Moving stress

Two weeks ago I rang our solicitors to establish that we would be moving on the 29th May (this coming Friday).  I asked them if I could book the Friday beforehand (22nd May) off from work as my entitled ‘moving day’ to give me a chance to pack and get organised and they agreed that the move would be going ahead and that it would make sense to have that day off.

Last week was incredibly busy for me.  On the Tuesday evening I was sent details of the Northamptonshire Track & Field events and asked to turn them into a programme ready for printing at 9am the following morning.  I was sent the last of the details at 11pm, and was up until 3:30am copying and pasting, adding details and clarifying what information should go where on the 48 page booklet.  Back up again for work at the slightly-later-than-normal time of 6am the following day.  When I returned home that night I curled straight up in bed and slept for three hours until 9pm, when I woke up, made us some tea and promptly fell straight back asleep again!

Northamptonshire Track and Field programme

On the Thursday our school had Ofsted in, who were focusing on marking and feedback, so all boxes of children’s folders (all 512 of them!) had to perfect.  Part of one of my year 8 lessons was observed from the doorway but no interaction with my class was made.  Preliminary feedback about the school from the visit has been positive and we are now waiting for the full report.

So, I was knackered by the time it came to Friday morning.  It wasn’t until then that I realised I hadn’t yet heard anymore from the solicitors regarding our move, and we were due to move in just seven days time now.  I gave them a call.

Me: “Hi there, we are due to move on Friday, but I haven’t heard any details yet, so I am just checking that everything is still OK.”
Them: “Erm, let me just go and grab your file.” [Long wait] “If you want to move on Friday, then we really need to apply for the money today as there is a bank holiday before then and the money usually takes four days to process.”
Me: “OK, well, is that a problem?  We have always had 29th May down as our moving day.”
Them: “Have you signed the paperwork for that date?”
Me: “Yes, yes we have.”
Them: “OK, let me just check…the other party don’t seem to have signed their paperwork yet for the sale of their house.”
Me: “Why not?!”
Them: “I’m not sure.  I’ll try phoning now quickly, as we really will need to apply for the money very shortly if the sale is to go ahead next week.”

[Calls back]

Them: “I’ve just discovered that they have not yet received their mortgage offer.”
Me: “What?!  But we’ve had this process going for two months now.  Has it been refused?  What happens next?  Why was I told that the moving date was OK for next week?”
Them: I shall chase it up and find out what is happening and get back to you.

[I waited until 3pm.  There was no call back so I rang back.  There was no answer.  I rang again.  This time I got a different lady on the phone.]

Me: “Hi there, please may I speak to ****?”
Them: “I’m afraid she finished work about half an hour ago and won’t be back in now until next Wednesday.”
Me: “OK, then I need to speak to [boss] quite urgently please.”
Boss: “Hi there, how may I help?”
Me: We were told that we were OK to move house this coming Friday, but  on speaking to **** she tells me the other party haven’t received their mortgage offer yet?!”

The conversation went on for some time.  I also nipped down to the estate agents who we are buying the house from, as they are only 500m from our current house and spoke to them extensively about what the hold up was.  Apparently they are waiting for some information regarding a pension.  Something which should be as simple as printing it off and sticking it in the post – and there has been more than eight weeks for them to do this in.

Because of all this drama happening late on Friday afternoon, with the next working day not until today, four days later, all we could do was continue with our plans for the week – travel back to my parents’ on the Saturday with Bella to leave her in Norfolk, and spend the best part of Monday finishing off boxing up our house ready for the potential move on Friday.  Dan and I are actually going away to Manchester today until Thursday as we received Foo Fighters tickets for Christmas and are in desperate need for a break.  We shall call the solicitors from our travels and establish if, when we return from our holiday on Thursday evening we need to start on a mad clean of the house, or if instead, we will need to start unpacking bits of crockery and work clothes ready for the week ahead.

Next weekend could either be spent decorating our new house, or it could be spent sat in the midst of piles of boxes eating takeaways as we’ve eaten up all of our cupboard food ready for the move!

Moving house boxes progress(The current state of our dining room!)

We were initially told that the other party needed to move by June 9th, and I will not be allowed any more time off work  to move as I have already had my allocated day.  I finish school at 3pm so one of the potential options involves me rushing home from work and us moving in an afternoon, after having already spent a full day at work, but I don’t want to think too much about it yet until we have spoken to the solicitors today.

I was rather stressed out by the time Dan returned home from work on Friday.  He gave me the car so that I could drive over to run the Blisworth 5 and luckily, getting my PB there helped me to forget all about the house moving drama we had been having all day.

