An Easter weekend of support

On Sunday I woke up early after staying in a hotel near Peterborough for the wedding the day before.  I left Dan his Easter egg and tiptoed out past the rooms of all the other sleeping guests so that I could go and marshal at the Go Beyond Northampton Running Festival.  Here, runners completed either 3, 6 or 12 laps of a muddy loop in order to complete a 10k, half marathon or marathon distance.  As always I enjoyed working the event.  I especially enjoy marshaling the lap events as you get to support the runners much more frequently as they head round the course.

For some reason I didn’t end up taking any pictures on Sunday.  I started out on the registration desk for the 10k, – issuing numbers to runners before breaking down the tent and then I moved over to the finish line to dish out medals and hand out bottles of water.

One of the runners, Charlie, ran with a camera on a selfie stick and you can see me on the finish line here, along with the course itself – it was muddy in places after all the rain we had in the build up to Easter!

You can read Charlie’s blog post from the event here.

Helping to pack down the course involved a trip around the route to collect any rubbish runners might have dropped or left behind.  Helped me get my steps in for the day!

I love that at these smaller, less competitive events you get a chance to chat to more of the runners and you see the same people attend time after time.  We have a lot of loyal customers at Go Beyond.  Lots of members of the 100 marathon club attend the running festival races and it always amazes me how quickly they have totted up their marathon numbers since the last time I saw them!  There were a couple of runners on Sunday who had numbers of marathons run totaling more than 200.

I got home in time for tea but had an early night as I was out to support our club again in the morning.

**** ****

In what has become a tradition now, the next morning I walked the two miles down to the race start for the Stanwick 10k.  Along with two friends we then ran the course whilst marshals were still setting it up.  Spotted this sign from one of our runners out in front of his farm on the way round.  Love it!

Go WDAC on a tractorIt was super hot and the three of us had lots of chat to catch up on, so it was more of a run-walk for the 10k than a flat-out run but with my foot still not 100% that was fine by me.  We returned to the start line of the race to see the runners shoot off at the gun before grabbing drinks and setting up on the corner before the finish line with my camera so that I could see runners coming down the home straight to help cheer them in.  The juniors were back first.  With a 2k fun run for the juniors, it’s not long before they start speeding back towards the finish line.  I do love supporting at Stanwick.  With it being held on Easter Monday and both junior and adult races held you get a real family, friendly feel stood on the sidelines cheering everyone in.  We had some good results for the juniors and then we awaited the adults.

Last year a WDAC runner took first place male and second female.  This year the club took third female (same runner as last year) and first female team.  We have a very strong ladies side right now.

I enjoyed snapping away for over an hour and congratulating runners as they joined our crew of support.  Love the two shots from below.

Sprint finish…

Sprint finish at Stanwick races!

Run for a drag…

Run for a fag at Stanwick races

Do you have any local races held near you?
What has been the best race support sign you have seen?

4 thoughts on “An Easter weekend of support

    1. Dan bought me a version of a Go Pro for my birthday but without any way of attaching it to my head! I’m yet to sort that out but when I do I shall be taking some footage of every race!

  1. Someone at our parkrun ran it holding a selfie stick but I can’t imagine managing that- my arms are all over the place!
    There are a few local races around here but the nice small ones are not so easily advertised. The 10 mile race that I love (in Ware) has moved to July, instead of October, so I have signed up again but think it is going to be tough in the heat.
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…Now and thenMy Profile

    1. I’m pretty certain running with one would completely unbalance me and I’d end up running into everyone! I bet it takes a fair bit of practice!

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