All the delicious Summer foods

School, (as it has seemed to do a lot just lately) has managed to get in the way of my running and blogging over the past few weeks again.  Although I will be starting my maternity leave at the beginning of October, leaving me less than nine working weeks left before I disappear until June next year, another member of staff within our department has actually handed their notice in and this has meant that timetables and planning and classes have all been up in the year for the 2016-17 calendar for the rest of us within the department.  I’ve ended up taking on several year 11 classes for next year, many of whom I do not teach at the moment, resulting in hours upon hours of marking their coursework to come over the next few weeks, alongside my existing workload.  And I thought all the coursework marking was over for this year?!

Shhhh I'm marking teacher mugThis mug was given to me as a thankyou gift by one of my current year 11 students on the day of her last exam and was very fitting, especially when I actually ended up getting up at 2:30am the following morning to finish marking year 10 folders for a marking scrutiny within the department.  My hard work paid off and I aced the scrutiny with an ‘Outstanding’ grade.  But I was tired and miserable for the next few days, and not the sharpest for the rest of the week.  Dan cheered me up with a ‘Bee Happy’ bee from Waitrose.

Bee happy bee cookie

Luckily, this is the half term of trips and with year 8 currently abroad so out of lessons all of this week, and year 10 soon off for a fortnight of work experience fun, my workload should hopefully begin to balance out once more…

And then it will be the glorious long Summer holidays!

End of term

My teaching timetable is much lighter at this time of year, as my six year eleven classes and two year thirteen groups have finished now, and I am lucky(!) in that some days I have now been freed up to mark or plan for three-hour stints without a break.  By the end of the school day though, I have been ready to head home and never look at a computer again.

Dan and I had talked about getting a second car for the Summer, so that I would be able to head out and visit friends/shop/stay sane whilst he was still at work.  With a friend’s wedding up near Manchester at the start of July though, and Dan needing to head up in the day on Friday, whilst I would still be at work, we started the great car hunt of 2016 slightly early and managed to find Dan a new car at the weekend.

Dan’s priorities were that the car had a large boot for the buggy and space inside for our future children.  How priorities have changed!  He was also rather excited to see that the car had cruise control as well!

Going back to a two-car family means that if I know I will be working on the computer for long portions during the school day I can pre-empt this the night before, arranging to drive myself into work and thus enabling me to leave at 3pm on the dot, instead of having to hang around, forcing work from my tired brain before Dan would be able to collect me at 5, before reaching home at 6pm, after getting stuck in the post-work traffic.  Home by 3:45 means all things running and blogging and brain-break activities can take place, before returning to work in the evenings when my brain is hopefully ready for it again.  I’m super excited to have the option to commute home alone once more, although we will be spending slightly more money on petrol and it will mean two hours less that I see Dan during the day.

Anyway, I’ve written more than 500 words so far and without a single picture of any delicious Summer food as promised in my blog title!

Here goes…

Beckworth Emporium afternoon teaThis…was…amazing…!  I’ve heard lots of fabulous things about the afternoon teas at Beckworth Emporium before, but have never had the opportunity to give one a try.  (Dan won’t touch half the stuff on that slate!)  The day after heading down to marshal at South Downs Way 100, I headed out for afternoon tea and a long-overdue catchup with two of my running mates.  Somehow we managed to make this delicious slate (and another, smaller slate for one) of sandwiches, crisps, scones, tarts and cakes last for nearly three hours over our catchup.  It went down very well!

Beckworth Emporium afternoon tea

This last weekend was a busy one too.  On the Saturday I headed back down South to Basingstoke.  This time for a friend from Uni’s surprise 30th birthday party.Dan and me at Rich's birthday

A long way to go, but I hadn’t seen him for one reason or another since my wedding nearly two years ago, so it was good to catch up over the birthday BBQ.

Check out this awesome bar that his girlfriend’s Dad had knocked up out of the old logshed over the previous couple of days.

The outside bar at Rich's birthdayI made Dan take a sneaky picture so that we could recreate it at our house for next Summer…!

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to join in with the Pimms drinking, or the cocktail drinking, but I still made the most of the fab cocktail umbrellas that were out for use!

Cocktail umbrella in the shape of a peacockI’m really addicted to Raspberry lemonade at the moment.  This was also probably our first BBQ of the Summer?  I can’t remember having been to any so far in 2016 anyway!

We drove back on the Saturday evening, and I headed out for a long-overdue run in the morning.  Trail, out with friends and it was a gorgeous sunny day.  It was the best run I’ve had in a long while.  :)  More to come on that in my running round-up post later in the week though.

