Going off food!

Food just hasn’t appealed to me in a while.  This is Summer, I’ve been on holiday from work for the past month and have had plenty of time to experiment in the kitchen but the last thing I’ve wanted to do each day is eat or spend time playing with food.

Evening meals have been a last minute whatever-is-in-the-freezer attempt unless we have been going out to dinner, which we have done a few times over the holiday.

Dan threw together these veggie burgers for me the evening after completing the Grim 70.  I much prefer my flavourful veggie burgers topped with fresh salad to his boring, bland beefburgers.  They really filled me up but at the same time I would have been fine without.  I only really ate because I knew I should be eating.

Veggie burgers in a bapFor our anniversary, I ordered the same burger I always order from The Holly Bush Inn in Staffordshire, but I left some of the meal on the side.  It was still delicious and filled with flavour just like a pub burger should be, I just wasn’t feeling the food love that day.
Burger from The Holly Bush Inn in SaltI did enjoy my Prima Vera salad from Pizza Express when we used up the last of our BP vouchers earlier in the month.  I’ve come to realise that there are some places you can’t order a salad from as it ends up being a few soggy, questionable-coloured, limp leaves on a plate.  At those restaurants I actively avoid the salad selection.  Pizza Express really know how to do a good salad though, and I’ve been working my way through their salad selection using our vouchers over the past few months.
Pizza Express salad - Prima VeraIt’s been a long while since I have had a caesar salad out at a restaurant.  I think perhaps I overdosed on them in my early twenties when they were the only ‘healthy’ option available at restaurants.  I didn’t mind this one from TGI Fridays when we headed to Milton Keynes for Dan’s indoor skydive last week but was glad that Dan’s dish contained tomatoes so that I could steal them for a bit of variety.  It’s been a long while, but I always thought that caesar salad contained tomatoes too?  Am I wrong?!Caesar Salad from TGI Fridays

The first meal I felt that I really enjoyed since running Grim was last weekend when we visited Fakenham Garden Centre for a meal for my Dad’s birthday.  It was just a simple cheese and bacon stuffed potato with side salad, but I cleared my plate feeling happy and satisfied.
Stuffed jackets with side salad

Last night we went out to a jazz restaurant in Olney called Cafe Brio for something different and for Dan to have something to look forward to after his first day back at work after a fortnight off(!)  We ordered our meals and as our mains arrived, Neal Astbury started up singing some Michael Buble hits.  He really was very good and it made a nice change to have entertainment over dinner.

I went for the Chevre pizza which consisted of; Goats cheese, sundried tomato, mozzarella, roast peppers and tomato sauce.Chevre pizza at Cafe Brio, Olney

The dough of the pizza was delicious – I like my pizza bases to be nice and soft and this was definitely that!  I dipped the crusts in a large ball of garlic butter that we had on our table, and this topped the flavours off perfectly!

Because we wanted to stay a little longer we also ordered dessert.  I went for the Chocolate Fudge Cake with icecream.  To me, fudge cake has to be eaten warm, so I asked for it to be heated up, only our waitress forgot.  I didn’t want to return it as the icecream had already been added to the dish.  It wasn’t quite the same served cold, although I did still scrape the plate.Chocolate fudge cake at Cafe Brio, OlneyI think I am more of a Winter-eater than a Summer one.  I love roasted vegetables and warm soups with crusty bread.  Homemade comfort food served in a big pot and dished out from the middle of the table.  Although I love salads, at home they take a lot of preparation, and with Dan not liking a single salad ingredient it can be rather faffy having to prepare a salad for just me.  I do have several tomatoes growing on my plants outside now though, so am looking forward to adding a few to upcoming meals and perhaps making some homemade tomato soup to store in the freezer over Winter.

Running does suppress my appetite as well.  I find that I have to really ensure that I am eating enough in the evening after a run as my body just craves nice cold milk.  (That, I could drink all day!)

My appetite has started to reappear this week but I am hoping I will also feel the desire to experiment in the kitchen again soon as well.  I have enjoyed cooking and trying new recipes in previous years and this is probably the longest I have gone without really feeling the love.

I am planning on signing up to Hello Fresh to try and give things a kickstart.  I was going to today, although their meals for next week don’t really appeal to me as much as some of the ones I have seen them advertise so I’m going to see what pops up for the following week before committing.  (Anna wrote a great post a while back reviewing Hello Fresh if you are unsure what it is all about.)  I’m hoping it will sharpen up my cooking skills and give me some new ideas for dishes to experiment with.