The following morning we headed, with cat, over to my parents’ house for the weekend.   My Mum’s garden is looking very pretty at the moment.

Mum's pretty flowersIt was my friend Amanda’s 30th birthday whilst we were back so for part of the celebrations we headed over to Holkham Hall open air cinema where they were playing Top Gun.  As we arrived we were told of a competition for the best picture on entry, where the winners would get to watch the film from a double bed, complete with duvet and food on call.

Holkham Hall outdoor cinema Top GunWe gave it our best shot!

The cinema experience was good.  Dan and I have been to several outdoor cinemas now though, and this was by far the most expensive.  £13.50 each!  I’m pretty sure that we only paid £6 for the last one we went to.

Whilst we were back, my Dad also decided to bake us a cake.  We’d not been back to Norfolk since February so he hasn’t baked in a while now and had trouble remembering the recipe.  He threw the recipe book at me for me to check his measurements as he was pouring them into the bowl.
Dad: “I’ve used 800g of self raising flour.”
Me: “The recipe calls for 400g.”
Dad: “OK, well we’ll just double everything then.”
Me: “OK, well the recipe calls for one egg.”
Dad: “I’ve put five in so I’ve already doubled that.”
Me: “Five eggs is not double of one!…Why are you putting a tablespoon of baking powder in?…the recipe doesn’t call for any at all!”
Dad: “OK, cocoa powder…you quite like chocolate, we’ll tip a lot of this in.” [Pours directly from tin into the bowl.]

Dad's cake experiment

Haha!  I was a little nervous about how it would turn out, but it was actually not too bad.  Dan and I both had a slice with us in our picnic at Holkham Hall anyway!

I’d better go and get showered and ready for our Manchester adventure now.
Any suggestions of places to visit in Manchester whilst we are there?
Are you a tip-it-in-and-hope baker?!

14 thoughts on “Moving stress

  1. I think whoever sent you those details at that time of night was taking the mickey, to be honest. That’s an insanely unfair request to make and you do seem to be constantly compensating for other people’s incompetence. You’re obviously a perfectionist and someone who doesn’t like to say ‘no,’ but it’s hard to read about the level of stress that others seem to put you under. What the Hell was the person who put those details together doing? You’re not a PA to the world and it’s unreasonable for you to pick things up where someone else has monumentally dropped the ball.

    Obviously you can’t help the moving issues, and again the attitude of most of humanity leaves me in a state of absolute despair. However, it is necessary to set some boundaries where you can in order to preserve some sense of sanity. It’s probably rich of me to say that because I’m on the opposite end of that spectrum, but people need to be forced to face their inadequacies and learn from their mistakes. That will never happen if they’re allowed to impose on driven people like you (I’m probably sensitive to this because my Mum has the same type of personality as you do and people in and outside of work took advantage of her to the point where she had a total mental and physical breakdown).

    Please take care! I’m glad you have running to counteract everything else, and I hope you enjoy your time in Manchester.
    Jess @ One Step Closer recently posted…Melmerby 10K ~ 45:35My Profile

    1. I think they were lacking in organisation this year. I could have put together the majority of the programme weeks earlier – with all of the events and timings – but there were still being changes made late into the night.
      I am a perfectionist and I do struggle to say no and it has been a real issue in the past. I’ve been having battles in my head over the past couple of months about whether or not I should stand down from a number of different things I do voluntarily but instead, I have decided to log the time I spend doing them each week for a while and go from there.
      Running is very much my escape from the world at the moment. Did your Mum ever run? I know you’ve said in the past that she does quite a lot of walking.

  2. Oh Mary, I really, really feel for you both…
    People (despite all the ‘talk’) really can be absolutely awful to deal with whilst moving, we had sold up and moved out THEN she pulled was heartbreaking but somehow, with real determination we got there with her. But hand on heart, it was the most stressful, upsetting experience I’ve ever gone through..
    It *will* be worth it..
    You can live in just one room..yes it is annoying, stressful and so on but it is possible on a temp basis…
    I can’t speak for all solicitors but some really don’t have too much sense of ‘urgency’ and just use your run’s to vent those emotions..
    It’s extremely annoying that they got this far without a fully approved mortgage? But some people just don’t have a sense of urgency. The lady we brought from booked her renewal van on the day of moving, left half a double garage/drive covered with rubbish and still had to return the next day for her PJ’s etc etc so very little surprises me in the way people operate.
    However I’m a tad obsessive and we made sure we had a mortgage agreed in principle etc before even looking so some of my views are tainted by the fact I’m a bit ‘funny’ like that.
    Anyway…Enjoy FF – I’m sure it’ll be a awesome concert and I’m so glad the chocolate cake turned out okay, good ole Dad! Sometimes I do just throw everything in and hope for the best…Ooooops! :)
    Katie G recently posted…Healthy Peanut Butter Protein DessertMy Profile

