The amount of sugar I eat in a day #2

When I first started blogging I really concentrated on looking at the types of food I was choosing and used my then daily blog posts to help keep me accountable for the food I was eating – with the idea that it would hopefully help me to make the correct choices on a more regular basis.  I feel I eat reasonably healthily the majority of the time although I still like a few treats now and again.  (Who doesn’t?!)

In 2013 I tracked how much sugar I consumed in a day and following an appointment with the dentist a couple of weeks ago, where he told me I had a sweet tooth – damaging the condition of my teeth by eating too many sugary things I decided to track my sugar consumption once again.  I chose to track my food on Monday earlier this week and these were my findings…
Porridge with kiwi fruit

(A re-used picture but lately my weekday breakfast looks pretty much the same every single day!)
BREAKFAST: porridge (8g sugar) with kiwi (8g sugar) on top and cooked with milk (5g sugar).  I used to also add a spoonful of granulated sugar to the top of my porridge but have stopped doing this since I visited the dentist the other week.

TOTAL: 21g sugar


SNACK: 2x tangerines. (18g sugar)

TOTAL: 18g sugar

Mexican burrito saladLUNCH: Since enjoying the best salad from Whole Foods last weekend I’ve recreated this salad ever since!  This pot contains a portion of rice (0g sugar), some cherry tomatoes (3g sugar), a carrot (6g sugar), half a yellow pepper (0g sugar), some rocket leaves (0g sugar), a few small chunks of cheese (0g sugar), and a dollop each of sour cream (0g sugar), salsa (3g sugar) and guacamole (1g sugar).  Delicious!

TOTAL: 13g sugarBP Pizza express vouchers

DINNER:  Dan and I have been collecting the BP Petrol vouchers for Pizza Express.  As well as the BP vouchers, we also had some 30% off vouchers from a previous visit.  Looks like there are a lot of Pizza Express visits coming up this Summer!Pizza Express garlic dough balls

STARTER: Garlic dough balls which we split.  I had the smaller four on the plate. (0.5g sugar)
Pizza Express Bosco saladMAIN: The Bosco salad; (7g sugar)

TOTAL: 7.5g sugar

Total sugar for the day: 59.5g sugar

sugar intake

Findings: This time round I used the MyFitnessPal app to record foods and establish their sugar content.  I think there was a bit of variation in the numbers given for grams of sugar in each part of my meals compared to when I recorded the information last time using the Tesco website.
As last time, I found it difficult to find a guide telling me how much sugar I should be consuming on a daily basis.  My MyFitnessPal account seems to think I should be consuming 92 grams of sugar though, and I was recorded as having eaten much less than this amount over the course of the day.  I’m glad I have removed the sugar from my porridge in the mornings, and I’ve found that I don’t really miss it at all.  The kiwi is sweet enough to flavour the porridge and I think I would be more likely to miss the fresh fruit than the topping of sugar.  I was surprised that the porridge itself seemed to have such a high sugar content count at 8g for my portion size.

What now?  Although I don’t think I consume excessive amounts of sugar I am clearly doing something which my teeth are not agreeing with.  I tend to eat more salads than fruit, but I do enjoy my fruit, especially at this time of year when it is so hot outside.  I have toyed with the idea of a more plant-based diet over recent weeks.  At times, I do eat more processed foods than I would like, and this does up the sugar content of my meals.  I would (and could!) never go entirely plant based but when the Summer holidays begin (and I get my new kitchen!) I shall have a little more time to experiment with some different meals.

Have you ever tracked your sugar intake?
Do you use MyFitnessPal?

10 thoughts on “The amount of sugar I eat in a day #2

    1. It is interesting to look at and didn’t take long to tot up at all. I have changed my habits a lot since the last time I looked at what was in the food I was eating.

    1. Oh I could eat all the Nakd bars! I usually save them for running with now to keep them as a treat. I think I run for Nakd bars! 😛

  1. I would say your diet is well balanced and hardly contains *that* much fruit. I eat three apples, a banana and berries every day…I used to eat A LOT more apples but cut down (oh the addict that I am!) Can this really be the cause for your teeth issues?? I’ve seen much worse diets!
    I would hate to track my sugar consumption as I’m pretty sure I eat a lot…not necessarily processed sweet things, but lots of sweet salad items and fruit. I just naturally gravitate to sweeter things…
    Anna @AnnaTheApple recently posted…Sweaty long runs and Running HeroesMy Profile

    1. I definitely don’t eat as much fruit as you! I would normally throw in an afternoon fresh fruity snack as well, especially at this time of year when it’s hot out (this takes me up to four portions of fruit each day) but have cut the afternoon snack since visiting the dentist. I am going to have a proper chat with him when I visit for my fillings on Thursday and am also going to look at the amount of sugar I consume during a long distance race, as this is much worse. :( I’m kind of dreading the findings for that, – now that I have nutrition that works for me and keeps me fuelled for the race, I’m a bit unsure about changing it. :S

  2. I eat a lot of sugar, but its all natural stuff- fruit/smoothies with fruit/dried fruit, I don’t tend to eat much processed or refined stuff-probably just snack bars really and they are usually dried fruit. Do you use instant oats- those sachets seem to have a high amount of sugar in them, overall though I would say your sugar intake is pretty low, and I can’t see that it is that that is causing the issue.
    Lauren (@PoweredbyPB) recently posted…Race to the Stones 2015My Profile

    1. I used instant oats purely for ease during moving week, but I don’t really like the taste of them as I find them too sweet. I tend to bulk buy large bags of oats to make up my porridge in the morning.

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