Late night reading – 2

So life with a new baby means I frequently find myself with random five minute slots of time (like when Oscar has just fallen asleep and I am unable to move my left arm or whilst waiting for his bottles to sterilise) that I like to fill by reading random articles and clicking on fun sounding links on the internet.

I posted Late Night Reading #1 a little while back, and #2 has taken a little longer for me to get round to typing up than I initially intended, but here it finally is in all it’s randomness!

  • With a new baby in tow we didn’t really get round to playing very many board games this holiday, although I remember frequently playing games like Scrabble and Monopoly on Sunday afternoons with my family as a child.  There was one time I remember my younger brother throwing the Monopoly board across the table – money flying up in the air and landing everywhere – as he was losing the game at that point.  He’s grown up somewhat since that day and I’d like to think that he wouldn’t repeat his actions should he lose as a twenty-nine year old(!)  However, if you have a sore loser in your family, there is now a Monopoly Helpline at hand to help clarify the rules for any family disputes!
  • I’ve been trying to make extra portions of meals to place in the freezer every time I’ve cooked over the past few months.  Especially meals which include lots of vegetables.  I find I often end up throwing out the end of boxes of mushrooms or the final pepper in a three pack.  It works out much more economical to buy larger packs, and I save so much time by peeling and slicing the produce all in one go.  If you’re new to freezing food or want to give it a go, the Mini Millionaire has put together a great guide here.
  • An American article, but a problem that the British fashion industry is just as guilty of – varied clothes sizes.  One woman posted photos of her wearing several pairs of trousers in her wardrobe ranging in size from 5 – 12 (American sizes).  All pairs fit her fine, but what message is that sending out to young females that the size they’re used to wearing has become too small?
  • If you sign in to Sisu with either Strava or Runkeeper, you can make an art print of your personal running or cycling activity routes.
    Sisu - Strave runs as artMy routes over Christmas don’t look particularly exciting.  I’d probably need to spend more time creating activities like in my next link before purchasing a print.
  • The 10 best strava pieces of artwork – I’m pretty sure I couldn’t even draw a turkey as clearly as that with a pen and a piece of paper!Strava turkey
  • I’ve enjoyed dipping in and out of Tess’ If Destroyed Still True blog over the past couple of weeks.  Tess has kept a diary since turning thirteen, which she has now begun to type up and share with the world.  I kept diaries on and off as a child and teenager and have found it mortifying looking back fifteen years later to see just who I fancied or what my priorities of the day were back then.  I wouldn’t dream of sharing teenager-Mary’s diary with anyone, and I definitely wouldn’t have the balls to post it online for all to see!  Thanks for doing what I wouldn’t Tess!  😉

Did you keep diaries as a child?
Ever tried any Strava art?
Sore loser?  Or do you always win at board games?!