Running at 27 weeks pregnant

Last week – 27 weeks pregnant – was the week that people started to tell me that I ‘popped’, that I had begun to actually look pregnant.  Two strangers came up at separate points during a wedding at the weekend and asked me how my pregnancy was going.  Two strangers that, as far as I was aware didn’t ‘know’ that I was pregnant other than by looking at me.

27 weeks pregnantExcuse the state of our bathroom – I am so ready for our house to be ‘done’ now, apart from all the actual decorating!  I do love a house project, but living in the house whilst doing the work on it, and both Dan and I out at work full time and with our own hobbies to slot in, and adding in a baby-deadline has meant that we’re relying on getting a lot of work done this Summer, with me currently looking like I might topple face-first at any minute!
Our new bathroom suite is all set in the bathroom – we just need the ceiling skimmed, the bath panel added, tiles on the wall and flooring down.  Just a few hours of work along with the work that still needs doing on the rest of the house then(!)

Last Thursday I headed out on a run with group 6 from my running club.  I usually run in group 4, two groups faster than group 6, and I don’t know very many of the ladies in group 6, but they were all very friendly and accommodating to this rather large looking stranger – eager to ask me questions about my pregnancy and my intention to run through it.  As always, I was worried before running with others (What if I need the loo?  What if I’ve gotten really slow since the last time and can’t keep up with anyone?…etc) but there was no need, and I found that I could comfortably run the 10k distance at the front of the group still, despite the humidity of the evening.  I do miss my social chatty runs…and my pushing-it parkruns…and my tempo sessions…and my progression runs…

Still, I really don’t think I can moan.  I’m so happy to be as comfortable running as I am during my 28th week of pregnancy.  I know there are so many women who have had to give it up before this point.  I know that I really am pretty lucky.

I took the Friday night off and hoped to get to a speedy parkrun on the Saturday morning.  I was due to travel up on the Saturday to a wedding in Knutsford, an alleged 2h 15m journey.  As the wedding was for one of Dan’s best friends he was playing usher, so had driven up the evening before, giving me the freedom to parkrun on the morning, and then travel up alone afterwards, making sure that Bella had been fed before I left home.  When he sent me a message on the Friday night to tell me that his journey had actually taken him over 4 hours to complete due to roadworks and accidents on the motorway I decided to play it safe and give parkrun a miss instead.  From Dan’s commentary I expected to have a longer journey than the satnav had shown, but not quite as long as his had been, as I would be travelling mid-morning Saturday rather than during rush hour on Friday evening.

This little fact didn’t actually seem to make any difference though, and I ended up arriving after the bride.  :(  (Sorry Lynn!)  It was a stressful journey, especially when I was sat in non-moving traffic with more than 50 miles left to travel, watching the expected arrival time on the satnav creep ever closer to the time I knew the wedding would be starting.

Luckily, I didn’t miss too much – apparently arriving just five minutes after the bride herself.  Although I then stood like a wally at the back of the incredibly hot service room, with a sweaty face and bursting for a wee as I’d just spent the last four hours sat in traffic before legging my way down a steep, cobbled hill in heels at seven months pregnant.  Not my finest moment!

Dan and me at John and Lynn's weddingI didn’t take very many pictures at the wedding – mainly food related to be honest(!)  The food was some of the best wedding food I’ve had though…

…Butternut squash soup with pumpkin seeds and a bread roll on the side…

Butternut squash soup with pumpkin seeds…Wild mushroom gnocchi…Wild mushroom gnocchi …and Chocolate fondant…

Chocolate fondant dessertLovely food!

My placename at John and Lynn's wedding

I regret not remembering to ask one of my bridesmaids to photograph the food we had on our wedding day, as I don’t have any pictures of it and our caterers had done a really good job.

Anyway…back to the topic of this post…!

This week was the week that my antenatal classes began.  Frustratingly, the first two weeks of classes run on a Wednesday evening – my trail running night!  When a friend messaged on Monday to see if I wanted to head out for a run on Tuesday instead this week, I quickly said yes!