On Sunday afternoon we were off to Cambridge for Dan’s fancy work do.

His school had hired out Trinity College and welcomed all staff, along with partners and young children to a Summer Celebration.  There was a free bar, party food and a photographer doing the rounds to take group shots of anybody who asked.  For those not local to Cambridge, the Trinity College is in a beautiful setting overlooking the river and apparently is where the original copy of Winnie the Pooh is kept?  My school will give us each half a glass of wine on the last day of term and expect us to sing “We’re happy and we know it.” (!)

Finger food buffet at work doUnfortunately there weren’t many sandwiches I could eat at 25 weeks pregnant, as lots contained parma ham or salmon.  I made do with a cucumber sandwich instead, along with a selection of asparagus spears (never been to buffet where there has been asparagus spears as an option before!), cheese straws (these were the tastiest cheese straws I’ve ever had), bread, grapes, crackers and cheese (had to avoid the brie and blue cheese too.)  I’m not a fan of macaroons but wanted to know what the flavour ‘green’ tasted like.  (Playdoh if anyone is interested!)

Dan and Me at his work doThe highlight of the meal was the dessert though.  It’s got to be about berries and icecream at this time of year, and this dish of strawberries, blueberries and raspberries was perfect topped with toffee icecream.

Berries and icecream

Berries and BBQs…proper British Summer food!

What do you consider to be British Summer food?
Have you been to any BBQs yet this Summer?

6 thoughts on “All the delicious Summer foods

  1. BBQs are the BEST. In fact, I have a birthday BBQ this weekend (please don’t rain, please don’t rain) with friends. I love how relaxed it is, the variety of food and just how social it all is.
    That platter of cakes and sandwiches looks incredible! Yum. How annoying though that being pregnant means you’re a bit limited with options. I always forget this. I eat blue cheese and brie all the time – guess it’s a good job I’m not pregnant!!
    Sounds like a good plan to have your own plan. Sometimes my dad and me share lifts to work and I hate how dependent it makes me feel on him. I can generally leave any time from work (within reason!) so being held up until 6 or later if my dad is busy sucks because I have to continue working (though sometimes I’ll go running and that works nicely).
    I still can’t believe you got up at 2.30am to mark – I mean I do obviously believe you did it! Just that that is crazy. I can barely function my brain post 9pm.
    Anna @AnnaTheApple recently posted…Rants and Raves #33 and Phoenix Fit UK Elastic LaceSystem reviewMy Profile

    1. Hope you got away without any rain. It ended up being quite nice for some parts of the weekend. I was in short sleeves and shorts by Sunday afternoon!
      I have taken my running stuff in on some days if I know Dan is going to be late picking me up, but sometimes running post-work doesn’t always fit, and I like being able to run out with others most of the time too.
      2:30am marking wasn’t my brightest plan, but I find I am more awake first thing when I get up than if I haven’t been to bed yet and that way I knew I would get it all done. I struggle in the evenings as well and things take twice as long then.

  2. That cup is so funny!
    I am off for afternoon tea today- it’s the best way to catch up with friends as it is so relaxed. I am not a huge BBQ fan- I don’t like my hair smelling of smoke, and I don’t eat any of the meat and don’t really trust veggie things unless they are cooked on a separate grill, so just end up with bread and salad. Plus I don’t drink, and alcohol seems to feature heavily at them too.
    Argh school is crazy right now- I am sure there used to be a more relaxed term but I have no idea how all of the work is going to fit into these final 4 weeks.
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…South Africa part 2- safari time!My Profile

    1. I do love afternoon tea friend catch-ups! :)
      I get very full at BBQs quite early on, and although I do drink normally, I’m usually the driver or I don’t want to destroy my weekend so don’t drink a huge amount. Like you say, alcohol does feature quite heavily at most.
      Sorry to hear that you’re bogged down with school work right now too. It’s nice to know I’m not alone in the end-of-term panic though! I’m really hoping to not have to take any marking home over the Summer but it might end up having to be that way this year unfortunately.

  3. Your comment about Play Doh made me laugh! I think they’re meant to be pistachio but I couldn’t swear to it. I don’t think we’ve made it to any BBQs yet this year. The weather has just been so inconsistent (and we haven’t got our garden sorted yet!). Summer food for me is soft fruits like strawberries, and salads. I love grilled/barbequed meats too.
    Steph recently posted…Blogtacular 2016: My weekend in LondonMy Profile

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