Food and some mixed runs

Lets start with the food…

My Dad has been obsessed with making chocolate cakes just lately.  He’s unable to be as active as he once was so has decided to turn his hand to baking instead.  Just cakes.  Of the chocolate variety.  Obviously I don’t have a problem with this!

Dad's chocolate cake

It means every time I head back to Norfolk I return home again with a freshly baked cake!

And Dan has also been in the kitchen more lately whilst I’ve been busy with work.

Dan the chef doing the cooking

I feel like he should be wearing an apron in this picture!  Although look how much stuff is all over the work surface in the background.  What is it about guys having to use every single item in the cupboard when they make a meal?!  He has been remembering to add veg to the meals lately though.  I’m very impressed!


Curried sausage

Now onto my runs for the week…


They’ve been a bit of a mixed bag really.  Monday I had a rest day.  Tuesday was a steady run with my running club.  I forgot my Garmin – (don’t you hate it when that happens?!) but I think we probably ran about 6 miles.  Wednesday I had intended on getting to a 7 mile trail run with guys from the running club but at the last minute I felt pretty wiped out and just needed a break from all the rushing around.  This was when we decided to go on a Scarecrow Hunt instead, so at least I got a long walk in instead of the run.
Friday I had an AMAZING run!  I headed out for my regular five mile route planning to run at my predicted marathon race pace (11mm).  I ran a fab four miles struggling to get myself as slow as 11mm so when I got to the last mile I just let myself go ahead and run for fun.  Running for fun on Friday meant dashing off at 8:43mm pace.  To my knowledge I didn’t look like Phoebe from Friends, but there is a slight chance that I did and I know I had a stupid massive smile on my face!
Saturday I headed to Sheringham parkrun and then Sunday the aim was to run 10 miles at a strict marathon pace.  No fun running allowed!  I really struggled to keep motivated after about 4 miles though.  I had no reason for wanting to stop, – my head just decided that that was the plan.  Stupid head.  It had better not think like that at Mablethorpe this weekend!

I’ve been loving this Go Beyond top just lately.

Me in my Go Beyond topIt’s the one I got after completing my first ultra last Summer.  It’s absolutely massive, – a guy’s size large.  But it’s so comfy, baggy and loose that it’s been nice and cooling in the surprisingly hot end to September we’ve had.  Much cooler than wearing my running club vest as the air has a chance to circulate in this top!  I did worry that I look a little trampy because of how clearly it is not in my size, but I figure I’ll just have to run faster past people so that no-one sees it is an issue!

Who does the cooking in your house?
Do you ever wear baggy workout tops?

22 thoughts on “Food and some mixed runs

  1. I do indeed wear baggy running tops…actually I wear that particular singlet! It’s one of the few I have from races that I actually wear outside, and I agree that they’re really comfy and non-chafing.

    I am terrible at even attempting to cook, and the kitchen does tend to resemble a bomb site after I’ve been in it…so it’s not just a male thing!
    Jess recently posted…Redcar Half Marathon 1:40:42My Profile

  2. That cake looks lovely!

    To answer your questions. I do all the cooking because it’s just me I’m cooking for! But, I don’t eat processed foods so make everything from scratch. Luckily I enjoy cooking!

    I don’t wear baggy workout tops really, but because I’m overweight I have to buy men’s running tops so they’re a bit baggy around the shoulders anyway. 😛

    Well done on all the running! You’re a machine! 😀

    1. I’m worst when I’m tired and then I grab whatever is around but I much prefer home cooked dishes over processed rubbish. I envy that you manage to cook every day!
      Sometimes I find men’s running tops fit nicer anyway. They are built much wider and I think I probably have a wider frame than most – I might start wearing men’s clothes more often! :)

  3. I prefer looser tops when it is hot, but I have a few race t-shirts that are far too big (if only I could run faster I could finish in time to choose the right size!)- I tend to only wear those over the top of a long sleeved top in the winter.
    Andy does most of the cooking now- I think mainly because I get home later, and then might go on a run, and he gets hungry waiting!
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…More coconut water!My Profile

    1. Yes, that’s a problem too…having to get to the t-shirts before all the good sizes go!
      If Dan gets hungry waiting but we haven’t already arranged for him to make the dinner then he’ll wait for me to get home and give him the go ahead! You must have trained Andy really well! :)

    1. Yes, all my Dad’s work. There have been many that didn’t look quite so good along the way, but he seems to have it down pat now!
      I didn’t realise it was possible to get beans on toast wrong?! Haha! On the morning of my wedding my bridesmaids were helping me prepare the evening food and one of them asked me how to make tuna mayonnaise!

  4. I don’t think anyone who looks or run’s like you could look trampy mi dear! :)
    I can imagine 11mm would feel hard..I understand why you’d need to train like that (it would be my pace or in reality a lot slower at that kind of distance) my run’s varied from 8.25 average pace to 10mm average pace last week..I embrace the variation!
    The cooking in our house is a funny subject..we often eat different meal’s you I’m obsessed with veggies and my fella is not! See he’ll eat a pizza and I’ll eat a rainbow bowl of goodies..however I made him dinner last night (different to mine!!) and I want us to try eat more of the same meals as it’s not massively coupley eating differently!
    Katie G recently posted…The Story Of Our Home..My Profile

    1. Awww thank you! :)
      That’s how Dan and I started out…it sounds like you guys have very similar tastes to us. Dan would happily eat pizza or kiev and chips every single night. I often try and cook meals with different sides (so I can have ALL the veg!) or dishes like pasta where I can cook the pasta together and then mix in different veggies (or meat in Dan’s case!) He is gradually coming round and improving. I really hope any future children we have don’t take after him though. So damn picky!

  5. Whenever Ben cooks it becomes hell in the kitchen. He gets so stressed out and when I try and help it just makes it worse. And when I say cook, I mean scrambled egg or a sandwich *sighs*. I think our teeny tiny kitchen doesn’t help much – especially when Alfie sits resolutely in the middle waiting for anything that falls.
    Trampy?? How could you look trampy? I see trampy as high heels and a tiny skirt! You look perfectly fine!

    1. Dan refuses to let me in the kitchen when he’s cooking. But it’s nice to have a break from it every now and then. We have a very narrow kitchen so we’d just end up falling over each other anyway. Dan’s cooking used to consist of putting kievs and chips in the oven every night but he has progressed from that finally!

  6. I pretty much do all the cooking in our house when we eat together probably because I’m such a control freak its for the best! I love it when my dad bakes he’s actually pretty damn good so I always steal a slice of whatever he’s got to offer!

    Nearly all my workout tops and everyday tops are big and baggy I hate tight tops unless I’ll going on a night out x
    Tamzin recently posted…Holiday Recap – Los Dolses SpainMy Profile

    1. I think that’s probably why I normally prefer doing the cooking – I’m also a control freak! It’s nice to have a break every now and then from it though.

    1. Love how honest you were! Haha! Dan knows now to tell me if his plan for cooking is chips (I never have chips at home, only when I’m out and fancy them.)
      Thanks for the good luck and well done again on yours after such a challenging training cycle this year.

  7. I cook! My older kids are starting to learn and can make some really good morning foods!!!! Baggy clothes are very comfortable!! Why wouldn’t you wear them. I mostly wear them to lay around in and be lazy though!!

    1. How great that your kids are cooking too. When I eventually have children I want to make sure that they start cooking very early on so that they are always able to do so.

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