I will run 500 miles

Over the Christmas holidays I received an email from Strava to say that two of my pairs of running trainers had reached the 500 mile guideline for miles that I should run in them.500 miles in your trainers warning from Strava

I do track my runs pretty religiously on Strava as I think it is a great tool.  I also still use Garmin Connect, as I think the times and paces displayed there are closer to what I am actually running.  For some reason, Strava always assumes that I want just the time I am running to be calculated, not any time spent walking, moving slowly or any rests at aid stations in a race.  All of which frequently happen as a trail/ultra runner.  Strava appears to be much better with the social side of running and it is easy to follow, like and runs my friends make.  Strava shows up whether or not any of my runs have been with other Strava users, and on the fly-by part of the site it also displays whether or not any other runners ran close by whilst I was out on my run.  Whether I saw them or not!  This makes for finding out some great new routes in my area!  I also think the shoe miles which you are able to log for each run is a great feature to have.Shoe mileage on Strava

Unfortunately, both pairs of running trainers I purchased/had bought for me this time last year have topped the mileage I’m supposed to safely run in them without incurring injury.Nimbus 16s after 500 milesYou can really see in that photo just how much the tread has worn town across the ball of my foot.

Fortunately, this, combined with the birthday money I was given specifically to put towards new running trainers back in October, meant that I had a great excuse to buy some new shoes over Christmas.Brand new Asics Nimbus 16sJust look at how super shiny they are in comparison.  And how much tread is on the bottom of those shoes.  I am always very wary about overusing my shoes and ending up injured.  When I first put my new pair on last Winter, I can remember them making my feet feel so springy out on a run.  Not so much after 544 miles though!  At least, if I am getting through my trainers at round-a-bout the same time each year, it means I will always be able to stick them on my Christmas list!  😉

My new trainers are the exact same model of shoe, in the exact same size.  (If something works, why change it?!)  The Asics Nimbus 16s.  I don’t understand how my old shoes appear so much smaller though?…Any suggestions?!  Did they shrink to fit my feet?  I do wear massive flipper-feet-sized shoes.  *cough* size 10.5 *cough*

Brand new Asics Nimbus 16sI like to have a couple of pairs of trainers which I can rotate, especially during the wet Winter months.  There have been a few days I’ve had to head back out on a run in still-soggy trainers, even when I’m rotating two pairs, and that is never nice!

I’m less strict about sticking to the 500 mile guideline when it comes to trail shoes, as I think often it is the impact of the tarmac surface which causes trainers to wear down quite as quickly as they do.  I shall continue to rotate my two current pairs of trail shoes for a little longer, even though the trail shoe sale at Sportsshoes has been calling me just lately…

I shall relegate my old Nimbus 16s for gym/cross-trainer work.  No longer fit for running on the road.

How often do you buy new running shoes?
How many pairs do you own?

14 thoughts on “I will run 500 miles

  1. Wow that size difference is crazy! If anything I would think the old pair would stretch out, not shrink.
    I like the reminder on Strava too, although I have now done 500 miles in my road shoes, and although I have a pair ready (as I got the sweatshop prize at parkrun) I don’t want to start using them just yet. I have new trail shoes as the old ones were a bit big, and were uncomfortable and giving me blisters on routes over 3 miles. I really should get rid of my old trail shoes (the ones before the ones that were too big) but I keep thinking I might need them for gardening or something.
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  2. I have about five shoes on the go at the moment (not including trail). I’d like to say it was due to be really savvy and cycling my trainers like you’re apparently supposed to but it’s more to do with “which ones aren’t wet to put on”. I also have ones I used specifically for shorter, sharper distances. But y trusty Mizunos that I tend to gravitate to the most with my longer runs are starting to get old. I’m always weary of going right until 500 miles but more 300 miles because I’m so injury sensitive. But maybe I’ll try and hang on in there for a bit longer…
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    1. I’m completely with you when it comes to testing out how wet trainers are to base which ones I’m going to wear for that run! I think I need about 3-4 pairs of trail shoes just to always run with dry feet!

  3. I had to change my shoes so many times last year, I think I must have gone through at least 3/4 pairs, I found my Asics Kayano’s were only lasting about 350 miles before I needed to change them, so I am hoping my Adidas Ultra Boosts will last a little longer! I think I’ve got 5/6 pairs in rotation currently- my other half is going to kill me haha!
    Lauren (@PoweredbyPB) recently posted…2016 GoalsMy Profile

    1. I think 5-6 pairs is probably best! It means you’ve always got pairs worn in for a race, and a selection of different shoes for different terrain/conditions! It’s crazy how quick you get through a pair of trainers if you are sticking to just one pair…expensive times. :(

  4. I’m not very good about keeping track of the miles on my shoes… I should be better! I need to check the tred on mine and see if I’m due for an upgrade. I have no idea why the new ones looks so much bigger! Weird.

    1. I can usually feel in my trainers when they are not supporting me quite so much. It really shocked me how much the tread on my old road shoes had worn down though. No wonder some runners end up injured due to their trainers.

    1. The new shoes fit me just fine though? I really don’t know why they look so different!!!
      I’ve owned more running shoes than I’ve ever owned going out shoes…!

  5. I love my Asics GT 2000, I’ve two pairs. It’s all I’ve ever run in. I didn’t track these because I didn’t know I should when I started running. I know how much I’ve run though so I’ve fair idea of the distance they’ve done.

    I recently bought some Saucony Hurricane, to add a third pair into my rotation now I run 6 days a week, but I hate them. Far too wide at the front compared to my Asics. Thanks to tracking I know I’ve run 30.82 miles in them and they’re now on eBay.

    I would relegate the Saucony to the gym but they are really ugly and I tend to lift weights a lot so prefer Converse style lace ups for lifting.

    I’ve always been a shoe fan but I never thought I’d become obsessed with trainers.

    1. There are some really pretty trainers out there to become obsessed with…!
      I’m a total Asics fan, and I’m not sure I’d even look at anything else now. I always thought Asics are quite wide though, so I’m surprised to hear that you thought you Saucony were too wide. I’ve never tried them before though.

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