2015: (last updated 27th October)

Running free downhill, arms out to the side

Total miles: 1157.30
Total calories burnt: 136,251
Time spent in running clothes: 223h 12m 03s

Distance 2012 PB 2013 PB 2014 PB 2015 PB
5k 27m 58s 26m 55s 28m 41s 26m 37s
5m 47m 57s 49m 02s 46m 05s
6m 58m 31s 60m 20s  –
10k 58m 35s 60m 41s 58m 27s
15k 1h 38m 38s
10m 1h 34m 27s  –
1/2 marathon 2h 9m 16s 2h 30m 58s 2h 35m 51s 2h 25m 27s
15m 2h 33m 19s 2h 33m 03s  –
20m 3h 36m 56s 3h 51m 54s 3h 46m 34s
Marathon 5h 6m 52s 5h 11m 15s 5h 4m 15s 4h 54m 08s
35m 7h 56m 52s 8h 40m 22s 7h 40m 35s
50m  –
70m 21h 56m 31s 18h 49m 15s
*12hour 70k  –

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