Do NOT underestimate the cross-trainer

That thing has had me sweating buckets this week!  Despite not really getting me out of breath the same way running would, I am absolutely covered in sweat within minutes every time I hop on this machine.  Obviously I would much rather be running outside in the beautiful weather we’ve been having just lately but I’m still being sensible with MK Marathon just around the corner.

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous this week.  Dan and I even had a few people round last night and hosted a BBQ in our garden whilst we still have our lovely BBQ patio area.  My kebab sticks went down really well.  :)  I made some just veggie ones for me as well.

Kebab sticks for the BBQ

My race number for Milton Keynes arrived in the post yesterday morning and when I told my Mum that it had arrived she informed me that the bank holiday and Milton Keynes marathon are actually now just two weeks away.  I had in my head that I still had three weeks left and plenty of time!  NOT the case…

MK marathon numberThe race numbers seem to be really small this year.  (You can’t really tell from the photo though.)

Exercise for the past fortnight has moved from running five days a week to a set of rotated core exercises every morning and some cross-trainer work in the evenings.

Thursday the week before last was my running club’s AGM and I came away from the group of enthusiastic, dedicated runners knowing that I couldn’t continue to just sit around and hope that I don’t lose my fitness too much over the next fortnight.  I came home and immediately put a bid for 99p on a cross-trainer.  The display on the machine didn’t work and I (wrongly) assumed that this meant interest in the item would be low.  I put a maximum bid of £10 on the machine and was winning (for 99p!) right up until the last few minutes when a bidding war took place and I lost out.  With utter determination to get a cross-trainer now, I spotted another one close by up for sale and once again placed a bid.  This one didn’t result in quite such a bidding war and I was rather excited to see last Saturday that I had won the cross-trainer for less than the cost of a week’s gym membership.

There is literally nowhere to put the cross-trainer in our house though except for next to the dining table in the kitchen.

Cross trainer in the kitchen(Please excuse the microwave box in the background, we have boxes everywhere half packed at the moment!)

Once we get to our new house next month there should be plenty of room thankfully.  In fact, I even suggested to Dan that we could convert the garage into a gym using eBay bargains that I would find.  He didn’t seem too enthusiastic about that idea though…I’ll keep working on him.

This week I also provided a Pinterest post for Steph, over at Magpie in the Sky.  (Well, I actually made the items several weeks ago now.)  When I commented on what a good idea Steph’s Tried and Tested Pinterest posts were she asked if I would write a guest post for her wihlst she was away on a super exciting trip…Literally jumped at the chance to.  I had lots of recipes stocking up on my Pinterest!  Here’s a sneak preview of one of the recipes I tried, but check out the post on Steph’s blog for the others.

Red Thai Curry - Pinterest Tried and Tested recipes

Do you have any gym equipment at home?
What has been your best eBay bargain?
Do you follow recipes from pictures of meals you spot on Pinterest?