Running at 21 and 22 weeks pregnant

I managed to get out for three runs last week which felt really great, – compared to this week when I didn’t run at all!  (Although I did do a lot of walking whilst away on holiday in Prague.  Some days Dan and I walked more than a half marathon distance around the city, and there were some tough hills out there in the heat!)

21 weeks pregnant - belly poppedHere’s a photo taken of me post-run the Tuesday before last when I was 21 weeks pregnant.  It felt like my belly really ‘popped’ out that week.

After a few busy weeks at school with the GCSE ICT exam and samples of coursework being called to be sent off to the moderator I really wanted to get back running with friends again, and vowed to attend the Wednesday night trail run, wherever it was held.  I hadn’t made it to a trail run for several weeks and feared I would be rather slow so headed out on a 3.23m offroad run on my own on the Tuesday night.  The run felt good, the pace felt easy, the baby was in a comfy position so I didn’t have to stop as frequently as I have done on some previous runs and I was looking forward to heading back out with friends the following evening.

Wednesday night and I met up with a handful of other runners at a new-to-me location for a 6.21 mile trail run.  The weather was perfect; nice and warm, but with a slight breeze and Kev didn’t throw too many hills into the mix, which is always a bonus since I’ve slowed down!

Trail run at 21 weeks pregnantAnd I wasn’t right at the back, which I feared I would be.  Not that it matters…(but it does a little…!)

It appears that the belly can no longer be hidden in any of the running tops I own and a couple of other runners commented on my bump for the first time since falling pregnant.

By the time Saturday rolled around I was ready to head to parkrun again.  Weekends have been so busy just lately, I hadn’t made it back for a parkrun since running my 50th 6 weeks earlier and I was getting itchy parkrun feet.

The course had changed slightly since I last ran, with the finish heading off to the right of the path instead of finishing along the field on the left hand side.  This was mainly put in place due to the high numbers of other activities that now take place at Northampton Racecourse on a Saturday morning, and not wanting runners to interrupt the other events on the field.  It was packed at the Racecourse though, with 414 runners that week.  That’s a lot of runners on a two-lap course and it makes me feel quite glad that I haven’t been aiming for a PB this season, as I think the attendance numbers would make it rather impossible at the moment.

As has frequently become the case just lately I left the house long before 8am arriving in Northampton a little before 8:30.  Even then, there was nowhere to park at the course, or even in the surrounding nearby streets.  Several club runners have also commented about the increased numbers making the run feel a little uncomfortable during recent months so I’ve done a little investigating this month…Watch this space…!

I set off from towards the back with Laura, who had been for a physio appointment the day before and was feeling rather tender so was in no urgency for a time.  We started at what felt like a fairly comfortable pace, but within quarter of a mile the tops of my legs really began to ache.  That post-marathon heavy leg feeling, despite having not run any great distance since back in February!  It was rather frustrating because baby was in a comfortable position, I didn’t need to pee (increasingly becoming a bigger issue lately!), I wasn’t tired…just, my legs really ached!  To the point that when I told Laura that it was really uncomfortable she suggested we walk the (really teeny tiny) hill at the back of the course a mile into the event.  After our hill walk we set off at a run again and for some reason the ache had faded and eventually disappeared, so I have no clue where that came from!  The second time round Laura was feeling the effects of the physio from the day before, so she requested another hill walk.

Garmin time: 34:24
Official time: 34:24 (Not sure I’ve ever recorded the same as the official time on my garmin before!)
Position: 355/414
Gender position: 124/169
Age category position: 24/30On the flight to Prague

This week Dan and I jetted off to Prague for a few days of escape from the real world, which was lovely, and very definitely required!  We walked everywhere whilst away.  With our hotel being a 30 minute walk into town we headed in during the day and then again for evening activities.  A few days it became a little tiring from the walking and at some points I did have to ask Dan to slow down so that I could keep up.  I’m not used to that, – normally I’m the one storming off ahead!  If I walk too fast lately though I get what feels like a really bad stitch but at the base of my belly, making walking rather uncomfortable until I slow down again.

I had been tempted to take my running kit over to Prague but a) I’m not sure I would have wanted to run round the streets of a city known for cheap beer in the early hours and b) Dan didn’t allow it!  It was a nice break though, and I kept active with all the walking instead.  I will probably end up with a higher step count during week 22 than I did during week 21 and my three runs!

Have you been involved with the setup of a new parkrun before?
Does running in foreign cities alone bother you?

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16 thoughts on “Running at 21 and 22 weeks pregnant

  1. You are looking blooming fab!
    When I went to Npton Parkrun a few week’s ago I was really surprised by the volume of folk – I think it was 479 and I had to start right at the front to finish in 25 something.
    Tess at ‘Tess Does Fitness’ (Formally Fitbits) wrote a post on parkrun this week and mentioned some notes about setting up/running a Parkrun – Could be helpful?