Have you tried Hello Fresh?
Chocolate fudge cake: hot or cold?
Do you find running suppresses your appetite or that you ever just ‘go off’ food?
Should Caesar salad come with tomatoes?

10 thoughts on “Going off food!

  1. Ahhh Caesar salads are my favourite. For me the perfect Caesar salad contains: chicken, croutons, anchovies, shaved parmesan and a creamy dressing. Good add-ins that I’ve had are: flaked salmon and prawns. Not sure about the tomatos though. To be honest, any salad item is welcome in my opinion!
    Sorry to hear you’ve been off your food a bit. I really struggle after long runs. I find it hard to get hungry. But like you said, it’s important to eat even if you don’t fancy it.
    I’d have been SO annoyed about the fudge cake. You’re 100% right – it needs heating. Why on earth would it not be!? Silly waitress. But I see your dilemma with sending it back…#awkward.
    I’m still going strong with Hello Fresh (almost at “Head Chef” now – you get ranks depending on how many boxes you’ve had). I still love it! It just takes the stress out of that “what shall I have to eat tonight” dilemma and I know I get a proper nutritionally balanced meal out of it. Winning!
    Anna @AnnaTheApple recently posted…Batgirl, long runs and pulled porkMy Profile

    1. Prawns seems a bit of a random add-in for a Caesar salad! I’d have it though! 😛 Glad you’re with me on the cake as well. Can’t believe they serve it cold to anyone! Haha!
      I like that you get rankings on the number of boxes you have had from Hello Fresh. That is very cool! I’m hoping to get some boxes for the week after next when I am back at school and won’t want to do a lot of meal thinking. Then hopefully it will inspire me to become a bit more creative in the kitchen again ready for the Winter.

  2. I’ve never known a caesar salad to contain tomatoes I’m afraid!
    I find it’s heat rather than running that suppresses my appetite, or being busy.
    As for fudge cake, if it’s very dense then warm is better but if it’s lighter (I’ve known a lot of more cake-y fudge cakes) then cold is good. My dessert dilemma is that I LOVE sticky toffee pudding but so many places get it wrong and I’m left disappointed. Must not be dry, must have sauce, be warm and come with lashings of custard.
    Vikki recently posted…Fitness in the Workplace : Wellness IncentivesMy Profile

    1. Nobody has agreed on the tomatoes with me…maybe I just imagined them in the past! Or am just so used to taking Dan’s from his plate that I thought they were part of my dish?…!
      Totally agree with heat suppressing appetite as well. I struggle to eat when we go abroad.
      I’m not a sticky toffee pudding fan, but I totally understand your dilemma. If you’re used to something being served a certain way, it definitely feels wrong when it is not!

  3. Don’t know about the salad I am afraid- all I know is that it isn’t vegetarian as it has fish and parmesan.
    That’s a shame about going off food a bit- I must admit that if Andy didn’t cook for us in the evenings, I would revert to very boring foods indeed, like beans on toast! If he is out, I always have grand plans of making something fancy, and then I get distracted with work, and it gets later and later, and I end up having toast as that is quick to make. Not good!
    Andy’s brother has Hello Fresh, and we had a card for £25 off (which should have rung alarm bells)- when I looked at the cost I was rather shocked! Perhaps the meat containing ones are a bit better value, but they just seemed so expensive.
    And yes, the cake should have been served warm! No question!
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…Hawaii runningMy Profile

    1. Your life with food sounds similar to mine. I cook for Dan and I and then when he is out in an evening I have grand plans, but like you get distracted and end up with beans on toast or snacking instead.
      Hello Fresh is expensive, but it would probably work out much more for me to buy all of the pots of ingredients separately. I’m not sure how long I plan on ordering boxes for, but it won’t be forever due to the cost.

  4. I’m struggling with inspiration in the kitchen lately mostly due to lack of time and energy thanks to the puppy. Running usually makes me crazy hungry- runger- although race to the stones killed my appetite for weeks, which I found completely bizarre and also massively disappointing!
    Lauren (@PoweredbyPB) recently posted…Running right now.My Profile

    1. I think the further you go, the more your appetite disappears! I think perhaps due to the fact that you are constantly snacking on ultra races and you don’t want to have to snack more just because you need the energy?! (Not sure if that even made sense!)

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