The Waendel Walk

Wellingborough, the town where my running club is held holds an event known as the Waendel Walk each May.

Distances of 5km, 10km, 15km, 25km (road or off-road), and 42km (road or off-road) are available and the idea is to get people outside and walking with families in the Summer sun!

Yesterday it was definitely sunny.  My face was on fire when I woke up this morning after being out in it all day yesterday!  Somehow I managed to exist after running in tights and a long sleeved top…not sure how I came out of that one!

Waendel WalkEleven members of our club and an honorary club member took off on the 25km route a little after 9am armed with wristbands containing contact numbers, checkpoint cards and the odd map!

The first few miles were all on road but soon we made it out into the fields where our little group were happiest.  Despite it being a ‘walk’, we set out on a run, with more walking ‘enjoying the scenery’ breaks than we would normally take.

Waendel WalkWe were never far from a checkpoint though, with a few of the checkpoints held at pubs.  A couple of which had feel-good music blaring out for us to dance to on the way to get our cards stamped.

Waendel Walk dancingWe made a quick pit-stop in Orlingbury as we passed a club runner’s house.  She had tiffin cake out for the ladies and beers ready for the guys.  Runners definitely know runners’ needs!

Tiffin cake on the Waendel WalkThe twelve of us stood up on her drive for a half hour pitstop actually brought a few genuine Waendel Walkers up the drive in the hunt for their next checkpoint!  We sent them on their way…cake for Welly runners only!
I learnt several new variations on some trail runs in the area which I shall experiment with this Summer.  Especially as I completely forgot to put my Garmin on in the morning.  I remembered my heart rate monitor but forgot the Garmin itself!  Failing to tick off some more zones in the Fetch Conquercise game.

Waendel Walk runnersIn total, including stops at pubs, the cake stop, time for photos and jigs at the checkpoints we took somewhere in the region of four hours to complete.Waendel Walk checkpoint cardI could not get over just how busy the walk was and there were participants there from all nationalities.  I think the walk is a lovely way to get active as a family and we passed loads of families out on the trails enjoying the day yesterday.
When we returned to The Castle in Wellingborough we were issued with a certificate declaring our name and distance completed.

Waendel Walk certificateFor £7 – a fully supported route, certificate upon finish, map, checkpoint card, water and squash on route, as well as bands and the opportunity to buy burgers and cakes at each checkpoint, you can’t complain.  :)  The event is actually held over the whole weekend, from Friday-Sunday and I would consider completing all three days in future, although it might be quite nice to actually walk them entirely next time instead of run them and take the opportunity to soak up the atmosphere.

Have you taken part in an organised walk before?

8 thoughts on “The Waendel Walk

  1. It sound great. When I was younger, Berkhamsted used to do a similar thing- they went up in 3 mile sections, to 18 being the longest, and you could stop at each one (and I think get a minibus back to the start) or go on to the next one. It was a whole day thing- people took picnics and had them on the way. Not sure if they do them any more though.
    There is a local long distance walkers association, as once they were at the park during our parkrun so we were asked to give way to them if we saw them.
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…New shoes! Don’t wear jeans to the sports shop!My Profile

  2. What a beautiful day ~ I’m so pleased that you had such fantastic weather for the walk/run.

    My Mum used to be absolutely obsessed with walking (she has problems with her knees and feet now, so can’t walk very far) and when I was just starting to try to exercise more and literally had no fitness at all, she was kind enough to let me tag along with her on all sorts of lovely walks. I was terrible at first, but I was just so happy to be out and doing something in the open air. Eventually by the time I was eighteen, we built up to a sixteen mile walk and I was so happy and proud of myself at the time. I think walking is a fantastic gateway to fitness, whether people find their passion in that or use it as a gateway to other sports or pursuits.
    Jess @ One Step Closer recently posted…Some Answers…And Some QuestionsMy Profile

    1. What a shame that your Mum can no longer walk very far. I have always been a walker and we used to go on several walks as a family when I was younger. I always offered to take the dog out for walks. It is such a good way to get people outdoors and moving.

  3. Ahh sounds absolutely fantastic! What a great way to spend the day. I’m such a huge fan of walking. One of the main reasons why I have to have a dog – it’s just a great excuse for walking! (Though I believe there are hundreds of reasons to get a dog…). I can go on my own or with people, I just love it. My parents would take my sister and me for loads of walks when we were little so it’s just so natural for me.
    And with a cake stop what could be better?!
    Anna @AnnaTheApple recently posted…Hackney mini-breakMy Profile

    1. I do miss not having a dog, but we don’t have any family nearby and with Dan and I both being out for 12 hours a day at work at the moment I don’t think now is the right time for us to get one. One day in the future though!

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