What I’m loving right now

My Summer holidays are already four days in and right now I am loving…

…being able to mix and match my salads at lunch.

Pesto, ham, mozzarella and tomato salad

On Friday our new fridge freezer arrived and it has been amazing being able to have fresh fruit and dairy once more.  I was getting fed up of daily visits to the shop for milk and there was one evening last week where all I really craved was a cheese salad sandwich but I had to make do with butterless toast instead.  A poor substitute!

Salad items in the fridgeI’ve been having my fill of fresh fruit and vegetables ever since.

…having the internet back!

You don’t realise just how much you rely on the internet until you don’t have it any more.  For me it wasn’t just about entertainment (blogs/social media/netflix…) but also vital admin house things like transferring money or finding the phone number for our solicitor.

I’ve had the internet back for all of a couple of hours so far and have already caught up with so much during that time.  My recent daily ritual has been to either fill my laptop bag with all my fully-charged electronic devices and take the fifteen minute walk to McDonalds, where I would sit in the corner of the restaurant and nurse a milkshake until my laptop battery ran out.  Or I would sit out on the grass a little way in front of our row of houses where there was a BT WiFi hotspot.  (Not preferable when wet though!)

A friend sent me this earlier today and this was totally me last week!  Haha!

McDonalds free wifi image

…being able to run during the day and not having to schedule my run in at a precise time when our (now joint) car was free and when I wasn’t rushing off elsewhere.  I ran Thursday at club as I normally would have done in the evening, but on Friday it was during the middle of the morning and again yesterday.  There’s something nice about not having to rush out to get somewhere for a certain time and not being on a time limit for when you must return.

…having a project to work towards.

Peeling off the bright red wallpaper in the new houseAs I mentioned the other day, most of the rooms in our house are either bright red, yellow or orange.  Some are even a mixture of all three colours!  Red, orange and yellow are not really the colours we would have chosen for our house and it could really do with a freshen up – lots of the layout of the house needs adapting, both the kitchen and bathroom will need redoing completely and we have a long-term plan to extend into the garage as well.  Upstairs in the bedrooms the main issue is simply the colours or peeling wallpaper, so we are tackling this first of all and whenever I’ve had a spare half hour (or seven!) this week I’ve been stripping wallpaper or pulling away dado rails.

Peeling off the bright red wallpaper in the new houseOf the four bedrooms one of them now has the majority of the wallpaper removed and another has had a first coat of paint applied.  We’re getting there slowly but I like that again there is no rush but that I can complete it a little bit at a time.

…snuggles with my Bella cat.

Bella cat is all snuggly

Bella has been super snuggly since we moved and I only have to sit or lay down for a second and she has jumped up onto my lap or my back for a cuddle.

Bella snuggle asleep…she’s pretty cute though!


Chocolate anniversary cakeMy Mother-in-law made Dan and I a cake for our upcoming anniversary which she brought round on Sunday afternoon and I’ve enjoyed a little slice each day since!

Chocolate anniversary cakeWhat are you loving lately?
Is your house filled with bright colours or have you stuck to more neutral tones?

8 thoughts on “What I’m loving right now

  1. Well I’m certainly loving the look of that cake!! Usually I’m not a chocolate cake fan but that looks really good. I think it’s the icing – it looks all soft and creamy.
    I’m terrible at DIY or anything decorating-wise. Luckily my flat is fairly new and doesn’t need anything doing to it…And I much prefer neutral tones which thankfully it has! Sounds like you’re enjoying your project though! I have friends who have a house that literally needs everything doing to it and they love it. It would stress me out though!
    I’m loving Alfie’s hair cut. I honestly can’t stop telling him how cute he looks and cuddling him. It’s like he’s half the size he used to be. And he absorbs less rain!!
    Anna @AnnaTheApple recently posted…GoalsMy Profile

    1. I am not a massive fan of fondant so my Mother-In-Law made up some chocolate ganache instead. It has meant that the cake has needed to stay in the fridge, but it tasted so much nicer. It’s nearly all gone now between Dan and I!
      I think I would feel more stressed out about the DIY if we didn’t have the extra space, but it has been nice to work a few hours on one room then pick up my laptop and go and work in a different room, shutting the door on the mess!
      Alfie literally looks like a different dog with his hair cut! Fab that he absorbs less rain too! Haha! 😀

  2. Hooray for the internet! We lost it a few years ago at Christmas and it was so frustrating not to be able to do things like check work emails, or like you say, online banking and things.
    I love the summer holidays for the lack of time pressure- it’s so nice to just be able to go out when I want, and not have to squeeze things in before or after work.
    Hmm, red and yellow walls, sounds interesting! When we bought our house the previous owners had only decorated the bathroom (bright blue), all the other rooms were the magnolia of when it was first build. We have gradually decorated all the rooms, and generally stuck to neutral tones- a sort of grey for the office, stone for the bathroom, and “almond white” (not sure why I remember the name) for the living room. I much prefer to have that, and then have colourful cushions and things like that to brighten things up, plus they are easier to change if you fancy something different.
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…Ginger orange tightsMy Profile

    1. In our last house we painted all rooms in magnolia as the house was always going to go up for sale at some point, and we wanted to keep things fairly neutral to not put off any potential buyers. We have a similar plan for our house as you by the sound of it. We want to decorate and use a bit of colour this time to differentiate the rooms but still stick to quite calm colours. Like you say, it’s much easier to change the accessories in a room than it is to faff around with a paintbrush each time you want to jazz things up a bit!

  3. Always Mcdonalds for free wifi.

    Our house was rather bold (garish) when we moved in. Lots of highly patterned feature walls with bright reds, greens or purples on the other. Not necessarily well matched either. We painted everything a shade of white called winter white, it has a greyish undertone, and had grey carpets fitted. It’s very neutral and calming. I’ve just accessorised with colour and added as I’ve seen things I like.

  4. Oh good god, I’m always baffled when people decorate their house like that! We went to one viewing with a red kitchen and it was absolutely vile. We’ve decorated our house very neutrally, all is white or creme, and I’m really pleased with it. I think we didn’t have a fridge/freezer for 6-8 weeks when we first moved in- it was certainly interesting, you have to get creative ha!
    Lauren (@PoweredbyPB) recently posted…How to:Make Your Own Energy BallsMy Profile

    1. Yep, red and yellow kitchen right here! Luckily the whole thing needs redoing so we plan on ripping it out and starting from scratch but I did wonder what they were thinking!

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