone. I think it was great you chose a place in the middle of your hometowns, despite having to drive a bit!
    Brittany recently posted…The Sun it ShinesMy Profile

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