Six Snippets Saturday

It was really draining trying to write three race recaps back-to-back last week.  Probably actually more draining blogging about them than it was running them!  I haven’t felt very inspired to blog much else this week but in fact, lots of stuff has happened just lately.  Summer is coming (three weeks and three days away to be exact) and I’m hoping to improve my time management schedule – some sort of routine for both the blog and life – as once again, life has been all over the place just lately!

Anyway, here are six snippets from my week…

#1.  Colworth Marathon Times.  On Thursday evening I got into a discussion with a couple of other runners from my running club about the Colworth Marathon weekend.  It seems to be the general consensus that the cumulative time achieved by runners at Colworth over the three days (5miles, 8.1miles and 13.1miles) is roughly what they should be achieving in an actual road marathon.  Although the Colworth ‘marathon’ is run over the three days of the weekend and your body has time to recover slightly before attempting the next distance the following day, the courses are challenging, with plenty of hills and technical, rutted ground in places so the difficulty of the event almost cancels out the fact that it is run over three days.
This made me quite happy.  4:37:49 was my collective time for the weekend challenge, a long way under my current marathon time of 5:00:28.  Obviously, the Colworth Marathon Challenge does not count as an actual marathon time as it was run over three days but it gives me an aim to work towards for my next marathon – Mablethorpe in October.

#2.  My Mother-In-Law has lost more than 30lbs so far with a combination of Weight Watchers, C25k and using her FitBit.  I’m super proud of her for sticking at it and she has really noticeably lost the weight over the past couple of months.  She has mentioned hoping to go for a run at some point with Dan and I and I intend on holding her to that!  She has actually lost 33.5lbs in total now since the Spring.

Weight Watches 30lb loss

#3.  House move progress?  On Friday we had a phone call from our estate agents to say that the mortgage had finally been approved for the woman that is buying our house and that we should get in touch with our solicitors to find out more.  Our solicitors didn’t know anything about this yet, as the other set of solicitors hadn’t contacted them directly.  I feel like I’ve been quite pushy with the whole house moving thing – I often ring several times a week to check on progress, but it hasn’t seemed to get us anywhere!  As I left it on Friday afternoon, our solicitors were going to get in touch with our buyer’s solicitors and suggest a date for completion.  I suggested the 23rd July as it is three weeks away (hopefully giving them plenty of time to organise the exchange!) and the first day of my Summer holiday, so hopefully preventing a melt-down from me as it won’t involve moving one night after work.  Dan would happily have signed up to move on Monday if they would let us.  He seems to be oblivious to the amount of work that is required on the actual move day itself!House sold sign

#4.  Running on my own.  A couple of times this week I have headed out on an easy run on my own and really enjoyed it.  I run with others so often that sometimes I forget how nice it is just to head out with my own thoughts and come up with my own route for a run.  I’m still feeling strong (touch wood that this continues!) and was hopeful for a 10k PB at Milton Keynes on Tuesday night.  Obviously it goes without saying that as I am aiming for a PB the weather begins to heat up…

Milton Keynes 10k weatherAt the moment, the temperature is showing as only dropping to 21 degrees by 10pm that evening.  I think I need to wipe all thoughts of a good race from my head immediately.  I don’t hold out much hope of it going well if the weather is as hot and muggy as it appears it is going to be.

#5.  Places were released for the EnduranceLife Gower events this week.  A shout out was made on our club Facebook page and we already have more than twenty members with their names down for one of the cottages we rented out last year.  I had such a good time last year that my name was one of the first back on the list for 2015!  We’ve worked out that the three cottages will probably sleep about 30 people between them at a push (with a few runners crashing on the floor/sofa).  Quite a few runners are bringing partners again this year, but Dan was perfectly happy to let me go on my own and had no intentions of even entering the 10k event to keep him occupied whilst I was out running the marathon again.  He’ll probably spend the weekend at home playing football, watching football and choosing food I would never cook!

Gower marathon crew

#6.  Co-op £10 meals are a life saver.  The majority of our kitchen items are packed away in boxes and have been for several weeks.  It seems a long while ago now that I planned out the last of our food into meals for the week so that we could make sure we had eaten it all before we moved back in May.  Back before the estate agents decided that May 29th would no longer be our moving date…!
Washing up is now done on a nightly basis, sometimes twice a day as we only have two sets of everything left in the cupboards.  Lots of kitchen items we didn’t think we would be using again (such as scales and roasting dishes) have been packed and so I have gone from enjoying planning and cooking our meal each night to desperately working out what is the least effort and requires the least amount of utensils/space in our now tiny living space that is filled with boxes.

We’re not big takeaway people, but a couple of times over the last couple of weeks on nights we haven’t fancied turning around and washing up, using every remaining pot and pan in the kitchen and then clearing space for us to eat we have turned to our local Co-op.

We live in a very small town, but we do have a Co-op within walking distance.  Co-op have been running a £10 meal-for-two deal for a little while now which includes a main dish, a side, a dessert and a bottle of wine.  (Non-alcoholic drinks are also available but I find, if it has been one of those days, then often the wine is what is calling!)  There are usually about three or four varieties of each course to choose from.

