The parkrun that almost didn’t count

Whilst back at my parents’ for the weekend I obviously made sure to fit in a parkrun.  It’s a standard Saturday morning activity nowadays and I’m determined to make a big dent in the parkrun countdown to my 50 parkrun t-shirt this year.  Plus, I really like the Sheringham parkrun course quite close to where my parents live.

My Dad dropped me off in the carpark just before 8:45am yesterday morning before nipping to Cromer to run some errands whilst I ran.  I didn’t feel too cold despite opting for only one t-shirt along with my tights in the morning.  When I walked down to the meeting point though I noticed that parts of the compressed gravel track were icy and my feet were slipping on the path.  I found out later that the Northampton parkrun had been cancelled due to the ice.  Luckily, Sheringham parkrun is run mainly through woodland, with just a small track section at the end and a slightly longer section at the beginning, but alongside a grass track you can run on if required so there was no need to cancel the run.

The first part of the course is run downhill on the gravel path.  I took things relatively slowly so as not to slip.  I got a little held up as we were directed through a side path to avoid a cattlegrid when I was behind a lady running with a child and also pushing a pram but it gave me an excuse to keep my pace steady and stopped me from rushing off too fast.  I love that children and ladies with prams are welcome at parkruns and today’s parkrun was full with kids.  In fact, I overheard a child of about nine at the startline telling their Father that they were aiming for a sub 25 minute time.  It’s a tough course for that sort of time, yet when I looked at the results afterwards there were lots of children coming in with some quick times.

I felt comfortable the whole way round the course, just like at the Multi-terrain 10k last weekend.  I didn’t push myself too hard and was very happy with my pacing at the end of the race – especially as when I crossed the line I hadn’t destroyed myself getting there and could hold a conversation with someone from the moment I entered the finishing funnel.

I stopped my watch as I crossed the line.  Just under 30 minutes.  I knew I had been close to my course PB (29:40) and was chuffed to work out I’d taken about 50 seconds off my time from the last time I’d run the course (Christmas Day).  Running in a higher group at running club (as mentioned yesterday) is clearly working well for me!

Dad was a little late picking me back up from parkrun so I went for a 3/4 mile jog around the outside of a field whilst I waited to try and help keep myself warm.  Once you were in the wind, it was rather chilly!

Blue in the back of the car

We took Blue, my parents’ dog out for a quick half hour walk and then headed home to get set up for the day.  It got to about lunchtime and I realised I still hadn’t received my parkrun text message with my time so I popped onto the parkrun website to spot that my name was not listed in the results and my position was instead listed as an ‘unknown runner’.  I dropped a quick, panicked email to Sheringham parkrun detailing the conversation I had had with the guy using the barcode scanner (so that he would remember seeing me earlier on) and sending over a link to my Garmin activity.  Luckily, the guys at Sheringham parkrun are lovely and they updated the results – no more than an hour later and I had received the usual text and email detailing my time.  With a nice surprise too…

Sheringham parkrun email…apparently I was the fastest in my age category!  (Although, a quick check through the results also showed me that I was the only runner in my age category, but I’ll take that!)

Official time:  29:52
Position:  100
Gender position:  14/38
Age category position (SW30-34):  1/1(!)

Whilst back in Norfolk I haven’t done a whole lot and it’s been pretty nice.  I’ve had a chance to read blogs, run at parkrun, walk the dog and help Mum with a jigsaw.  It’s been pretty chilled and my body feels better for not rushing around.  Although I tend to eat huge portions when back at my childhood home my meals are always veggie-filled meals and tasty…

…Salmon and salad…

Salmon with salad…Sausage casserole with veg…Sausage casserole with veg…Chicken stir-fry…Stir fry with riceI love the colours of the vegetables here and as they’re tossed in the wok.Colourful veg for a stir fryColourful veg for a stir fry

My Mum always makes sure to feed me with meals I would rarely make when back at my own home.  Those meals heavy with veg such as the stir fry would never be touched by Dan.  He would eat the chunks of carrot and gingerly pick out the chicken, scraping off as much sauce as he could.  Such a fussy eater!

Do you eat the same types of foods at home as when you visit your parents?

14 thoughts on “The parkrun that almost didn’t count

  1. Nice work on the pb! I love how inclusive parkruns are too. A while back the timer failed, and they asked people with Garmins etc to email in their times and they would work out the rest from those (as otherwise you all get 59.59)- that ended up being my pb for the new course too, so I was pretty chuffed that they changed the results.
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…Jantastic weeks 2 and 3 (scraping by)My Profile

    1. The whole community is filled with really lovely friendly people and it is great to hear stories like your one as it must have taken a lot of extra work for everyone involved. It would have been rather upsetting if no times had been recorded at all!

  2. I’m glad that 1.) Race organizers in your region are sensible enough to cancel icy runs and 2.) you were still able to get in an excellent Parkrun time on a safer course. Your speed is coming on leaps and bounds, but there are always going to be some incredibly speedy kids out there. I’m always a little humbled when they overtake me while I’m out running round here!

    I love veggie-heavy meals. I would probably eat mostly raw food if I lived on my own, as I have huge panic/anxiety attacks about cooking. Luckily I make all of my raw food and my parents have veggies left over (my Mum basically lives on veggies and Quest Bars…she should probably start a blog!) so I just hoover up those at dinner time.
    Jess recently posted…(Ultra)Marathon MisfortuneMy Profile

    1. Yes, there are definitely times when I believe races should be cancelled. I can’t believe how many unsafe races are allowed to continue.
      I always make sure to say well done to kids that passed me at the end. (Speedy little buggers!)

    1. I was really shocked to see it. I guess a large number of females my age have young children so they are less likely to get out to parkrun at the weekend perhaps?

  3. Well done on your parkrun result! That is really good, and nice of the guys to change your result for you too. Blue is lovely! Gorgeous face! I am quite lucky with Matt, he isn’t too fussy really, which I am externally grateful for (my dad is incredibly fussy and won’t eat anything that isn’t literally meat based and potato based…. No pasta, rice, veggies… I always feel bad for Mum as the only time she gets to eat out somewhere is with friends or us).
    Steph recently posted…Happy birthday Tub!My Profile

    1. I was very grateful that they agreed to add my result. I would have been gutted it it had been missed off completely!
      Your poor Mum! I’m hoping that in time Dan will gradually expand his meal choices, although I have been waiting for nearly eight years for this to happen. It doesn’t look too hopeful! :(

  4. Well done on a great parkrun! I’m really excited as a parkrun has just started where my parents live. My parents only live 20 minutes from me so this is great. Though our local parkrun is literally a 10 minute drive away so very local, I’d love to run a parkrun round where I grew up even if it is a bit further out.
    Oh bless Dan, exactly like Ben. He will literally eat all the veg first to get it “done with”.
    Anna @AnnaTheApple recently posted…Barely Functioning and MuleBar ReviewMy Profile

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