A much needed break over Easter

So as a teacher I get two weeks off for Easter.  Dan also had the first of my two weeks off, and so I decided to take a complete break from work for that week.  This week I’m slotting in a class of coursework marking each day (about 5-6 hours worth).  Broken down into little doses helps to make me feel like I’m still on top of things!

It was lovely to have a complete week without work last week though.  It gave me lots of opportunities to run, blog, catch up with friends and spend time with Dan.  It feels very unnatural to allow myself to put work completely out of mind for a while, but I enjoyed it!  I’m already looking forward to later this year when my workload will be decreasing immensely.  More to come on that soon!

Anyway, last Saturday was parkrun #49.  50th one coming up next weekend!

As has become the norm recently, I ran with Laura around the Northampton course.  For a change though last week Dan joined us, although ran slightly ahead of Laura and I.

Dan and Me at parkrunIt was chilly when we arrived so hoodies stayed on until the last possible minute, before tossing them under the tree.

It has been really nice running at a casual chatty pace for the past few parkruns.  Although the pace was still easy on Saturday it felt like something was really pushing down at the base of my stomach which made it a little uncomfortable for the first couple of miles.  I carried on running and chatting though and the uncomfortable feeling had eased by the end.

Dan had had no real aim for the parkrun, having not run one since last Summer.  He ended up trotting round in 30:59, slightly ahead of Laura and I.

Official time: 32:36
Position: 288/383
Gender position: 86/149
Age grading position: 13/22

I am really missing the build up for marathon race day this year.  Since starting running in the Summer of 2011 this will be the first Spring where I’m not running a marathon and it feels really surreal to still be reading statuses from friends about how their 20 mile runs are going.  I do have London marathon spectating to look forward to in a fortnight though which I’m so excited about.  The atmosphere at that race is like no other and the London Marathon theme music really gives me the chills.

As well as having last week off, Dan had also booked the Tuesday of this week off so that we could go and watch the Wolves game in Milton Keynes stadium.  Not really my thing, but as Dan pointed out, I have been to several games now, you could almost class me as a fan!  I even wore my Wolves top for the game!

After I had got a little work done in the morning, and we had demolished some sandwiches for lunch, we drove over to Milton Keynes to have a little look around a couple of the shops.  We also headed over to Bletchley Park for a couple of hours as it was somewhere that Dan wanted to visit.  There was a lot of reading required and I was feeling quite tired by the end of the time there.  The admission price is actually for a pass for the full year though, so perhaps we shall visit again in the Summer.

Me and Dan at Bletchley Park

As we’re still hunting for a few pieces of furniture we then finished up in Ikea, sampling their famous meatballs for tea.  We didn’t make any purchases, as we had already parked up by the football ground, walking over to Ikea, but Dan now has a list of things to buy next time he heads back home to Wolverhampton past the Wednesbury store.

Wolves playing at MK Stadium

It was very odd sitting up in the tiered seating at MK Dons.  I’ve visited several times before, all to run in or support at the marathon though.  We ended up behind a bunch of proper loud, gobby teenagers who decided to stand and shout for the entire match, meaning that we also had to stand in order to see any of the game.  My legs were exhausted by the time we headed for home a few hours later.  Standing up all day is a lot more tiring on the legs than it is running all day! 😛

In food news, I am LOVING watermelon right now.  Good job, as I bought this GIANT watermelon from Tesco the other day without really thinking about how long it would take to get through.  Dan won’t touch watermelon so I’m in this one on my own.  I started on Tuesday and I’m still going strong at the moment!

GIANT watermelon(The pen is there as a size comparison!)

I think it’s something about the warmer weather and knowing that Summer is on the way.  Having said that though, I’ve recently gone back to my beloved porridge bowls in the morning.  I’d gone off porridge for most of the Winter, and all of a sudden it’s back on my radar again.

Porridge with blueberries

Are you a football fan?
Did you do anything special to mark your 50th parkrun?
Do you eat differently during the Summer/Winter?

12 thoughts on “A much needed break over Easter

  1. Enjoy your 50th parkrun tomorrow! Very exciting indeed! Mine coincided with the parkrun’s first birthday, so it was a fancy dress theme so I got a Minnie Mouse tutu and ears, but I think if it had been a normal parkrun I would have just had a photo at the end.
    I know what you mean about forgetting about work- I am in the middle of my two weeks and so I have been doing work in the week, but am going to have a weekend where I do no work at all, which hardly ever happens.
    I quite like football- I used to have a season ticket to Watford when I was little, and I occasionally go to Southampton with Andy now as that is who he supports. I don’t mind watching it on TV either, but as the games are long I often end up doing something else while it is on.
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…Hooray! Finally a run!My Profile

    1. How lovely that your 50th coincided with the parkrun birthday.
      I saw that your holiday was offset against most of the other schools across the country. Ideal time to take advantage of the cheaper travel that week! :)

  2. Ahhh good luck with your 50th!!! How exciting!! You have to make or bring cakes, it’s the parkrun LAW 😉 Like birthdays in the office – cakes are required.
    Good to hear you relaxed fully. It is crazy how hard you teachers work. You deserve the break.
    I’m not a football fan at all. My dad supports Liverpool so technically I support Liverpool by association…and I suppose Southampton as so many of my friends support them. But really I don’t. Going to watch a football match does not appeal to me in the slightest. It’s not like there’s even good food there to tempt me.
    I love watermelon! Is it nice at the moment? I hate buying it and getting an off-season gross one, it really puts me off so I never tend to buy them until the height of summer…
    Anna @AnnaTheApple recently posted…Boston Marathon GoalsMy Profile

    1. The parkrun law was not broken! There were indeed cakes! 😉 I’ve never had a birthday whilst at work though (mine always falls on a day off or during the half term holiday, so I always seem to get away with it!)
      Completely agree about the lack of good food at the football match. I survived that match on softmints and strawberry laces. I was eating them mainly to keep myself entertained! 😉
      Yeah the watermelon was pretty nice to be honest. I did not finish it in time though. I gave it a good shot and probably got about 4/5ths of the way through, but the bottom defeated me! Probably lasted about 5-6 days before I decided it had become too mushy to attempt any more. They are infinitely better in the middle of Summer though.

  3. Glad to hear you got a proper break in, especially as I can imagine your workload is going to get quite intense as you head into GCSE season (it certainly is for my sister, who is an English teacher).

    I have to admit, I am not a football fan at all – rugby all the way for this house!

    1. Yep, moderation city at our school right now! Gah! At least our exam is an early one, so I shall be rid by the 18th May.
      Good luck to your sister!

    1. It ended up being the following week, and for some reason I can’t order my t-shirt yet. :( I guess because stock levels are too low at the moment. Soon it will be mine though! :)

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