We headed out for what was supposed to be a fairly straight forward 10k route around Stanwick Lakes near to where we both live.  We’d run a 6-7 mile route around there a few weeks back and know the area fairly well.

It wasn’t long before I needed the toilet though.  Stupid pregnancy bladder!  All fine, as there are visitor toilets outside at Stanwick Lakes…
…which were locked by the time we arrived!

The thing about needing to pee when you’re pregnant is most of the time you don’t actually really need to pee.  It’s the baby crushing your bladder inside that gives you that impression.
We ran on, and the urge passed – although we kept a look out for suitable coverage along the paths.
Then the urge returned!
It actually took me a while to find a secluded spot that wasn’t covered in knee-high nettles and didn’t have groups of people passing by.  Guys have it so easy!
All fine after that though.  :)
…until we decided to experiment with a different path back.  One which involved balancing over an iron beam and being no-where near we needed to be!  Haha!

All in all with the tree-toilet divert and the iron beam (that I found an alternative route for!) our 10k of trail became just short of 10 miles!  It felt really good to head out for a social, chatty 10 miles on a weeknight though.  I’ve felt really restricted in which runs I can say I’ll join in with lately, but it’s nice to know that I can still cover the distance and my legs remember what to do!

I’ll just have to suss out a few well-covered outdoor loo stops for future runs!  😉

I wasn’t sure what to expect at our first antenatal class the following evening.  I still don’t really feel pregnant yet if I’m honest.  It hasn’t kicked in that actually I am now in the third trimester and not a huge amount of time away from giving birth.  Perhaps over the Summer when I have time off work and there is less going on reality might start to kick in?  It needs to at some point.  We have bought nothing yet!  People keep asking what colour we have decorated the room.  Several times I’ve not been sure what they’ve meant and talked about how we’re still waiting for a plasterer to come in before we can decorate several of the rooms in the house.  People want to know if we’ve bought baby furniture or put together the crib we’ve been given yet.  But, right now my priorities are getting a carpenter in for the doors, fitting the new kitchen and thinking about what type of carpet to lay down!

A baby is classed as viable after 23 weeks, so technically as I’m more than a month past that point now things could progress at any time…  :S  I like the idea of having the baby as soon as possible rather than being stuck in pregnancy-limbo for longer than needs be (obviously I know I have no say in this!), but we are so nowhere near ready or prepared yet!

It’s a very bizarre feeling to be sat down minding my own business and all of a sudden be able to see my stomach moving all over the place!  Movements are very visible from the outside now!  The baby moves around all the time and has started to wake me up in the mornings with movement just lately.  Baby movements or cramp are usually my get-up call now.  The middle-of-the-night cramps I’ve had over the past few weeks have been agony.  So much worse than when I don’t stretch after a run!  I never seem to get it in just one place either.  It’s always my left foot and right leg, or both legs, or both feet at the same time.  Apparently it’s really common to cramp up in pregnancy because the hormone progesterone affects the muscle tone in your legs.

There were three other couples and a lady without her partner at the antenatal class on Wednesday evening.  We didn’t do a huge amount to be honest, and most of the information shared with us I had already researched online or in books myself.  We were shown an American video about pre-labour, were each given a pack of information about planning for the birth and then told that we really should have packed our hospital bags by now.  I haven’t even thought about packing my bag yet.  I know we own nothing off the list that we were given.  Except snacks.  And I’m sure that if I were to pack those now, I would have eaten most of them by the time we made it to the hospital!

Any tips for outdoor calls of nature?!
Have you ever missed the start of a wedding before?
If you have been pregnant before, when did you pack your hospital bag?

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10 thoughts on “Running at 27 weeks pregnant

  1. You definitely have popped! It’s a lovely bump!

    Well done on getting to the wedding in that amount of traffic. I hate travelling up that way. We have offices just outside of Bradford, and I always go up the M1 as I think the traffic is generally better that way (it might be because I used to live just off junction 29, so it feels like a quicker route psychologically). I know what you mean about the food too – we didn’t have any pictures of the food either, and I kind of wish I had some.

