Two years a wife

Yesterday was the two year anniversary of mine and Dan’s wedding.

Anniversary cardI’m sure everyone always says this, but I literally cannot believe that it has been two years since we got married!  (You can see all of our wedding posts here.)

Throwing confetti at our wedding in Sharrington church

To celebrate we had a fairly low key day yesterday, with presents in the morning…

Anniversary socks with Bella

(Check out my cute cat-face socks…!…Year two = cotton gifts.)
…a long walk in the afternoon…Dan and I walking round Grafham Water…and then got ready to head out for dinner at the Fox Inn, Thorpe Waterville in the evening.

Dan and Me on our two year wedding anniversary in the kitchenThis picture was taken in our kitchen – although you can see that we still have the horrific wall colours left by the previous owners in the background, you can also vaguely see that progress has been made when it comes to kitchen units!  As in, we have some now!  Three large larder units down one wall to begin with.  No doors on yet, as we’re still waiting for a plasterer to do our ceilings.  But, – my food is no longer all stored in a big pile on the dining room table!  Progress!

We’d only been to the Fox Inn once before.  About four years ago in the middle of a really hot Summer day and for some reason we decided to choose hot soup for our lunch?!
When we were hunting around for places to try for our anniversary meal out we decided to give the Inn another go after viewing their menu online though and we weren’t disappointed.

Dan went for the beef…

Dan with beef dish at Fox Inn Thorpe WatervilleAnd, continuing with my pattern from earlier in the week I stuck to a non-traditional-Mary-choice of linguine with Mediterranean vegetables.  I never choose pasta dishes when I go out.

Me with vegetable linguine dish at Fox Inn Thorpe WatervilleFor dessert, we both tucked into the brownie…

Chocolate brownie dessert at Fox Inn Thorpe Waterville

I actually impressed myself with how much I was able to eat at the meal.  It’s been a very long while since I was last able to do a main and a dessert in one sitting!

Having spent some time looking through our wedding pictures yesterday (which we still need to get printed!) I’m going to post a few below.  We were a long while receiving them from our photographer after our wedding so other than the previews I was sent early on, the majority never made it up onto the blog at the time.  Then last anniversary, when I planned to post some more pictures from the wedding we had only been moved into our house for a few weeks, and I could not find the box containing the memory stick with all of our wedding photographs on.

Anyway, here we go…

My parents…

Our wedding - Dan and me with my parentsDan’s parents…Our wedding - Dan and me with his parents

Walking out of the church with my bridesmaids…Our wedding - Me with my bridesmaids

My flowers…Our wedding - flowersPlacing my flowers on my Nan’s grave…

Our wedding - flowers on Nan's grave

Leaving the church in a horse and carriage…Our wedding - Dan and Me in the horse and carriageTaking advantage of the playground at our wedding reception…Our wedding - Me with my bridesmaids

Having fun on the zipwire in my wedding dress…Our wedding - Me on the zipwire

Climbing up into the wooden castle outside…Our wedding - Me in the castle

And struggling to make my way back out again…Our wedding - Me in the castle

Our band getting in on the castle act…Our wedding - The Yow Yows in the castleAnd, not from our professional photographer, but instead from a friend’s camera phone, this is one of my favourite shots of the night, and one of the few that I like of Dan and Me…
Our first dance…Our wedding - First danceHow do you celebrate your anniversaries?

10 thoughts on “Two years a wife

    1. Oh it’s horrific! Our kitchen was a mix of bright red and yellow, the dining room was dark orange, as was one of the bedrooms upstairs. Our bedroom was dark purple and everywhere was covered in dark pine on the walls. It took quite a few coats of paint on the bedrooms to cover everything up! Downstairs still to be tackled!

  1. I love the photos! Congratulations! My wedding bouquet ended up on my first cousin once removed’s grave (I had to send it with one of her sisters), which is also where Mum’s bouquet was put – Rita died as a very little girl, so we remember her and include her that way. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one!

    We haven’t worked out what to do for our anniversary. And I suspect N’s knitted cotton sweater is not going to be ready unless I spend the next two weekends doing nothing but run and knit. Which actually sounds like an excellent plan.

    I have also sourced lurid green bootie yarn…
    Jane recently posted…We are having a barbecueMy Profile

    1. How did the knitted sweater go? I actually have a Noah’s Ark set of animals I was working my way through knitting wise for my niece when she was born (sorry niece, I took too long, they’re now for my child!) but I seem to drift in and out of knitting phases and I haven’t sat down and done any for a long while which is a shame.
      I would have no idea where to even look for lurid green yarn! 😀

  2. Happy anniversary for last week! I am so relieved that I am not the only one who hasn’t yet printed their wedding photos! It sounds like you had a lovely day, and the cat socks are an amazing present! I feel your pain with the red wall in your kitchen – that was the colour we had in our bedroom until the spring. Very… um… Let’s just say, not my taste!

    For some reason, Matt and I have never celebrated an anniversary as just us – we’re always pulled away by family or something. Not this year though – this year, we’re going to do something as just us to celebrate our third anniversary.
    Steph recently posted…Whole 100: Day 90 update and weigh inMy Profile

    1. Thanks Steph! Glad it’s not just me with the wedding photos either! We’ve both got the excuse of having moved house though, and things always get pushed aside then!
      Why is red paint even available at the shops?! I don’t understand!
      Hope you find something lovely to do on your anniversary, and make sure it is just you two this year!

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