It’s always something…

… On Tuesday morning it was my car.  It failed to growl into any sort of life whilst I sat shivering in it at a little after 7am.  So much for catching up with loads of work before school began.
Luckily, one of the other teachers lives only a few miles from me, although by the time she had come to rescue me we hit heavy traffic and then didn’t get in to work until 9am.

It meant no run club for me that night.  Instead, I headed out on one last run yesterday evening and then planned on resting up for the rest of the week (other than a few longer walks) before completing the 50 miles on Saturday.

Turns out it’s quite inconvenient not having access to a car though. My journey home last night on the bus was interesting. Made more so when I realised I hadn’t put any cash into my bag for the bus. I tend to just keep my credit card on me when I go out with an emergency £5 note in my car. Obviously the bus wouldn’t take a credit card so for a few minutes I was left scrabbling around in the pockets of my coat hunting out spare change. Luckily, I managed to get together the £2.65 required for my fare to get to run club but for a minute I was left wondering whether or not I would have to walk the entire 20 miles home!
I’m currently sat in the Costa in the town where my new school is as I have an induction today between 12-2.


Without a car at the moment though, Dan had to drop me off in the nearby town on his way through to Cambridge. I say ‘nearby’…. It’s ten minutes in a car, but walking it took me a little over 90 minutes. There’s that long walk done for today then! I’d hit my Vivofit goal before 9am this morning!


I quite enjoyed my Autumnal walk. I can’t believe how quickly the leaves have changed. They look so beautiful this time of year though.


This time of year is meant for fires, hot chocolates and playing board games on a Sunday afternoon. Dan and I sat down in front of the fire last Sunday and pulled out our Wedding Guess Who game for the first time since we’ve been married. One of my bridesmaids and I used to play what we dubbed as ‘Ultimate Guess Who’ when we were at uni – we would use the regular Guess Who game boards with the only changed rule being that you could not ask any questions relating to what the character looked like. We asked questions such as “Do they have a pet cat?”, ” Are they an only child? “..etc. Randomly, we always used to get the answers right! Clearly we know each other and the way we both think very well!
When I saw Wedding Guess Who on a wedding board on Pinterest I knew I wanted to create something similar, which included all of our immediate family and bridal party.


It went down well and we got lots of lovely comments on the day.

My journey home is going to be a nightmare tonight. By bus it will allegedly take 4.5hrs and four buses to travel just over 20 miles. Or I could fork out £80 for a taxi. Good job buses have free WiFi… At least I should be able to crack on with a little work on the way home this afternoon!
Have you ever struggled without a car?
What’s your favourite board game?

14 thoughts on “It’s always something…

  1. Oh no! I hate it when cars go wrong. I remember my first car’s head gasket went fut on J39 on the M1 on the roundabout (I was working in Barnsley). I was commuting 25 miles each way, and living somewhere with virtually no transport links at the time. Thankfully, the company I worked for let me work from home for a couple of days which gave me enough time to suss out the best route.

    We’re down to one car at the moment, which is irritating, but luckily we both work for the same company.

    I hope the induction goes well!
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    1. Head gasket has been a killer for us. We’ve had two cars go that way. You were very lucky that you were able to work from home and it’s so handy that you can both share lifts together now. We’re hoping to car share when I start the new job, although we plan on keeping both cars so that we always have one on the drive just in case. We’re forever driving places.

  2. oh no, I’m lost without my car and the sound of your journeys via bus or walking sound very time consuming! it is nice to walk sometimes, the last time I was without my car was basically because I couldn’t drive it due to all the snow but it made for some lovely walks!

    1. I am also very lost without my car! It was nice to get outside and walk without feeling guilty for doing so though. I love going for walks in the snow, especially when it first snows and everywhere looks so pretty and white.

  3. Oh god, cars are such a nightmare. Sounds rubbish :-( but least you got your steps! I’m useless with cars and if anything goes wrong Ben or my dad have to help.
    Ahhh cannot beat a good board game. I used to play Pay Day obsessively with my friend when we were like 11. Literally every weekend. And the Game of Life! Those little pins that were blue or pink in the car and you’d get more as your family expanded…good memories (if you haven’t played it that probably sounds a bit mental). The Guess Who idea is so clever!

    1. Haha, yep my steps were ticked off very early in the day! I always ring my Dad when things go wrong with my car, although he can hardly ever help over the phone he always tells me who to see or ask.
      I’ve not played Pay Day before, but Game of Life was great. I never had my own copy but always used to play when I visited my cousin.

    1. When we both lived in Stafford we survived without cars and life was so much easier! Trains went everywhere we needed but we never needed a whole lot out of town anyway. Gah!

    1. I’d never heard of Uber of Lyft before, but I’ve just googled and they look like a really good idea. Unfortunately we’re too far out from any of the cities they’re currently running in but it’s definitely a website I’m going to keep in mind for when we visit friends or in case they expand to different cities.
      I have my car back now thankfully and I’m just crossing my fingers it lasts a little longer yet!

  4. What a pain with your car. Last year mine was a bit dodgy starting up (and it wasn’t the battery)- when it finally broke down I was due to pick up Andy from a night out, so luckily he got a lift home with someone else, and the auto breakdown people fixed it the next day.
    At the weekend after that race I was wishing for a car- long walk through the park, £20 taxi (argh!!!), train journey where the train got cancelled part way through- it was meant to finish with another hour bus journey, but luckily my mum picked me up and took me home (10 min journey).
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