    That seems like a lot to get ready, and early to be getting it ready (in terms of rooms and hospital bags), but I guess things could happen quickly. One Born Every Minute is completely fascinating to me, and I find the process absolutely amazing. That being said, I cannot get my head around going in as two people and coming out of hospital as three!

    Well done on keeping running – you’re amazing!
    Steph recently posted…Whole 100: 60 days inMy Profile

    1. Thanks Steph!
      I always make sure to take pictures of the food at other people’s weddings now and I’ve had several people thank me for doing so as it’s usually something you forget to add to your list for the photographer!
      I have been watching a few episodes of OBEM now and again whilst I’m doing the housework. Like you though, I’m not sure when my head will fully understand that there will be three of us leaving that hospital on the day!

  2. How stressful with that journey- at least you made it in the end. One year my friend was getting married and another friend was flying down from Scotland so I was driving to Luton to pick her up- her flight was delayed so by the time we got to the church the wedding and photos were over and everyone had gone to the reception, which was another 45 mins away along tiny country roads. It was a bit stressful and I felt bad we had missed it, but at least we made the reception. The bride’s mum told us she had recorded the ceremony on a tape if we wanted to listen to it – it did make me giggle when she said that.
    You have such a neat bump! Hopefully in the summer holidays you can sort out your house and pack your hospital bag- not long to go!
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…Midsummer 5 mile series round 1My Profile

    1. Your journey sounds pretty stressful too. Relying on roads is bad enough, but I would hate to have to rely on a flight as well! That was nice of the bride’s Mum to offer a listen of the recording of the ceremony.
      This first week off has been filled with house-sorting. At the moment that is coming first, – I’m just so anxious to get it all complete now. Everytime we cross something off the house list though there seems to be something else which needs to be added on to it! I’m sure you’re finding the same!

  3. You are doing vastly better than I on the running front – the last two months have been awful for finding time to run (I blame the new job, the need to keep two Guide units open, and, um, surgery. Now I’ve realised what’s going on, I am making efforts to Sort It Out).

    We nearly missed our Division Commissioner’s wedding. We got stuck in traffic.

    I am the doyenne of the alfresco pee. I’ve essentially concluded that as long as I’m not mooning anyone, it really doesn’t matter where I am. I will attempt to get behind something, but I think people pay less attention to what’s going on either side of them than to what’s going on right in front of them. So, provided you’re not mid-path, it’s OK. Just squat and get on with it. Trees are nice, bushes nicer, the important bit is No Nettles….
    Jane recently posted…Handy Cross Runners Grant and Stone Wycombe Half MarathonMy Profile

    1. Haha! Yep, no nettles is a very important factor in deciding where to pee! Clearly I need some more practice at this alfresco peeing malarkey. You sound like a pro! 😉

  4. Oh god that journey sounds so stressful! Well done for getting their safely.
    The food does look incredible – especially the dessert! The wedding I recently went to had really tasty food and I was next to a friend who really wasn’t into food (how are they my friend…!) so I got a lot of seconds 😉
    Glad to hear the running is still going well. Sounds like you’re doing amazingly. It always strikes me as so odd that people, stranger in fact, feel they can happily comment on other people’s bodies and pregnancies. I don’t think I’d have the nerve, but I suppose it must be nice that people can tell you’re pregnant now and that everyone cares.
    I once had a pee before a race in what I thought was a very concealed bush only to have a cyclist cycle past me yelling “I’m not looking don’t worry!” scared the hell out of me!
    Anna @AnnaTheApple recently posted…What I’m loving latelyMy Profile

    1. You need to request that you sit next to that friend at ALL the weddings in future! How are they not into food?!
      Lots of people feel the need to comment on my bump. It is nice that it is noticed now, although I still prefer when it’s by people I know rather than a complete randomer!
      I would have been put off my pee-flow by that cyclist! At the Oakley 20 race last year they had portable urinals out the front of the school building where the race HQ was held. There was no real shelter from the elements or any privacy though! There weren’t walls the whole way round!

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