33 weeks pregnant

I’ve made it to the pineapple week!  Although, I hope baby inside isn’t quite as spiky as a pineapple.  That could be rather painful on the way out!  😉

33 weeks pregnant

I meant to mention last week, but this whole months/weeks thing when it comes to pregnancy is rather confusing.  Last week I was at 32 weeks, or what I would call eight months pregnant.  But if I was to hear somebody was eight months pregnant, I would assume that they had just four weeks (one month) to go, yet they would actually have eight weeks left (what I would call two months) until reaching the 40 weeks of pregnancy!  I’ve given up talking about it in months or weeks gone to anyone else pretty much now though and started counting down the weeks left to go.  That’s seven weeks now, or 49 days…Sounds a little scary when I hear it put like that!


I had another midwife appointment on Friday of this week.  My appointments are scheduled every fortnight from now until the end, so I shall be making my way over the road (a ten minute walk) more often these last few weeks.

Firstly, any tips for disguising the urine sample that I have to take along with me to each appointment?!  I’m pretty confident that the lids on these pots are fairly secure, but I don’t want to carry it in my pregnancy notes folder just in case it does leak.  At the same time though, I don’t want to walk casually down the street holding what is clearly a pee pot in my hand!  At the moment my tactic has been to hold the pot in the same hand as my notes folder, twist the folder in front of the pot when passing people and hand it over as quickly as possible as soon as I sit down in front of my midwife!

I hadn’t seen my midwife for a few weeks and completely forgot to mention my varicose veins last time I visited.  Frustratingly, when I did mention it this time she said that there isn’t much I can do about them in this weather.  I mentioned that I had compression socks for running, but she agreed with me that due to the location of the veins – right smack bang in the middle of where the compression socks come up to – the socks wouldn’t do too much good, and I would in fact need compression stockings instead for it to be any use at all.  For those to work, I would have to put them on before even leaving the bed each morning and would then be likely to get heat rash due to the hot weather we’ve been having lately, causing more issues!  Anyway, the veins will be assessed when I’m admitted into hospital for the birth and I will potentially need an injection to ensure that my blood circulates correctly at the time as well.

As Dan was off work this week, he also got to attend the midwife appointment for the first time and also hear the baby’s heartbeat for the first time, which he was rather excited about.  The midwife found the heartbeat immediately with the doppler and just like at all of our other appointments, commented that baby was moving rather a lot!  She measured my uterus.  In previous weeks, the baby has been measuring as very small compared to the growth chart in my book.  This week though, literally only really from last Tuesday-Friday morning I felt like I got a whole lot bigger and this was shown to be true when she measured me, with baby coming up right smack bang in the middle of the target size on the chart.

Baby growth chart at 33 weeks

I was also given the results of my most recent blood test from my previous appointment which I’d had back at the end of July.  The test showed that my iron levels are coming in slightly lower than they should.  I don’t eat a huge amount of meat, but do favour quite a lot of green vegetables and thought I was on top of the iron situation.  However, I now have to take iron tablets twice a day for the remainder of my pregnancy, just to be on the safe side.  It does explain why I’ve been feeling rather dizzy more recently though.  I’d just put it down to being slightly larger now along with the hot weather we’d been having.  Hopefully with the tablets I shall be needing less afternoon lie-downs now at least.


Like in previous weeks, there have been a couple of really good nights where I’ve slept the whole way through, but also some rubbish ones.  I tend to wake up somewhere between 2-3am most mornings.  It’s not often I can get straight back to sleep again, with the worst morning of this week being Thursday.  I woke at 2am and it had gone 5:30am before I managed to fall back asleep again.  My parents were staying over to help put skirting and architrave round in our bedrooms, so it wasn’t even as though I could have a lie-in the following morning.  I felt pretty rough, I can tell you!

Night time wake upsLast night ended up just as bad – a 1am wakeup, and still being able to see the time at 5:30am several hours later.

On the plus side though, I appear to no longer be the only person in the country up and around at stupid-o’clock in the morning.  All of the early morning events taking place over in Rio mean that when my office light goes on in the morning, it’s not the only light I can see on over my estate, and Twitter has been quite busy at silly hour too!


I’ve put on a little weight since last weigh-in (probably all part of the growth spurt that baby seems to have had this week.  I’m now 2lbs heavier since week 32, meaning that I’ve gained 21lbs in total over the past 33 weeks.  (Although having recently consumed two pints of ice water and two cranberry juice drinks within the past few hours, I’m not sure how much I would still weigh following all of the toilet trips which are no doubt still to come!)  Most websites suggest that I should be gaining somewhere in the region of 25-35lbs throughout the whole pregnancy so I’m guessing I’m not doing too badly now.


I didn’t run a huge amount this week one way and another.  I had planned to go on the club run Thursday evening again, but having had somewhere in the region of 2 hours sleep the night before I decided against it in favour of a nap instead.  This meant that my first run of the week actually ended up being not until Saturday morning.

  • Saturday – Milton Keynes parkrun (5k)
  • Sunday AM – a long walk (4m ish) out with Dan
    Although we just headed out on a walk with the camera (before the Olympic marathon/football began!) it involved fast running strides through the stubble fields where I was able to pick up the pace and forget I was pregnant for a little while.

Running across the stubble(That pink running top is pretty much the only one that fits me and either doesn’t make me look enormous or ride up whilst running at the moment.)

  • Sunday PM – easy run out with Dan (5m)
    I had been looking forward to running out with Dan on Sunday evening after our run the week before.  However, it clearly wasn’t meant to be.  I’ve listed it as being 5 miles above, but this included about 3.5 miles of walking.  I literally made it no more than half a mile before baby began pressing in such an uncomfortable position that I had to head for the direction of home immediately where I knew there would be a toilet!  Unfortunately, even after the loo visit, baby still refused to move any higher from where it was lying.  In fact, I got Dan to put his hand on my belly button as we walked and he could feel how hard and low the baby was squirming inside with every step I took) and so the return out for our route ended up pretty much just being an uncomfortable walk for me.

I guess I’ve been lucky with runs lately and can’t complain too much.  I am still able to run and there haven’t been too many where I’ve had to change my plans and abort runs completely.

Even though I didn’t get in so many quality runs this week I have been thinking a lot about post baby running plans for 2017 just lately and trying to come up with some sort of idea for what I want to achieve for the year following baby.  There will be no time goals next year, but there will be distance goals (although I’m pretty sure that I will have to adapt these from my original plans) and race goals instead.  I’ve spoken to quite a few other distance runners/Mums/pregnant ladies in recent weeks and hopefully I’ll be able to make some achievable post-baby plans.  I will post about my thoughts in more detail over the next couple of weeks though.

Twitter baby lack of sleep status


This week we booked a hotel for a friend’s wedding next Summer and had to book the ‘family room’, with cot included, which was a bit of a surreal moment!  It seems so far away in my head.  I guess the wedding still is, but impending arrival of baby…not so much!

As my social life has been feeling rather neglected now that I’ve made the decision to not attend the group trail runs anymore, I jumped at the chance to go to a drive-in movie held in Peterborough with Dan and our friends Vicki and Alex on Friday night, despite not being a massive Star Wars fan.  Unfortunately though, I didn’t really think it through and sitting cramped up in the back of a small hatchback for somewhere in the region of 4 hours (the film was late to start) was not in any way comfortable or fun and I ended up kneeling in the back of the car to try and not feel so crampy.  At two points during the film I did even actually get out of the car and have a bit of a wander around the car park to try and stretch out a little.  (Behind all of the other cars!  I wasn’t that annoying person that constantly gets up to go to the loo from the front row the whole way through the film!)

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