Back to school and getting organised

So yesterday I headed back to school after two full weeks off.  The alarm was set for 5:15am (I cry a little inside every time I set this alarm and this is coming from a morning person!) and I was feeling super enthusiastic about the new term ahead.

Roll on day two and I’m already knackered.  I couldn’t stop yawning by lunchtime today and I’m not sure if it is just me, but after two weeks of feeding myself when my body says it is hungry, I found it rather tough today waiting until school lunchtime at 1:10pm.  My stomach was growling from 11am!

I’ve come back for the new term determined to be more organised and efficient when it comes to meal planning and eating better though.  I always start off with good intentions but this time I really am aiming to ensure staying on top of meal planning becomes a habit.

I’ve rekindled my love for porridge just lately and both days this week I have enjoyed a bowl of porridge with a little cocoa mixed in and topped with a kiwi fruit.

Porridge with kiwi fruitThe difference has been that making the porridge has been the last thing I do before leaving for work each morning.  Instead of waking up, drifting downstairs and slowly picking over my breakfast first thing – usually sneaking a second helping of something to delay getting ready for work even longer – I have been making the porridge just minutes before heading out of the door.  Because Dan and I car share, I can eat my breakfast whilst Dan is driving me to work and I instantly save myself probably twenty minutes in the morning.  Those twenty minutes are now used for completing some hardcore core work.  Today it hurt to cough…might need to tone it down a little tomorrow!

I have used the rest of my car time to plan out in detail which meals I intend on making on which nights and even have a defrost schedule for what meat needs to be pulled out of the freezer each night of the week!

I was sent some nakd nibbles this week following a competition win on facebook and they reminded me just how much I need a snack mid morning when I start to flag.  They also reminded me just how much I love nakd!Nakd nibblesAnything that comes in salted caramel wins my vote straight away and the nakd coconut bliss were just like little mini Bounty bars, but softer and much better for me.  I’m all ready to purchase another batch!

Lunches – I’ve gone with the batch cook on a Sunday afternoon, eat a similar thing for the rest of the week approach.  I had been casually looking over the Deliciously Ella website for a while when I stumbled upon Ella’s blog post on Healthy Eating on the Go.  This ticks all the boxes for me.  I love anything with lots of variety and I love the mix in this salad.  I’m using up some of the white rice in the cupboard this week, as we appear to have accumulated rather more than I think we can munch through before our moving date, but I shall be converting to a healthier grain version once I’ve eaten down some of our white rice supplies.

Deliciously Ella inspired healthy living lunchIn today’s lunch I enjoyed; two spoonfuls of white rice, a selection of roasted sweet potatoes and roast carrots, some mixed leaves, plum tomatoes and a large dollop of hummus.  Tummy was kept happy until teatime!

Yesterday I made this super thin base ham and tomato pizza from scratch.  Dan doesn’t compliment my cooking often but he did comment that I made a ‘cracking pizza’ yesterday, followed up by complimenting the omelette I made and failed to photograph for tea tonight.  Gotta be doing something right then!

Homemade pizzaDoes your tummy struggle to cope when you have to go back on a work-lunch schedule?!
Do you meal plan?  If so, how do you go about it?

10 thoughts on “Back to school and getting organised

  1. In January I started bringing my own meals to work instead of complaining about cantine food. I feel I am being more constructive ah ah. It means more work but it is so worth it comes lunchtime! I like the idea of hummus in your simple meal. :o)

    1. Definitely worth the extra work in the beginning. I don’t know about where you work but our canteen food is awful, – filled with rubbish. Their ‘vegetarian’ option last time I tried it was a fish cake (NOT vegetarian!) and there was no option to swap the chips from the plate.

  2. That salad looks lovely :) I love roasted sweet potato.
    I normally think I will plan ahead, and then end up eating hummus and ryvita for lunch as it takes no prep! I always struggle going back to work after the holidays and always get hungry mid morning whereas normally at work I don’t.
    I ordered a sample box of those nibbles- so far I have only tried the coconut ones but they were amazing!
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…Brighton marathon recap- don’t think about the numbers!My Profile

    1. Roasted sweet potato has been my best find since reading blogs. I have it so often now, and even Dan will eat it at times.
      Your thinking of planning ahead for the work week sounds just like mine usually does!
      I need to order a sample box. I don’t like that you can’t order the different flavours individually yet though, as I know I would like some more than others.

    1. I like the benefits of meal planning for the week so that I can plan when to use leftovers and such, but sometimes it’s nice just to be impulsive on the day!

    1. I agree with the spending less – we’re saving every penny we have at the moment so that we can afford to decorate when we move house next month, and meal planning makes a huge difference in cost.

  3. It’s funny because at the weekend I eat lunch so much later – like 2pm or even 3pm, but at work I literally always eat at 12.30. I start to get hungry at 12. I’m having breakfast earlier but not that much earlier. I guess it’s just a bit of boredom (not that my job is entirely boring, but it is work…).
    With having that Hello Fresh box every other week I don’t need to think about meals in the week as much which is just brilliant. Takes so much stress out of my week’s because I literally don’t think, I just follow a recipe with all the ingredients to hand.
    Anna @AnnaTheApple recently posted…It is what it isMy Profile

    1. I find it’s often much earlier when I eat during days off so that I can get it ‘out of the way’ and start getting on with things!
      The Hello Fresh boxes are a great idea and I do intend on getting some of the boxes once we move to widen my cooking repertoire!

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