Zapped of energy

Is it just me or is the heat draining everybody at the moment?  I’ve felt really weak over the past few days and a little bit dizzy when pushing it for a longer section on my run on Tuesday night.  Today I’ve felt very light headed despite not doing anything very strenuous and have had to really force myself to eat as I really don’t fancy anything at the moment.
Last night there were twenty-two of us who headed out for a 7.3 mile trail run at 7pm.  I’m pretty sure that’s the most yet!  We started off in a beautiful little village green and soon ran into problems with cows.  About half our group refused outright to run through a field when they realised there was a herd of cows and their calves trapsing around inside.  I must admit, I wasn’t too keen when the cows started to get excited after seeing the bunch of runners stood staring at them and the bull made his way towards the fence!  After a couple of fence jumps in the other direction and quick sprints through opposite ends of fields we managed to avoid the cows altogether.
With so many of us out, there was a huge range of abilities, and Group 1 runners (sub 41min 10k times) were running amongst group 6 runners (60+min 10k times).  About mile 3 into the run I was running with a guy from two groups above me who is also currently in the midst of wedding planning.  I think I probably pushed myself a bit too hard so early into the run, determined to keep up and keep the conversation going.  After three quarters of a mile or so I politely said “I can’t maintain this” and dropped back.  At least, it felt like I was politely informing him that I was going to slow down.  In reality I probably slurred my words together as quickly as possible and collapsed in a sweaty heap on the side of the track!  It was a tough run in the heat though and in some places the long grass was flattened down, but still raised a foot from the ground so we had to run with really high knees.  Draining!  I’m swapping my rest day this week as a result and am taking today off, then heading out for some speedwork tomorrow instead.

Send a Cow breakfast recipe number 4 is on it’s way! Last week became very busy with the end of term and the recipe for the breakfast of the week requires a bit of prep work that I never got round to doing the night before.  Turns out that I didn’t need to do any prep work (soaking the chickpeas in water) though as the can they are in already contains water!  Oops!

Can of chickpeas

I’m slowly working my way through the house at the moment having a massive deep clean of every room.  It’s really, really satisfying seeing each room come together and look much less cluttered.  I’m throwing loads away and everywhere is looking so sparkly tidy and clean…Until you get to the spare room.

…Just don’t go in there!

This is our lounge and dining room.  It doesn’t look much from this photo, but you should have seen it before!

Lounge dinerI just love being able to relax in the lounge in the evening and not feel guilty about the place looking a total tip!  Something else I love is a clear bedroom and fresh sheets.  Nothing better than fresh sheets and a plumped up pillow when it comes to bedtime!

Do you manage to keep on top of your housework during the week?

8 thoughts on “Zapped of energy

  1. It’s a life-long battle between Ben and me with how tidy the house is. I’m tidy to the OCD extreme (I sweep our kitchen floor twice a day), whereas Ben will leave his clothes in a heap on the floor next to his side of the bed. When I ask him to put them away he looks confused because apparently he’s going to wear them later on. Hmm. I keep on top of things by doing little bits all the time, never letting things build up, and then the big chores at the weekend (like hoovering, bathrooms and ironing).
    That’s a huge amount of people running! How cool! A cow moo-ed at me really loudly during my long run the other day and I was away with the fairies listening to a podcast so it really scared me. Luckily he was safely in his field behind fences but it was still quite surprising.

    1. Are Ben and Dan in fact the same person?!?!?! Dan also leaves his clothes in a heap on the floor. Or on the bed…where he intends on leaving them whilst we sleep in the bed!
      So funny about the cow. Did you do a mid-stride leap?!

    1. It makes them the toughest. :( My consolation is I know it will feel easier running an Autumn marathon after training through this heat in the Summer!

  2. Yes the heat is tough at the moment- on wed it was also really windy so a tough combo!
    I do little jobs in the week like empty the dishwasher and clean the kitchen, but I am lucky that Andy basically does most of the stuff (cooking, washing, hoovering) in the week as he gets home before me and doesn’t bring work home. I do bigger jobs like dusting and cleaning the bathrooms at the weekend. I love a big clear out- so therapeutic- I need to do that to my classroom first as I have to vacate it and move to another building, and will only have 4 school days to do it!
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…Rediscovering home-made ice lolliesMy Profile

    1. I’m jealous that Andy does the hoovering. That’s my least favourite job, along with mowing the lawn. Whenever Dan does it, it’s never done properly so I end up doing it myself anyway!
      Hope your classroom move is going well. :)

  3. Ugh housework is my nemesis, it’s the last thing on my list to of things to do, so if it gets done I’m happy, if not then I’ll just do it when I have time. My other half always offers to help out, but I don’t trust him to clean properly so I don’t let him help! He says that I’m a good cleaner but not a good tidier, as I leave stuff laying around everywhere, and he would be the opposite- good pair I guess!
    Lauren (@PoweredbyPB) recently posted…Cashew Butter + Coconut Granola BarsMy Profile

    1. We are exactly the same! Dan is rubbish at cleaning but does a fab job at tidying, whereas I just leave piles everywhere. What is it with guys and their inability to clean?!

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