Indiana Jones and the food of Italy

So I have returned from the land of South East Italy where Dan and I had a lovely honeymoon.

Wine in South Italy on honeymoon

We arrived back in Norfolk at my parents’ house late Thursday evening, ate some tea, picked up Bella from my Aunt’s house and loaded our cars with wedding gifts, suitcases and decorations from the day.  It was probably midnight by the time we had gotten back to our house in Northamptonshire and unloaded our cars.  I was so ready to fall into bed!

I managed to get my first run post-honeymoon in yesterday afternoon.  Just 3 easy miles, but it felt good to be back in trainers again after promising Dan I wouldn’t take the trainers on honeymoon with us!

Most of yesterday was spent unpacking and cleaning the house.  It’s amazing how quick spiders can appear to populate and spin webs in just three weeks!  I’m sure there were none when we left!

In the evening, we headed to Stanwick Lakes a few miles up the road with our friends Vick and Alex to watch Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark as Stanwick Lakes were playing it outdoors on a blow-up screen.

As many others did, we packed up a picnic to enjoy before the film started.Picnic for Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark at Stanwick Lakes

We arrived in plenty of time as we’d not spoken to Vick or Alex since our wedding day and both couples had loads to fill each other in on.  We were actually the first lot of people to arrive for the film, arriving at about 6:30, when the film wasn’t due to start until nearer 9!

Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark at Stanwick Lakes

There was a blow up gladiator ring to the left of the screen and the boys enjoyed challenging each other to duals in the enclosed ring, to the delight of all of the other spectators!

Alex and Dan at the Gladiator ring

Vick and Alex didn’t have camping chairs to bring and it seemed that everywhere had sold out of them (must be due to festival season in the UK) so in the end managed to get a ‘couples’ camping chair from Argos on their way to the Lakes!
Vick and Alex at Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark at Stanwick Lakes

Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark at Stanwick Lakes

Despite it being so cold I really enjoyed the night and we will be back next year!
Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark at Stanwick Lakes

Whilst we’ve been away I’ve been occasionally checking blogs and commenting.  To start with I felt a bit guilty for doing so…I was on honeymoon!  But I’d run out of books early on and whilst Dan can lie by the pool day after day, that is just not for me!  Luckily there was wireless by the pool, so during the second week, on the days that we spent at the pool, blogs became my reading material.  What can I say…I’m addicted they’re just my way of relaxing!  I’m looking forward to catching up a bit more now I’m home again though.

I’ve got so much to write about from the last three weeks…wedding, pre-wedding, more GRIM 70 details, honeymoon…I’m going to start with the food from honeymoon though as most of those pictures were on our phones so easy to upload to the blog (and I can’t find my camera lead right now!)

We stayed in a little area called Cilento in the South of Italy, just round from the Amalfi Coast and it was absolutely beautiful.  this was the view from the balcony of our hotel room.  (Hard to capture in a 500px wide photograph!)

View from Hotel Hermitage (Italy) window

We had opted to stay in a less touristy area of Italy, – I think we only ever saw four English tourists whilst we were there. This did make ordering food a little difficult though, especially as Dan is such a picky eater!

Several times we stuck to the pizza portion of the menu as the choice was quite large, and it easy to memorise pizza toppings in Italian before heading out for a meal!  Everywhere sold pizza and prices would often start at just €3.50.

Pizza in South Italy on honeymoon


Wine was also incredibly cheap at just a couple of Euros per glass, and as a rare-drinker, I drank much more than I would have done in England.

Me with a glass of wine


We did get some gorgeous cocktails in on the day that we headed up North to visit Capri.  As the area we were staying in wasn’t very touristy, there didn’t seem to be anywhere that sold cocktails where we were and we had always said that cocktails are a must whilst on honeymoon!

Dan with a cocktailMe with a Midori and lemonade cocktail


The fruit in the cocktails was amazing – so fresh and large.  Obviously I pinched the fruit from Dan’s as well.  It was like having a whole fruit salad for dessert!

In the supermarkets I couldn’t get over how large the watermelons were!  (Pringles in the crate for comparison!)

Watermelon in South Italy on honeymoon


I’m pretty sure that I could have demolished that watermelon in a couple of days had Dan let me buy it!  (On a side note, did anyone else spot that nuun are bringing their watermelon flavour over to the UK?…Yay!)

There were fields and fields of tomatoes where we were as well and I enjoyed my favourite caprese salad on more than one occasion…

Caprese in South Italy on honeymoonThe area was famous for its buffalo mozzarella which was so soft and delicious.  It came with several of the meals.

Another of my favourite salads was this one (poor pic as we sat underneath a group of trees and the light was very bright in some spots, and dark in others).  Slices of melon with slices of prosciutto over the top.  I’ve already bought both melon and prosciutto to recreate this lunch several days this week!

Salad in ItalyAt this restaurant we were bothered by a few wasps.  Dan leapt up out of his seat several times, while I calmly placed wine glasses over the top of each wasp that joined us on our table.

