5 reasons I hate running in the heat

Tonight was an incredibly tough run.  I headed out with Group 4 at club with the aim of a nice easy out and back seven mile trail run.  Beforehand I’d spoken to Laura, whose turn it was to take the group and she had confirmed that we would be doing a mile run down to the river, then twenty minutes out at our own pace, turn and twenty minutes back along the river before regrouping and returning to our cars.  Running at our own speed sounded good to me with the ultra coming up this Sunday.

The heat tonight was very unexpected though.  I was sweating whilst stood inside the relatively cool building waiting for the run to begin so I didn’t hold out high hopes for an ‘easy’ run after that!

I hate running when it’s hot because…

…#1…I sweat like a pig.Post trail run fluffy hair

My t-shirt was absolutely dripping after tonight’s run and I’m prone to losing a lot of salt in my sweat – always a worry.  I’ve posted the picture of my blue-turned-white-through-sweat shorts on here numerous times to highlight how disgustingly sweaty I can get!  😛  The worst is when sweat starts dripping into your eyes and they begin to sting.  You know you’re working hard so will be reaping the benefits later, but covered in sweat and with blood-shot eyes you do have to question your sanity a little!

…#2…I no longer fancy food.  You know that feeling when it is super hot and you really are not feeling chocolate because all it does is stick to the roof of your mouth in the heat and you can’t swallow it down?  Well, imagine that with ALL the foods.  Not fun, especially when most of the training I do during the summer is long runs, where I need to be taking food on board all the way round a course.

Shires and Spires eating Calippos!(Despite the heat helping me to not fancy food, there is always room for an ice lolly at mile 20 of an ultra!)

…#3…I get the weirdest tan lines.

Burnt legsThis particular stripe came after Milton Keynes Marathon in 2013.  It was ridiculously hot that year and I hadn’t applied sun cream to the back of my legs.  You can vaguely see the line halfway down my calves where I had already worn 3/4 lengths a couple of times that season, and a few weeks later I wore some shorter shorts, adding an extra stripe to my already-zebrafied legs!

…#4…You pass lots of people sat outside enjoying a pint and a tasty meal in a beer garden.
Why can’t that be me?…!  There’s something satisfying about ordering a nice cold cider after a run, but it never feels as satisfying when you are sat there drinking it as when you’re feeling slobby and are dressed up to enjoy an evening at the pub.  I tend to stick to my post-run Malteser Krushems instead!

KFC Malteser Krushem

…#5…The flies are everywhere!
I can just about cope with them making their way into my mouth.  (I never realised I ran with my mouth open quite so much of the time though?!)  It’s when they start heading for my eyes that it stresses me out.  The majority of tonight’s run was fly-free, despite our run taking place alongside the river, but we did hit one patch which contained large swarms of flies.  I’ve taken to squinting my eyes now and hoping they don’t make their way in.  As a contact-wearer, a fly-in-the-eye ends up as a huge drama for me when the fly manages to work it’s way underneath my contact.  Seriously, how does this even happen?!  I once ran the 40 minutes it took to get home with a large black object blocking most of the view from my right eye!

I am looking forward to spending some of my non-running time out in the sun this Summer, but when I want to run I’d like the weather to be just a little cooler pretty please?…

Are you a sun-lover or a I’d-just-like-it-a-little-cooler-please person like me?

10 thoughts on “5 reasons I hate running in the heat

  1. The difference running on Monday evening and Wednesday evening this week was very marked and I only ran a couple of miles around the Embankment.

    I need to add sun protection cream to my list of equipment, it does add up doesn’t it?

  2. You’re preaching to the converted here! I’m definitely a ‘I’d-just-like-it-a-little-cooler-please’ person.

    I identify with everything you’ve highlighted here, although I don’t mind having less of an appetite. My problem is that I’m not hungry directly after a run, but once the temperatures cool down in the evening I’m starving and end up eating everything in sight, so I’ve just started having a set amount whether I’m hungry or not and it seems to prevent me from going nuts once the sun goes down.

    I sweat more than any woman should I think! I literally end up with sweat soaking through my clothes and running into my eyes as well, and it’s tough on several levels because we have to be so careful when it comes to dehydration and salt/electrolyte balance.

    Flies are the bane of my life. Getting them in my eyes makes me feel physically sick, and the only way to avoid them here is to drag myself out at five in the morning. Sometimes I manage it, sometimes I don’t!

    I still have it easy up here though, as the temperatures are nothing compared to the heatwaves you get in the South.
    Jess @ One Step Closer recently posted…Review: Body Pump 93, Body Combat 63 and Body Attack 88My Profile

    1. I definitely thought of you as I wrote this post Jess!
      I am not a 5am run kind of person – not on a working week anyway. I would love it if I could leave a little later for work and get up first thing knowing that I would have time to shower, eat breakfast and everything else that is part of my morning routine but unfortunately it’s not going to happen in my current job as I have to be out of the door by 6:20am. It is much cooler in the mornings than the evenings though so there’s a good chance I shall switch to early morning running over the Summer this year.

  3. I ran last night so I am literally nodding to everything you just said (apart from the food thing, I ate like straight after running as it was 8.30pm and I was FAMISHED.
    And it’s funny you mention the fly thing as I had a conversation with a guy last night about my fear of getting a fly in my eye because of my contacts. I did manage to get a small fly in my mouth last night though YUCK.
    I do enjoy running in the sunlight though so I’m happy to be a bit hot. I just hope my marathon isn’t baking!! But it’s “up North” so it could be snowing, who knows 😉
    Anna @AnnaTheApple recently posted…Portlebay PopcornMy Profile

  4. I hate getting flies in my mouth- I always imagine them flying right off a pile of dog poo and straight into my mouth. Yuck!
    I like it a bit cooler too- this week has been OK but I have only run 3 miles at a time, so not a chance to get really hot. I get such a red face, and such a salty face, although often it is in the shower at home that the salt really gets in my eyes (and then I can’t find the shampoo in the shower because I can’t see!). I don’t like freezing cold as I worry about slipping on ice, but early spring or autumn are the best for me I think.
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…Back to a routineMy Profile

    1. OK, now I can no longer tolerate the thought of flies heading into my mouth. Disgusting!
      I hate it when you can feel the grit of the salt on your face and neck after a run. That’s when you know it’s time to leave a stack of baby wipes in the car!

    1. Autumn and Winter are my favourite times to run, although I’m looking forward to fitting some easy runs in this Summer where the pace doesn’t matter and I can enjoy being outside.

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