    1. It really is so stressful isn’t it?! I can see why it’s marked as the most stressful thing you will go through – even more so than having children and getting married!
      The thing is, their mortgage will be approved, they are just waiting for a pension document to be able to complete the paperwork. It’s so frustrating that this one piece of paper will make no difference to the outcome, but it’s put all of our plans out of sync. :(

  3. Oh what an absolute nightmare about the house!! Sorry it’s been so stressful. And your Estate Agent’s sound a bit clueless – I hope the boss reprimands the person you’re dealing with as leaving your in the lurch after they finished is not very helpful to you. I hope things work out for you and become a bit more smooth in the future. I’ve sadly got all this to come as I’m going to be moving out of my house into a flat (that I’ll buy). Joy!!
    And Dan’s baking sounds like my baking skills. I cannot help I’m sorry 😉
    Anna @AnnaTheApple recently posted…Simply Supplements reviewMy Profile

    1. I hope your move goes much smoother than ours has! Be ready to move back home perhaps for a few weeks as estate agents and potential buyers love a chainless property. I wish we lived a little closer to home at times like this.

  4. I totally sympathize with the moving issues, we had a whole summer of this last year- the other party held up the move for so long that we had to move out of our rented flat and were actually homeless for 6 weeks- luckily able to crash with my brother in his tiny flat with 3 roommates and making frequent trips back to Cardiff to stay with parents in between, living out of a suitcase for 6 weeks was pretty hideous. It was us doing all the chasing up all the time as well, and you just get sick of having to do that, thankfully it all went through and we are happy and settled in our home. I’m sure everything will work out for you guys.
    Lauren (@PoweredbyPB) recently posted…Don’t forget to look upMy Profile

    1. I don’t understand how it can be so complicated?! I feel like we’re constantly chasing telling them what they need to be doing next, even though we’re not really sure ourselves, having never been through the process quite like this before. Fingers crossed we don’t end up homeless. I’m not sure how you coped for six weeks! We may well be living out of boxes for six weeks now though before the Summer holidays begins. Fingers crossed it won’t take that long…

  5. Ha! I love your dad’s method of baking! I am a bit of a tipper, but slightly measured.

    I am sorry to hear about your house move. It sounds like a real pain – hope you’ve had some good news today! I have to admit, that is probably one of my concerns, as we’ve got a deadline to be out of our (rented) flat by. I hate the idea of having to sofa surf.

    Hope the Foo Fighters were amazing – very jealous that you got to see them!
    Steph recently posted…Off to a cracking startMy Profile

    1. Not good news unfortunately. :(
      It makes you realise how important and lovely friends and family can be though. We’ve had loads of offers of help with the move since I realised it would have to be done on a school day. Fingers crossed that your move goes smoothly.
      Foo Fighters were definitely amazing! If you ever get the chance to snap up some tickets, make sure you do!

  6. Hi Mary

    I’ve just found your blog. I’m just starting out running so I will read with interest. I’m also based close to you (I think, from your posts) in Northamptonshire and have spent most of half term checking out potential running routes. I’m starting at a running group next week so that should give me some experience.

    Good luck with your move. If I’d have found your blog earlier I could’ve recommended a great solicitor we used when we moved.


    1. Thanks for stopping by Caroline. :)
      I’ve got loads of running routes out this way if you’re ever short of ideas! I’m a couple of miles out from Wellingborough.
      May well pick your brains for solicitor advice on our next move! :) To be fair though, all of our paperwork and mortgage has gone through, it is just the other side that we are waiting for. Very frustrating though!

  7. Argh how stressful!
    I hope you get it sorted soon. I am in no hurry to move again, as even buying here (when we both moved out of our parents homes) was bad enough- it ended up being empty for a month because the solicitors for both sides were so slow, and it was basically chain free…..
    Love that style of baking. I am usually fairly accurate, but I have the add and weigh scales, so if I tip a bit too much flour in, I will add a bit of milk or something to make up for it- usually turns out OK! :)
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…Tail runningMy Profile

    1. I don’t understand why solicitors are so slow. All it is is admin, right?! They definitely get paid enough to push things through!

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