    1. Cheers Katie! :)
      Yeah it has become super busy at Northampton in recent months. I hate the feeling of being ‘boxed in’ on the course and getting either swept along or pushed aside from the crowds.
      Thanks for pointing out about Tess’ post. I shall be sure to check that out.

  2. Good to see you running at the halfway point, looking good! And as for running alone in foreign places? It’s one of my favourite things to do – no need for GPS, no need to worry just be out there and enjoy nice sights, sounds and occasionally smells. While I was in Finland I took this to new levels by deliberately trying to (and succeeding) in getting lost. The best feeling!

    1. Haha! How did you manage to deliberately get lost?! I’m not sure I’d like to get lost abroad, but I am very up for giving running whilst away another shot next time I’m away and not pregnant.

  3. Oooh no I’ve never been involved in setting up a new parkrun but I am fairly involved in my local one. Sounds like a lot of work – and also politics! We always get a few grumbles from one of the football coach people for various pointless things (he’s just one of those people who enjoys moaning). The football club has an actual cupboard place to keep all their stuff in while we literally have a disused toilet that locks to keep our flags etc in. And it stinks. So I’m not sure why he feels he needs to moan at us… Anyway, random tangent!
    Great to hear your running is going well and that you had fun in Prague :-) I like to run in foreign countries but I do try and check first if it’s a done thing. Like in Iceland I googled around to see if people did and in Mexico I asked the hotel people.
    Anna @AnnaTheApple recently posted…A parkrun walk and pretending to be an adultMy Profile

    1. Unfortunately, everything seems to come with politics nowadays. People are so grumpy and wrapped up in their own world. Is there no-where else you guys could store the parkrun stuff in?
      I think lots of research before going away/whilst away is key to a successful run abroad. Next time, running kit will be packed!

  4. Exciting about the parkrun! My club has just set one up- they had a lot of help from a local mentor (who also helped to set up another new one locally)- the core team for the new parkrun did a lot of shadowing of the experienced team, for a good few months (I think around 6 months- it was being talked about in December as it was moving forwards, and the first run was the end of May), so it is a long time in the making with a lot of meetings with local councils, funding groups etc.
    Glad you had a good time away- a city break is always good for a lot of walking.
    I have run on holiday, but it depends on what sort of holiday we are having. Sometimes on our big road trips we are up early, out all day, and back late, and it just would not fit in (or it would impact our day), but other times if we are in one place and I know we’ll have time in the day (if Andy is working, or if we are going somewhere relaxing) I will take my things- I ran in Nice last year which was lovely, and Seville, Hawaii and San Fran. I did have my running things in Cape Town and a bit further away than was easy was a lovely promenade along the waterfront, but I would not have wanted to get there on my own, plus we had no time spare.
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…Cape Town!My Profile

    1. That’s a really good idea – to shadow the core team from another parkrun. Definitely worth looking into.
      It makes sense about not wanting to impact on your day by forcing a run in if there is naturally not spare time to go. It’s nice for our bodies to have a little holiday sometimes too I guess!

    1. Thanks Helen. A shame it didn’t work out for you. I’m not sure how long I can carry on for but I’m hoping to keep at it for a little longer yet, bump-dependent.
      Your toddler sounds like she’ll be a prime candidate for parkrun in a few year’s time!

  5. I have never been involved in setting up a parkrun but I think I live pretty close to you (guesstimation!) so you would have one runner/volunteer if you were to take the plunge!

  6. That is quite a lot of runners in a relatively short space, so definitely good luck if you do decide to set up a parkrun! That would be really exciting!

    It’s great to see that you’re still running and going well (even if the need to pee is increasing!). I think it’s really fab that you’re keeping so active!

    I haven’t run in a new-to-me city, but I did go for a run in Cyprus in the morning when we were staying just out of Coral Bay (*super* hilly). I went out before father-in-law and he went out as I was coming back (he’s a proper runner, I was still C25K-ing so we wouldn’t have been able to stick together). I enjoyed it – totally silent except for mountain goats!
    Steph recently posted…Whole 100 Day 30 – Progress UpdateMy Profile

    1. Even when the running inevitably stops (boo-hoo!) I hope to keep active even if it means only heading out on long walks each day. I’d go crazy if I was cooped up inside! The need to pee may end up dictating my routes though!
      A totally silent foreign run sounds fun – somewhere away from city centres and busy people. The perfect way to explore!

  7. 414 is a really good turnout. I’ve not been involved with the setting up of a parkrun but am a member of the core team of my local one and have been there since week 2 of it starting. I’d be tempted to give setting one up a try but raising the funds seems like tricky business.

    1. Oddly enough, I think I would be able to raise £3000 to start with and it would be more the long-term support that makes me more nervous about giving it a go. People seem to be happy to throw money into something much more than they do volunteer their time or energy.

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