Wasps in glassesI was ready and waiting with a fourth glass (stolen from another table) but luckily, three was enough and after we had paid the bill, I quickly tipped the glasses upright again and we ran!

Every meal came with a bowl of bread.  I love bread.  It’s one of my absolute weaknesses that I can never resist, but it just wasn’t as nice as English bread.  I’m not sure exactly why not…it could be that it wasn’t quite as soft, that it never came with butter or that I had to resist the urge to nibble through the soft centre of the slices before breaking away the harder crusts, as that would probably have been frowned upon in the lovely restaurants we were in!

Bread basket in ItalyThere weren’t actually very many restaurants in the town we were staying in (three!) so we repeated visits to some several times, and walked to other local towns at points as well.  Our hotel had a restaurant which was really good value for money, serving delicious food and so much of it.  For €25 each evening we could have an appetiser, first main course, second main course, side dish and dessert.  We didn’t even attempt to order from every course as we knew we would never finish it all, but we had some beautiful food from the hotel.

Italian startersFrom top to bottom: Cream of onion soup, lemon rice cake, cream of tomato soup, spaghetti bolognese and ham and mozzarella potato hash.

Italian dessertsFrom top to bottom: Swordfish steak, pork slice, side of roasted vegetables, tiramisu, chocolate cake.  Dan was very excited about trying the swordfish and I tried a mouthful of his dish.  All of the meat I tried from Dan’s meals were lovely and tender and I’m sure I would eat much more meat if I lived over in Italy, as often I pick vegetarian dishes from a menu because I don’t like how tough the meat can be.

We didn’t have a huge amount of desserts whilst we were away.  Often, the main courses were filling enough and the sweetness of the house wine was enough to satisfy my sweet tooth after a meal.  We did have desserts for Dan’s birthday last Sunday though when I enjoyed this delicious chocolate pear dessert.

Italian dessert




Have you ever been to an outdoor cinema before?
Do you enjoy trying new foods on holiday?  Do you eat differently whilst you are away?

10 thoughts on “Indiana Jones and the food of Italy

  1. Welcome back!

    I’ve never been to an outdoor cinema, but I love the idea because I can’t sit for long periods due to my scoliosis, so it would be lovely to see something on a big screen but still be able to walk around and stretch my legs.

    Sounds like you had a fab time in Italy, although I will have to memorize your strategy for catching wasps, given that they’re one of the few creatures I’m really intimidated by and don’t have any love for. I could faceplant into those roasted veggies and the lemon rice cake, and I have serious watermelon envy now 😉

    I’m so happy you enjoyed your time away and you’re back to running well again too 😀

    Jess recently posted…Race Recap: Gateshead Trail 10K ~ 46:03My Profile

    1. We love going to the cinema but Dan gets a really sore knee when he’s confined for that long and he really enjoyed going to the outdoor cinema as it meant he could stretch out without affecting anyone else. Check to see what’s in your area. Loads seem to have popped up around our way this year.
      My Mum is not a wasp fan at all, but they don’t bother me in the slightest. They’re pretty dopey when it’s hot so much easier to catch!

  2. Glad you had such a great time! Looking forward to your recaps.
    I would love to go to an outdoor cinema- a few years ago we went to an outdoor concert = the orchestra played music from films, and we had a picnic in the park which was lovely.
    I like trying new foods, but I also get very paranoid- eg I would not tend to have soup as so often they use meat-based stock, so things that appear vegetarian aren’t. I do love trying different ice cream flavours in Italy especially!
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…Feeling the parkrun love!My Profile

    1. I love outdoorsy shows and things in the Summer. Taking a picnic along is so cheap and it makes it easy to hang out with friends.
      I would be much more wary of trying new foods in a different country if I was vegan or vegetarian. Sometimes it’s so hard to know just what is vegetarian and what isn’t, especially as waiters wouldn’t necessarily think about items like meat stock making foods unsuitable.

  3. Wow the food looks FANTASTIC!! It’s lovely that you went somewhere really ‘untouristy’ so you could have a real feel for authentic Italy. I love para ham and melon – I used to have that a lot when I went to Lake Garda for family holidays. It looks like such a relaxed holiday, perfect! The Pringles with the watermelon made me laugh. I’m still addicted to watermelon too and will be so sad when the season is over (and they become ridonkulously priced).
    The outdoor cinema looks like a lot of fun as well. I love the cinema but we never go because it’s so expensive and such a faff to get there. But I love the idea f having a picnic outside while watching a good film.

    1. Lake Garda was one of our contenders when we decided we were heading to Italy and it’s still somewhere I’d like to visit.
      I have eaten so much watermelon this holiday. I literally can’t get enough of it at the moment! Although some space in my belly has been reserved for my new melon and ham love!
      It only cost us £6 for a ticket to the outdoor cinema. They’re over £10 each at Odeon now, which is ridiculous!

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