The good, the bad and the ugly

The last ten days have been a bit of all of the above.  Mainly good and inconvenient rather than ‘bad’ or ‘ugly’, although the incident with my toe comes under the ugly category.

In the last ten days…

…I watched the eclipse from my classroom window at work…it was a pretty cloudy day but I got a few good shots on my school iPad…


…I have broken my toe…resulting in minimal running over the past week and a half (just a seven mile trail run immediately after the incident occurred and a ten mile trail run at the weekend, with a little jaunt out to test how it was doing this evening)…

Broken toe
…the breakage of my toe resulted in a weird hobbling shuffle for the days immediately following…a weird hobbling shuffle which doesn’t count steps towards my daily step count on the Vivofit… :(
…Dan was kicked in the head during a football game, resulting in a lot of blood, a lot of swelling and all fluids to be consumed through a straw…
…he didn’t take a photo of it though…he’d make a rubbish blogger!…
…Dan was sent home with suspected concussion, resulting in a five hour journey home for me one evening whilst I juggled lifts, walking, a train and buses to make it back from work.
…the For Sale sign outside our house was replaced with a Sold sign…

House sold sign
…and we had our offer on a house (the house belonging to the person buying our house) accepted…
…although the garden at the new house is much smaller than our current garden, the current owners have done a great job with looking after it and I love that we will have a ready made pond at our new house!

New house garden
…we were refused a mortgage with the Post Office…apparently they are very quick to refuse and Dan has had overdrafts on his account in the past which they weren’t favourable towards…
…but then we had a mortgage accepted with Leeds Building Society.
…I had the bright idea of sorting out all my clothes in the lounge on the floor so that I could keep an eye on Dan one evening…
…but then I got fed up and I left them there for days.
…eventually Dan and I both sorted out all of our clothes and we now have two bin bags of clothes for the bin, two for charity shops and two of (mainly) dresses and shirts to ebay.
…as Dan ended up off work for most of the week I ended up driving into school on most of the days…I headed out to my car on Thursday morning to see one of my tyres was pretty low…I have an air pump for the car so pumped it up and got to work and back fine with no problems…

Flat tyre
…and then on the drive to work this morning I got 15 miles into the journey to have the car suddenly feel incredibly weird and a guy from the van infront of me on the A14 leap out of his vehicle and come rushing round to check out my tyre which by this point smelt rather burny…

Split tyre - puncture…turns out that despite pumping it up the day before it was weak and I must have driven over some debris which burst it…that mahoosive rip was on the inside of the tyre – shielded from eyes.
…I received a phone call whilst waiting for a replacement tyre at the garage this evening from the spa I had booked myself and Bride-to-be friend Vicki in at for a day on Monday…somebody from the spa had died and they were having to cancel our treatments and visit for next week…
…this then became a mad rush to book in somewhere before close this evening so that I could still treat Vicki during the week of her wedding!…Luckily a replacement was found, although as the first spa day had been paid for with a Groupon, the replacement was a fair bit more expensive unfortunately…But, can’t be helped.

Spa day details

…I’ve had some proper comfort meals in the evenings this week, such as this mushrooms, cheese and beans on toast…
Beans on toast with cheese and mushrooms…and after five reluctant non-running days I’m planning on a parkrun tomorrow followed by the Oakley 20 on Sunday.  Although, thanks to my fantastic toe stub last week I shall be attempting this much slower than originally planned.

What are your good, bad and ugly from the past week?…

10 thoughts on “The good, the bad and the ugly

  1. I am very tired after just reading this! That tear on your tyre is scary- glad you got it sorted. And congratulations about the house too- very exciting!
    This week has had a few bad things- my uncle in hospital, some aggressive parent issues at work, but I have had some good runs and went to London for a briefing yesterday, followed by visiting a friends’ school. We finish next Thursday so I am very much counting down the last 4 days, although panic stations a bit as that means the marathon is only 2 weeks ago- argh!
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…New cookery books!My Profile

    1. I hope your Uncle is OK Maria.
      Lots of schools don’t seem to break up until this Thursday but I’m very glad ours broke for Easter last week. I am ready for this holiday!
      Two weeks to go until marathon day?! That went fast! I’m really looking forward to seeing how you get on and reading your marathon recap. :)

  2. There must be a thing in the air with car tyres because I had a flat one on Monday too. Luckily I always carry a spare with me, but had to wait for the hubby to come home to change it because the locking nuts are far too tight for me to undo….how girly do I sound?! Congratulations on the house, you must be very excited!
    Jemma @ Celery and Cupcakes recently posted…Tried and Tested in FebruaryMy Profile

    1. I posted on Facebook about having to wait for the AA and two friends messaged to say they had done the same that morning so there really must be something in the air at the moment.
      I wouldn’t have a clue where to start when it came to changing the tyre, – that’s why I have AA membership! So no need to worry about sounding girly to me! :)

  3. Oh Mary…
    You poor love –
    Firstly – very glad you are both okay, I know it’s not ideal but the tyre/head injury could have been really terrible.
    The hobbling must be so frustrating, I’ve not ran since Friday and I really miss it so I do know how you feel…do rest up :)
    & The spa thing is so annoying, but I do hope the replacement was nice? :)
    Good, Bad & Ugly for me?
    Good – We got the keys to our home – Bad – It was a complete state – Ugly – I spent 5 hours cleaning the kitchen…that’s ugly..very ugly! :)
    Katie G recently posted…I am not the 8 stone girl.My Profile

    1. Yes, putting things in perspective, things could have gotten much worse this week. Hobbling has subsided a fair bit and I got some running in this weekend which calmed me a little. There’s just something so relaxing and comforting about going out for a run.
      Fantastic that you have the keys for your new home! I’m sure your kitchen is looking sparkling clean now. It must be pretty satisfying to see the transformation on the house? I hope you’re going to share some photos. I can’t wait to see! (Off to stalk you on Instagram now…)

  4. Oh god, what a nightmare. You’ve got some good times coming I’m sure! I hate any sort of car issues…I just hate it because I’m so rubbish with dealing with them as I know so little.
    Beans and mushrooms!? Not sure about that…but then I’m funny about baked beans. It’s like beans and eggs. Not a combo I like either!
    The garden looks amazing – is that the new one? It’s massive!!
    Fingers crossed your toe heals soon and the race went OK!
    Anna @AnnaTheApple recently posted…Almost there…!My Profile

    1. Yes, good times our way please! Can’t complain too much…the house is going through! That will be a huge weight off my mind.
      The race went OK thanks. I was a little concerned that I wasn’t doing the right thing by starting it, but randomly my toe actually feels better for having run it?! Clearly my toe missed the running and has almost stopped whinging at me now. :)
      That is our new garden from the spare room window. I love it. Although I’d like to have a little lawn perhaps on the right hand side. I will have lots of time to play with it though. Eep! Excited!

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