This week we went for chicken coated in cheese with crispy sliced potatoes, carrots, green beans, chocolate melt-in-the-middle puddings and a bottle of rosé.Chicken, green beans, potatoes and carrots from the Co-op £10 meal deal

I do enjoy cooking most of the time, but sometimes it’s nice to have something completely different and be told exactly what to put in the oven and when.  I am hoping to try out Hello Fresh as recommended by Anna when we finally move, although I’m a bit wary about doing so yet, in case we need any utensils or more than two plates for the meals!

So, that is my week, summed up into six bullet points!  Work has been rather busy just lately with term winding down and all assessments needing to be marked.  I am so looking forward to the Summer and filling my days with non-school related things.  My weekend this week has been/is in the process of being just as jam packed as the week was and much more fun so I shall recap it in another post.

Do you get many takeaways/meal deals?
Tell me a PB success story from a hot day.

12 thoughts on “Six Snippets Saturday

  1. I am utterly terrible at entering races but I love that concept of a race each day with a gradual distance increase. Your collective time is awesome, esp as you have to keep ‘waking up’ your legs/mind on a daily basis & I know I would start strong & then have a massive decline…
    Sad news re:the house, I have no comprehension why someone would be so slack with a mortgage? But people are very testing & I found writing a furious letter (that I would never send) to the Estate Agent really helped!
    Ahhhh making food with limitations, those meals would have been a life saver. We had 6weeks on evening meals sitting on camping chairs, no fridge (apart from the one at my office where I’d store produce daily) & v limited facilities.. & I went crazy & he lost a stone..that sounds like I starved him (I didn’t!).
    Anyway, it’ll all come good & it sounds like you will smash your marathon later on this year :)

    1. Not too far from you…one to enter next year?… :)
      We have FINALLY got our date confirmed this morning! Woop woop! Starting to feel real again finally. I love your idea of writing out a furious letter without sending it. Glad it made you feel better. It seems that moving house is easy for nobody. :(
      You’ll have to let me know any quick, easy and utensil-limited recipes I can try before we move!

  2. I’m afraid the hot weather saps all of my strength when it comes to running! The last time I ran a PB in those conditions was in 2009 during an August 10K. I didn’t feel the heat as badly as I do now, but I was working so hard that sweat was literally flying off me. I don’t think I’ve ever been able to put as much effort into a race since, but that’s 100% down to injuries and not due to the weather.

    Don’t underestimate yourself! Just make sure you hydrate well and you never know what could happen – a PB may well still be within your reach :)
    Jess @ One Step Closer recently posted…Questioning My (Running) Decisions?My Profile

    1. I feel absolutely drained and disgusting when running outside at the moment. I was due to run yesterday morning before work, but it was so humid outside I gave up on that idea and went on a walk instead.
      I listened to you…hydrated well beforehand, stuck to my guns and got that PB! :) Although I’m anxious to find out what I could do on a cool day… Hmmmm….might have to find another 10k at some point soon…!

  3. I think that sort of time is within your reach for sure- you need the weather to be on your side though. Like you say, trail races are much tougher so the recovery time needed will cancel out the easier terrain.
    With your moving, surely you get a moving day? In this county anyway, teachers get a (paid) day out to move house (and most schools, if you move in a holiday, would let you have the moving day before, to pack, or after, to unpack) because generally you would not move on a weekend so you would need time in the day to do it. Might be worth checking? Pinning your hopes on one day in the holidays is a bit tough when you have a chain, even a mini chain, to co-ordinate, and being made to move after work is pretty ridiculous really, especially as some teachers would not have partners so would be needing to go to collect keys etc.
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…Tropical fruity flapjacksMy Profile

    1. Thanks Maria. The problem is I have already used my moving day. We were due to move on the Friday of half term, so I took the last Friday before the holidays off to finish packing and filling in paperwork. We weren’t then told until the Wednesday of the holidays (just two days before moving due day) that our move would no longer be happening. So I have already used up my moving day allowance. We’re pushing for July 23rd (first day of the holidays) for the moving day but we had a phone call this morning from our buyer’s solicitors to establish if we would be willing to move on the 10th instead. (Next Friday). I don’t actually have any classes next Friday, as I would normally teach all year 10s but they are out on work experience that week. I’m just waiting to see what could work out best, and if I could perhaps join Dan at lunchtime to move in the afternoon instead. Fingers crossed it all works out!

    1. We are really looking forward to moving now and having a fresh start where everything has it’s own place in the house. And I can’t wait to unpack everything! I only kept limited Summer clothes out as we were due to move in May originally, and now we’re in the middle of a heatwave!

  4. That’s so cool about your marathon time. I reckon you can really chip down your time if everything goes to plan. Have faith! (Says the girl who second guesses herself for every single race she does…).
    Yeah I would wait for Hello Fresh because some meals have needed more than one saucepan and bowls and things!
    And well done to your mum – fantastic! I wish my parents would be more healthy and active towards losing weight. I try so hard with my dad but it ends up to be a bit of nagging which is a bit useless and annoying for both of us. I can’t even talk to my mum about her weight (she’s not massively overweight at all but health wise she probably could eat better).
    Anna @AnnaTheApple recently posted…A sunny blogger meet-upMy Profile

    1. That’s a shame about your Dad. You need people to want to change their lifestyle for themselves. Otherwise, like you say, it becomes a nagging experience and their heart won’t be in it – meaning they’re likely to revert back to their old ways sooner.

    1. I had intended on running on the Wednesday as well but when I woke up on top of the covers and already boiling I decided to give it a miss!

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